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Clubs urged not to sign thug footballer who severely beat up girlfriend

Clubs are being urged not to sign one particular thug footballer who shockingly and severely beat up his now ex girlfriend.

Danielle Thomas, the former partner of Reece Thompson, has bravely chosen to speak out on the abuse she suffered by the player, who is currently a free agent.

She was left with shockingly bad injuries across her body, with the male ended up being jailed after hitting her with iron bar, forced her to eat paint, smashed mirrors over her head, rubbed glass into her and threatened her to run down a street naked.

That man was former Guiseley striker Reece Thompson pleaded guilty and was sent to 40 months locked up and also received a 10-year restraining order.

He was released from prison early, before the footballer then tweeted on January the 4th that he would be looking for a new club.

He joined Wombwell Town, before being forced out after one game as fans and the local MP expressed their outrage.

Northern Counties East League Division One side Selby Town chose to play him in a pre-season friendly in the summer of 2020, which ended 5-3 to Tadcaster Albion, he was named as ‘trialist’ on social media.

However eagle-eyed fans spotted him in the photos and quickly slammed him and the club. No surprise after seeing what he did to his ex-partner.

Danielle said to the media: “I am trying to put what he did to me behind me.

“I just ask myself why any football team would want somebody like him playing for them?

“He should be allowed a second chance but not at a football club, where they are supposed to be role models for children and adult fans alike.

“I would urge all football clubs to never sign Reece. He is arrogant and has shown no remorse for what he did to me.”

It was 13 weeks after their first date that girlfriend Danielle was woken up by Thompson punching her.

(Image: Lincolnshire Live / MEN Media)

He said he had found messages between her and a male friend, before apologising and saying he attacked her because he loved her.

This turn of events continued every fortnight when her kids stayed with their dad, she adds.

“He would hit me, pull my hair, spit at me, kick me in the ribs, but always tried to be careful to not mark my face.”

Eventually one of her daughters spotted their Mum being attacked and then both refused to come home if Thompson was still at home.

“He said that it was either the girls or Reece. My choice was obvious,” said Danielle.

“This enraged Reece who flew into a frenzy, shouting ‘you pick them over me?’

“We had a five litre tub of white emulsion in the living room which we were going to redecorate with – he poured it on the floor and made me lick up the paint.

“I was screaming in my head ‘just kill me now I have had enough’.

“He smashed another mirror on me and I said ‘Reece you are going to kill me’.”

During the attack, he grabbed a metal pole and told Danielle: ”I want you to get on all fours on the bed.

“It is time I gave you five lashes.”

“He hit me hard five times, counting each blow out 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,” she said.

“I had to scream for him to stop hitting me on the back because I was terrified he would break my spine.”

“I must have blacked out or my brain or body has just chosen to forget the rest.”

The following day, a social worker turned up at the property, only to discover what happened, so then decided it was best to get Danielle out of the house.

After seeking medical attention, it was found that she was left with a broken jaw, broken ribs and multiple cuts and bruises.

Clubs are being urged not to sign the thug footballer who severely beat up his girlfriend.


You don’t have to suffer in silence.

If you are experiencing domestic violence or someone you know is there are groups that can help.

Refuge runs a free, 24-hour helpline on 0808 2000 247.

You can also visit the website or contact Women’s Aid.

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