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Chris Kamara sent supportive messages by fans after making revelation

Chris Kamara has been sent supportive messages by football fans after making a shocking but sad revelation before turning it into a positive.

He is probably set to be the only best part of Sky Sports’ Soccer Saturday lineup, always adorns a big smile and has plenty of laughs with those back in the studio.

The love for him showed when he went to a recent Christmas light switch-on.

Thousands turned up to watch the former professional football player and manager, the town’s star guest at the event in Wetherby.

He took to social media however to share something bleak that happened to him a while back, but was left thrilled with the turnout upon returning back to the place that once saw a pub turn him away.

@chris_kammy wrote via his personal account on Twitter: “In May 1976 after playing 4 Pompey at Sunderland, Team bus stopped for fish & chips in Wetherby.

“All players piled in pub opposite & I was told we don’t serve your kind in here 🤦🏾‍♂️ last night over 3,000 people turned up to see me put on the Crimbo lights 🎄 The world is a better place 😊”

Kammy is a regular on new-ish Channel 4 show Steph’s Packed Lunch, and for Black History Month, he emotionally reflected on his childhood and the difficulties he and his had faced.

“Growing up in Middlesbrough for me and my family was so hard,” he said. “People talk about how difficult it is in these days.

“They just don’t realise, when you’re the only Black family on your estate, the only Black people in your town and Middlesbrough is a big town, how devastating that effect that had on my dad. It did on our future as well, he was trying to protect us much as possible, but it was really difficult for him and people of his ilk.”


Chris Kamara sent supportive messages by fans after making revelation

Asked if he felt different growing up in Middlesbrough, he replied: “Well, I remember once going to the shop to get ten woodbines for my mum, but before the shopkeeper could give me the woodbines, somebody burst into the shop demanding a loaf of bread.

“He said, ‘I’m just serving this fella,’ and she said, ‘Oh him and his lot should go back to where they came from.’ But we only lived five doors away from her! And that was when you first realise that you’re different.”

Shocked by his confession, Steph wondered if he felt like people were trying to stop him because of the colour of his skin. Chris replied: “Absolutely, you grew up with it. It became the norm.”

Discussing the recent BLM movement, Chris explained: “It’s a start. It’s like the Black Lives Matter movement, players taking the knee, it’s a start. People have already suggested after the George Floyd death, have we now done away with that?

“Has everyone their little bit to try and accommodate colour? The players are still taken the knee, people are still interested, people are learning that we are all people, we’re all one colour – or we should be.”

When hearing what Chris had to say, Steph tried to hold back the tears and said: “I think that deserves a round of applause. I get a bit emotional listening to you Kammy, you’re from my hometown and…” to which Chris replied, saying: “Don’t make me start crying!” The programme was then cut short as the former BBC Breakfast presenter was unable to carry on with her presenting duties.


As mentioned, the former Premier League player Chris Kamara has been sent a huge number of supportive messages by fans after making the racism revelation…

@brian_mckinna: They really were backward times, a certain generation still have that way of thinking not all of them, but thankfully through time it will be gone for the good of everyone

@nicharrison24: And what a better world we have with with personalities like yourself Kammy – absolute legend of a man 🙌🙌

@ThomasCutter: I can only imagine what that must have felt like, it must stick with you though. Thank God those attitudes are now considered totally unacceptable

@smashedagain: Still a lot of work to do mate but I can’t think of a more popular commentator in their country. A national treasure.

@JohnoShaunessy: Things were bad back then. I remember Danny Wallace being pelted with bananas at Fratton in 83. I hated it but, like everyone else, did nothing about it.

@RonnieM34864602: I remember in the 60s speaking to some black American members of stax lable soul show and they thought it was great being able to sit drink and eat in the same place as white people and go into hotel’s by the front, what went wrong what happened how did we end up with racists

@leefer3: We love you Kammy at #stfc. Always gave 100% and we as fans here loved it when you got the moves your play deserved at the end of your career. You were a credit off and on the pitch. What a fantastic tweet

@ShelleyBellwood: Sad to hear that Kammy being a Yorkshire Lass myself, you came to my daughters school she said you were lovely and had time for everyone. A positive influence on our young people. Thank you

@SteveMcCarthy67: That’s lovely to hear Kammy, the 2nd part obvs, not the first. I saw Chelsea fans throw bananas at Paul Canonville, their own player, always stayed with me. We have come a long way, so pleased the people of Wetherby gave you a proper reception this time. You deserve it fella!

@jtdfraser: Probably little remembered but Kammy was one of Swindon Town’s greatest ever players! One of the only players I ever saw that got a standing ovation when he came back with a new club! As a player or manager. Always in our hearts @Official_STFC

@penlowarth1: You are one of the finest people in the country. Really thought we had seen the back of those dark days. Seems Farage and the Tories knew they could resurrect and milk it.

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