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Chris Sutton brands Charlie Nicholas ‘bitter’ after slating Celtic boss

Chris Sutton brands Charlie Nicholas as ‘bitter’ after he claimed Neil Lennon and Martin O’Neill are not Celtic greats.

Nicholas suggested that the Scottish giants’ current boss is ‘not up there with the greatest’ despite leading the Hoops to a historic quadruple treble.

68-year-old O’Neill also guided Celtic, with a team including Neil Lennon, to the treble back in 2001 in a spell between 2000 until 2005.

But Nicholas instead decided to boldly claim that he doesn’t agree with the same view that he is a ‘great’ either.

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The ever controversial pundit Chris Sutton jumped to the defence of Lennon and O’Neill via his Twitter account.

In response to Nicholas’ claims, he replied: “Charlie is sadly bitter.”

Speaking to the Express, Nicholas had claimed: “Neil Lennon made history by completing the quadruple-treble but it doesn’t put him up there with true Celtic managerial greats Jock Stein and Brendan Rodgers.

“But I would say the same about Martin O’Neill.

“Martin signed some world class players and also inherited a few, such as Henrik Larsson.

“He brought in big players and Celtic were paying them fortunes.

“Reaching the 2003 UEFA Cup Final in Seville was fantastic but I never saw Martin as a true great.

“Lennon is a bit like that.

“I absolutely applaud his achievements in winning a treble as a player and a boss but, on the managerial front, his triumphs have come at a time when the title races weren’t overly competitive.

“In fact, if he had lost any of them he would have been out of a job.

“Lennon is not up there with the greatest in Jock Stein and I would go as far as to say he hasn’t delivered what Rodgers did either.”

O’Neill got people talking this week as he launched a scathing attack on other football pundits.

The former Hoops boss claimed their opinion is ‘worthless’ if they were ‘basement dwellers’ themselves. Eek.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

He told BBC Sport: “You have players, who have done nothing in their careers, nothing at all, who have been basement dwellers as footballers.

“They have ended up on the screen criticising something in front of them that they have never experienced either as a player or as a manager.

“They’re giving an opinion. Their opinion is worthless.”

Unsurprisingly, the clip of O’Neill went viral on social media just minutes later.

One fan said: “Mr O’Neill knows EXACTLY who he’s referring to when he said basement dwellers.”

Another added: “Love Martin O’Neill slagging off pundits on TV who have done nothing in their career – basement dwellers.”

And one claimed: “Nailed it Martin. There are a lot of basement dwellers on our TV just wanting #CelticFC to fail.”

One wrote: “Basement dwellers is the best line I have heard all day.”

Charlie Nicholas scored a total of 127 goals in 254 games for Celtic across two spells with the club, and until recently was working as a Sky Sports pundit. Now he does adverts for Paddy Power.

Neil Lennon’s men return to league action on Wednesday night when they take on Ross County at Celtic Park.

There was plenty more reaction as Chris Sutton brands Charlie Nicholas ‘bitter’…

@allthatchas: Charlie Nicholas: hero as a player, zero as a pundit.

@stephmcgazz82: In 30-40 years time, we’ll all remember who Neil Lennon is, and what he achieved at Celtic. Doubt anyone will know Charlie Nicholas existed.

@Michael45788700: I’ve said it before if nobody quotes Charlie Nicholas then he doesn’t exist.

@dickieiain: How is his opinion relevant, comes across as a clown who struggles to string two words together.

@Yossarian_sco: Honestly what’s Charlie Nicholas problem? Something not right with the guy.

@angrymum63: Awww he got the hump at basement dwellers and threw the toys out the pram

@HereCelts: The knives are out for Martin O’Neill after his ‘basement dweller’ comments aimed at pundits. Charlie Nicholas and Andy Walker aren’t happy.

@Dani1987CBLM: To try and argue Martin O’Neill isn’t a legend just because he hurt his feelings a bit is just peak Charlie Nicholas. Absolute clown of a guy.

@ArtofGrunt: Every treble won recently by Celtic had a version of Rangers in the same league

@Johntum64: Is Charlie Ridiculous at it again. Martin O’Neill lead us from accepting a close second place to where we are now, and installed the belief that it’s where we belong.

@dmc_dcfc: If Lennon stays a we don’t win the 10 he’s not as much as a club legend as he was before. If he miraculously wins us the 10 I’d build a statue outside Celtic park myself

@Stevee5: Just won the final trophy of a quadruple treble , first one to win a treble as a player and manager but because of a few poor performances his status of club legend has deminished ?? Gtfoh with that pish

@Barryryan85: There is a reason sky got rid

@Claire1888CFC: I think Martin O’Neills comments might have hurt his feelings

@67_pjh: He’s been bringing celtic and everybody accociated with our club down for a long time, sky got the memo and got rid of him, he’s just a hasbeen looking for attention.

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