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Club owner attacks Wrexham fans and brands town ‘one of the worst places’

The club owner of King’s Lynn attacks Wrexham fans over his social media and brands the town they’re from as ‘one of the worst places’.

The chairman has come out and defended calling the Welsh outfit’s fans “vermin” after revealing that he has been receiving abuse online.

King’s Lynn’s Stephen Cleeve launched an attack on supporters via Twitter during the weekend, calling them the “lowest of the low” in one tweet.

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Some have said that Cleeve, who a decade ago was interested in buying Wrexham, was rather bitter following his complaints made after his side suffered defeat to the Red Dragons on Saturday.

The day after the fixture, Cleeve went onto Twitter to respond to some of the abuse he says he and his family had received allegedly at the hands of ‘Wrexham fans’.

He singled out one particular Twitter account, with North Wales Lives claiming that the user is a King’s Lynn supporter – and shared a post from that account which was directed at Cleeve’s six year-old son, calling him a “full kit wanker”.

Cleeve also responded with some very controversial tweets of his own – calling Wrexham fans the “lowest of the low” and the town that they are from one of the “worst places in the world”. 

In a tweet which has since been deleted, the King’s Lynn owner responded to a Twitter user by saying: “You and your fans are vermin, rats that live in one of the worst places on the planet.”

He also sent a tweet to Ryan Reynolds and Rob Mcelhenney, telling them they needed their “heads examined” for investing in the club and wishing them “good luck with the worst fans on the planet”

Wrexham fans decided to hit back at Cleeve for suggesting that it was a supporter of theirs behind the abuse.

One Twitter user wrote: “This (the abusive tweet) is shameful and unnecessary.

“However, there is absolutely nothing on this persons profile to suggest they are a Wrexham fan.

“They neither follow or are followed by anything/one Wrexham related. Don’t even follow the club account.”

Speaking to North Wales Live, Cleeve said his reaction was not aimed at Wrexham fans, but in response to abuse directed at his son online.

He added: “It wasn’t a blanket tweet, it was aimed at that one person.

“This isn’t a random troll, this is a (user) who has made comments in the past.

“I can’t believe that anyone would say such disgusting things about a six-year-old boy.

“I have a disability with one of my eyes and they go on about that all the time.”

After being asked why he got rid of the tweet, he said: “In reality I shouldn’t have done it, but it was a reaction to my son being pulled out.

“If it hadn’t been about my little boy, then I probably wouldn’t have said it.

“He’s a lovely sweet kid and to have a go at him for wearing a King Lynn kit is just outrageous.

“And then to have a go at me for having a dodgy eye is wrong.

“Is that (abusive Twitter user) vermin? I think she is.

“Should I have said it? No, probably not.

“It’s not ok to attack anyone. I can cope with the jokes, but you can’t be having a go at someone for the way they look and at their disabilities – and a defenceless six-year-old child.

“I’m not a saint, I’m not able to not react, but we’re talking about hundreds of people abusing me – and I lost my rag with them.

“The reality is it was a reaction to some nasty things being said.

“Just because it’s social media, people can think they can be as abusive as they want and I don’t think it’s appropriate.”

Stephen Cleeve also caused controversy prior to Saturday’s match when he prevented to let Wrexham AFC’s media team broadcast live commentary.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

A Wrexham spokesman said that within 40 minutes of the two commentators arriving at Kings Lynn after a 200 miles drive, they were called by the chairman to say he “changed his mind” because it would “take away money from the stream” and that fans would “boycott the stream”.

Cleeve only made the decision after seeing that the official Wrexham Twitter account tweeted that fans could listen to “live and free” commentary on the site.

“The inference was, ‘why buy Kings Lynn’s stream when you can have ours for nothing?’, he said.

“That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“Taking away a club’s only income stream is completely wrong.

“Going forward, we won’t allow anyone to do it.”

In the end he let the watch the game inside the stadium, and then do post-match duties.

Fans reacted as the club owner attacks Wrexham fans and brands the town ‘one of the worst places’…

@Connor_4400: You absolute dinosaur we promise no one gives a hoot about Kings Lynn or your sweaty Barnet, the day out for your lads has been and gone, give it a rest!!

@mallers01: Dear me! Just let it go Stephen, just let it go!

@Malachy_1: Focus on your own club n do one

@moodymarty65: After 42 yrs away Wrexham is still my home . Can’t believe the things you have said in this day and age . Sorry sir, you are nothing but a dick

@Russell85239053: coming from you your a crook who also tried to get his hands on our club your just bitter even your own staff were embarrassed at your behaviour on Saturday

@Wrexhamisdname: At least we didn’t have u as our owner and WST took us over you greasy hair nobhead. You do realise the only reason we are doing this is because you was giving it the big one before the game and then u lost and u start crying and u was a dickhead to our staff. What a melon

@UkDad: This guy is desperate for a bit of media exposure through @RMcElhenney and @VancityReynolds. Pathetic.

@PaulJcooper87: Hahahaha crawl back under your rock you cunt

@jordandavies09: You’re the chump who charged £22 for the cheapest child ticket to watch KINGS LYNN. Get your head out the bin.

@TimyGC: he’s fucking rattled ain’t he!!

@JordGriffXXIX: bloke needs therapy

@GazTrow: Its a good job our new owners have got a bit of class unlike yourself and wont give 2 shits about your opinions! You tried and failed to get you grubby mits on our club, stop being a gobshite and worry about your own club

@jacmharris: All okay at home Stephen?

@dan__thomas__: He’s still going hahahaha

@joeroberts1995 as the King’s Lynn club owner attacks Wrexham fans: Hahahaha what a sad bitter twat you are!!

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