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Clubs look to follow others banning ‘can I have your shirt?’ signs at games with reasons explained

Clubs look to follow others banning ‘can I have your shirt?’ signs at games with their reasons explained in a statement released this week.

Danish Superliga champions FC Copenhagen have become the latest side to stop fans from bringing along cards to matches asking for footballers’ jerseys.

Supporters won’t be allowed to take them into the club’s Parken Stadium – or in the Copenhagen section at away games, and they aren’t alone in doing so.

Dutch champions Ajax Amsterdam banned signs last season, saying they led to criticism of players, while the cardboard was a fire hazard.

Another team, Slavia Prague of the Czech First League, also banned the signs in February, after they claimed organised groups were using children to ask for shirts which then were placed for sale online.


From this season, FC Copenhagen does not want signs to be carried with requests for a shirt from the players for the home games in the Park or in our away section, as has been seen introduced in, among others, Ajax and Slavia Prague.

The decision stems from the fact that it is not possible for the players or the club to meet the many wishes, and we therefore disappoint a lot of children who come with the hope of getting a jersey.

The number of signs has increased significantly over recent seasons, and unfortunately we have many children who get a bad experience from carrying a sign.

At the same time, the players are put in a difficult situation because they cannot fulfil the wish and are perceived negatively because they have to say no to the many requests.

This is something many people are behind, Ian Wright also finding it cringe recently, and in May, Suzy Lycett wrote for ‘The Novice Gooner AWFC’: Fans flooding the barriers before full time shows their lack of investment and engagement in the game. Many are children, some are not. Some are legitimately there to meet their sporting heroes. Others simply want bragging rights – or a signed shirt to put on ebay. Regardless, it gets in the way of those that are still watching and spoils the experience.

Begging signs in particular leave annoyed supporters in their wake. Huge sheets of cardboard obscuring the view for those that are fully invested in the game – and have paid good money to be there.

These signs rile up supporters in much the same way as Mexican waves. They are distracting, especially when held up while the game is still ongoing.

It’s a player’s decision to give up their shirt. They pay for their kit themselves, or at least it’s reported that they do in the Premier League.

They can of course choose to give things to a fan that’s holding a sign if they want too. But it’s their choice. Children – or their parents – shouldn’t get angry if a player doesn’t heed their demands.

The men’s Ajax team banned shirt signs in 2022. They deemed them “fire hazards” and highlighted that players would be criticised as “arrogant” if they didn’t hand over their clothing.

A player’s contract involves playing football. I’d bet my life savings that “speaking to fans after every game” or “giving out shirts to 60,063 people” is not something they commit to.

As more and more clubs look to follow others banning ‘can I have your shirt?’ signs at games with their reasons explained, fans gave their reaction to it all…

@MrCallumX: @IanWright0 there you go 😁

@pelleke11: Loads of clubs in Holland have done this and rightfully so. If you want a shirt go to the store.

@sumsECFC: Good. One of the most cringy things about the modern game.

@GiallorossiBlue: Good. About time clubs began taking action on this ridiculous thing. Hopefully clubs in England will follow suit.

@bennymufc: Needs to be banned in every stadium across the globe. If a player wants to give away a shirt at the end of the game no issues no problem but the self entitlement of some is unreal. Some will get their kids to hold up signs & before you know it up on eBay to make a profit. Ban it

@qwdads1962: It is a bit weird having a placard asking for shirts etc.

@50SavesOfDeGea: Not only this, but if you’re over the age of 6 it should carry a jail term.

@pgaskell13: i might be speaking out of turn here, but i find children holding home made banners begging for players shirts the biggest blight on the game since the dark days of hooliganism in the 70″s and 80″s

@Georgeriches19: English clubs should take notes. Its not the bloody pantomime 🤡

@JaseWheatley: This should be worldwide! Absolutely no need of it. And yes it does put players in a difficult predicament.

@RobertsWBA23: i can understand when its kids, but its not, its grown ass adults with fuck off signs begging for shirts, no self respect.

@popstandclock: If you’re a parent of a child and have allowed this at a game, well I won’t insult you directly because I’m sure you’re a lovely person, but have a word with yourself will you!

@Forzabahab: The Danes know. Beggy cnuts… get your dad to go to the club shop like everyone else.

@NeilTheKid: Have to say I agree. It’s like when players get slaughtered for not stopping to sign stuff. They may have been told no too. Let’s face it, some of them will end up on ebay. Ban half and half scarves while you’re at it.

@neilmartin14: This needs to stop! I’m ashamed for they parents. Not proper football fans.

@ToonArmy_18_92: Have to agree with this. If a player wants to give the shirt they should choose or just throw it.

@AmHornet: Excellent and now ban 50/50 scarfs too 🤞🏻

@hucknall91: All clubs should do it 👍🏻 👏🏻

@blu3ice83: Well done Copenhagen 👏🏻

@AB1GKHull: Kids used to run around with autograph books and put graft in, now there’s a begging culture for shirts. Shows how society has changed. Not for the better

@Prosserd68: Completely agree, it was getting out of hand, you want a shirt , go and buy one

@Scotthansekow: Good, worst thing in football

@ANTHONYHANCOX3: When it started it was a young child then everyone jumps on the bandwagon. If you are an adult you really need a smack if you hold up a card so you can sell it on ebay

@Victoria_S_Glo: Please make this a thing at every single club – it should never have become normal to do!

@O_Dean1886: The whole sign thing is quite a middle class thing that has been brought into football imo.

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