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Chris Powell reveals in emotional interview “Sheffield Wednesday saved my life in many ways”

Chris Powell reveals in an emotional interview with the No Tippy Tappy Football podcast “Sheffield Wednesday saved my life in many ways”.

Topics from his talk ranged from Sheffield Wednesday, how the club saved his life, the impact of the Sheffield Wednesday fans, Danny Rohl’s brilliance and how they pulled off the miracle and survived in the Championship this season, to all things England, Euro 2024, how does Gareth Southgate actually pick his 33 and 26 man squad, as well as which players were unfortunate to miss out on the call up.

They also talk about England’s incredible goalscoring options, how a midfield of Foden, Bellingham and Rice is the strongest in the world, which players are wildcard options and finally how to solve England’s left back issues, plus give through their combined England starting XI for the upcoming Euro fixtures.

He said in a snippet from his chat with Sam Allardyce and Natalie Pike: “I got to say, I think Sheffield Wednesday changed my life, you know, and saved my life in many ways.

“You know, I had a bit of a health scare which won’t go into. But then I joined Sheffield Wednesday in October, 3 points after eleven games.

“The previous manager moved on and I got a call from Danny and someone who knew Danny as well before we spoke.

“As you know, Sam, sometimes someone, they just feel better off word of mouth. You fancy this role? When I spoke to Danny, I thought this would be right for me.

“But I remember saying to him, no, it’d be a minor miracle if we do this because no one’s ever done it. ”

He is a fan favourite wherever he goes, and same goes for his current club Sheffield Wednesday, of whom he says he’d love to continue with next season.

Powell stated that the club has ‘got under my skin’ and told talkSPORT: “My contract actually ends this June, I didn’t sign until the end of next year like everyone else. That was just because when I came in in October with Dan – we’d only met a couple of times when I was with England and he was with Germany – we didn’t really know each other, and I wasn’t sure how it’d all go.

“But like I’ve said the club has got under my skin, and I love working with him. I think he’s potentially going to be a very, very good manager higher up – whether that’s the Premier League or Bundesliga, whatever he wants to do. I think he’s got the makings of that.

“There’s a long way to go for him, a lot of learning which will always continue. We’ll see where it lies and where we get to, but one thing is for sure – part one is completed, staying in the Championship. Part two is now about trying to progress… I really hope that we can continue on this great journey that we’ve had, these seven months have been incredible.”

And this is just how much of a good man he is…

This is how fans reacted as Chris Powell reveals in an emotional interview that “Sheffield Wednesday saved my life in many ways”…

@Dazsayles11: Rate bloke. His enthusiasm is infectious. Fans love him and he looks so happy to be at swfc as well

@tprowl: Great bloke hope he’s here next season

@Dmba1867: What a bloke, hopefully he’s here next season with us

@JosephO__: Why’s he not been given a 3 year deal, get it done immediately

@JTSHEEPS35: How can you not love the bloke, from swinging on a crossbar hoping he dies to this, some glow up Chris mate

@bereyt0114: What a bloke 💙🦉 #swfc

@johnswfc92: Love this man, sign a new bloody contract. Cant wait for this

@amelia_tamsins: Chrissy Powell, what a man 🤝🏼

@JordannDaysh: Fucking love him

@Justom29: There’s only one Chrissy Powell

@veggiekrays: Really hope this bloke gets a new contract sorted out ASAP

@lewisjordan98: “Miracle” and Hillsborough go hand in hand Chris 😮‍💨

@TWWcast: Can’t wait for this. What an impact Chris and the rest of the staff have had this past season. Let’s hope he signs a new contract.

@talkingwed: The entire club just feels “together” again, doesn’t i? There’s such a sense of one-ness. Of synergy. The coming years until 2027 feel like they could be VERY special indeed. 🦉🦉🦉

@swfcjackk: credit to wednesday is powell, unreal coach and even better bloke

@Cam_1867: 10 more years 10 more years Chrissy Powell

@NorthYorksOwls: DONT CHRIS……….. Just don’t 😢😢

@jswfc17: What a guy, credit to swfc

@k3zz4x: Absolutely adore Chris, top top man, absolutely love having him really hope he stays 🙏 💙🦉

@DJisatwit: What a man. 💙

@Georgefish37071: Love him

@bolsawud: Be a good watch this !. Just hope #swfc offer him a new deal he deserves

@_owlornothing_: you saved me too CP, love u 💙

@themarrowl: Wow 💙

@AdamsWendy1867: Sign a lifetime deal then Chrissy

@RocketOwl1986: Gotta be getting Powell back surely he was crucial to everything too #swfc

@Jordanswfcno1: Don’t think I could love this man more #swfc

@joelgardiner__: A breath of fresh air and a man who understands it. Please give him a long term deal- he’s so important if we want to carry on progressing. Top bloke

@workotv1867: I keep thinking that I couldn’t love Chris Powell more, and then he comes out with things like this. For god’s sake Chris. 💙🦉

@_Brian1867: Can’t wait to listen to this

@Markmoorhouse2: We love this guy 👏👏👏💙

@JonathanDaley: Love the bloke 💙

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