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Chris Davies impresses as he speaks in first interview on becoming new Birmingham manager

Chris Davies impresses fans as he speaks in his first interview on becoming the new manager of Birmingham City.

The 39 year old became their new boss on Thursday the 7th of June, coming in from Tottenham Hotspur where he held the position of Senior Assistant Coach to Ange Postecoglou.

His arrival ended what Birmingham claim to be an exhaustive recruitment process, seeing nearly 1,000 coaches being evaluated and over 40 spoken to directly or through their representatives.

Chris spoke to BluesTV on a variety of subjects, including his style of play and ambitions on the pitch.

Interviewer: Chris welcome to Birmingham City Football Club take us through the the past few weeks from your perspective

Chris: Yeah I mean it’s been a it’s been an eventful few weeks obviously a you know a real honour and privilege to be to be the manager of this this club and it’s been a wonderful wonderful few days but it kind of panned out where I was on holiday while while this all kind of happened so I was in the in the Maldives with the family and then Birmingham had got kind of permission to speak to me via Spurs so we had some discussions with the ownership and the kind of football leadership team and things progress pretty quickly so yeah and we came to a came to a conclusion with it all and it’s just wonderful to be in

Interviewer: Your first appointment as manager in terms of the timing why did now feel right for you?

Chris: I think I’ve been ready to be a manager for quite a few years it’s something that I’ve always been on that pathway to but for me it was just about the right club the right fit and the right time and it was more about that I think than anything else it was that in Birmingham straight away my gut was that you know this was a club that was yeah reflected my own ambition and was something that I really wanted to be part of you know I had a great great job at a great Club but you know these type of opportunities are really important to capture so yeah absolutely delighted to be here

Interviewer: Is there anything that struck you particularly in those conversations with Tom Wagner Garry Cook and Tom Brady during those conversations?

Chris: Yeah I think they’re you know they’re all very sort of successful credible people in their own fields and you know so straight away you respect them on that level but their their passion their their commitment I think to this this club you could sense that it was a place where there was a real vision of what we can do and they were very very committed to that and it was inspiring to listen to them talk about what they wanted to do and I think the more I spoke to them as each conversation went by and as each person I spoke to the more excited I got and the more I started to believe that there wasn’t just one or two people here that’s really really committed to this there’s a there’s a whole group of of people that are really pushing to to take this club forward and so so was an excellent process I think it was very professional and very clear and everything we spoke about so I was really happy with that and I think there been a really positive few days in terms of getting it all done and now starting to plan look forward

Interviewer: You mentioned you’ve been ready for this challenge what will be that biggest h to overcome going from a a coach to a manager now?

Chris: Yeah I think for me I think I’ve always felt like a manager I’ve always felt like a number one you know I’ve never, I’ve been quite clear for you know a long long time this is that I’m I’m a head coach I’m a manager so there’ll be no issue for me in terms of transitioning to that that role I’ve been someone that’s had a lot of responsibility at big clubs with the managers that I’ve worked for and always consider myself as a second number one if you like so no I think it’s natural to me and yes now ultimately I’m the decision maker on everything and the buck stops with me of course but that’s something I’m more than comfortable with and actually and actually prefer so really looking forward to it

Interviewer: You reference the managers that you’ve worked under in the past few years what have you learned from them that you can implement here?

Chris: Oh so much so much I mean the the the managers I’ve worked with you know extremely successful you know they’re very clear in exactly how they want to work and how they want their teams to play and leadership styles differ between the coaches I’ve worked for because that’s about being authentic and being yourself and bringing your own personality to the table but very very clear in in what they want to do how they want to lead and and how they want the teams to play and and that kind of clarity helps everybody at the club you know that’s from the players to the staff to everybody to be really aligned and clear on what we’re doing so I think that’s that’s probably the main takeaway

Interviewer: What are the hallmarks then of Chris Davies side everyone says winning football of course first and foremost but is there anything in terms of style identity philosophy that that people can point to?

Chris: Yeah I think for me it’s it’s it’s a high energy high intensity style of football you know to be to be very proactive very dynamic in how we play not passive in any way you know so the team to be very attacking to try to be dominant you know to be a team that’s yeah playing with an energy and a relentlessness that’s very difficult for the opposition and I think that’s how I’ve always coached and how I’ve always seen football and I think I think that’s the type of football that we’re going to we’re going to create here and I’m going to put in place here so yeah to attack to be dominant and to make sure that we’re very organised and the number one rule for all all the best teams is always to be the most hardworking team you know that’s very very important so a team that can play with a real intensity and energy and physicality you know so that’s really important as well

Interviewer: just want to bring up a quote from a previous interview you’ve done about pragmatism and you say controlling the game with the ball will always be Central to your philosophy but you want a degree of tactical flexibility to adapt to different opponents in different situations I’m a pragmatic person and I feel that that transfers into coaching does that suggest that it’s not one size fits all when you go into games

Chris: I think that comments more about it’s about effective football you know so it’s not about football for any aesthetic purpose you know the football that I believe in and I’ll coach and I’ll implement at this club is the best football to play to coach to watch in my opinion and I’m pretty sure that’s universally accepted but it’s not for the reason of aesthetics it’s for the reason of being Ive to win so the pragmatism side is making sure that we’re very clear on what we’re doing how we can hurt the opposition and how we can manage their threats so each situation and each game asks for something slightly different and it’s about being very clear on what that is as a team as an individual on the pitch and that’s what I enjoy the most because I think that’s of art of coaching you know but it’ll all be based around a very very clear game model that will be recognisable

Interviewer: You’ve been at clubs where there’s a winning call culture and a big expectation on winning how do you deal or what is the key to dealing with that on a day by day week by- week basis?

Chris: I think the the my experiences is you need a lot of discipline you need a lot of consistency and a relentlessness to your approach and the key at the big clubs I think is to put the pressure on daily inside the training ground so there’s never an easy day that the pressure’s on all the time so that when you come to a match day or there becomes pressure from the outside it’s just something that’s quite second nature to you so it has to be driving a really high and elite demanding standard every single day and really putting the pressure on everybody to push and I think that’s what the biggest clubs have naturally to do anyway because of the expectation and demand of the support base and and everything that comes with it so but I think the way you handle that is by being very disciplined very focused and very consistent in your approach

Interviewer: I know there’s conversations going on as we speak is to identifying players who we can potentially bring to the football club there is going to be an opportunity this window to shape the squad how important will recruitment be during this window

Chris: Recruitment is critical for every team but particularly you know we’ve got quite a few positions to fill so it’s very important that we do our work and but do it calmly and clearly and and bring the right type of characters in because it’s imperative that who we do bring in fits exactly what we’re trying to create here both on the pitch and with their behaviours off the pitch so very important you know we have some key positions that we need to feel and you know there’s some really good quality skilled people here that I’ve seen already and met already that are working hard on that process and that will be a big focus for the next few weeks getting that getting that going

Interviewer: And on the theme of recruitment you’ve had to walk around the facilities here what are your first impressions I’d imagine it’s quite a big recruitment tool to come and work here every day?

Chris: Yeah I think it is it’s important the facilities and environment’s good you know because yes to attract players and to be almost a symbol of the direct that the club’s going in but also in practical terms in terms of a day-to-day work you know we need to be working at a higher level preparing at a higher level recovering at a higher level and from what I’ve seen that this training facility it’s everything that I would want and it ticks all those boxes so we can deliver something really a high quality service to the players here to make sure that we’re ready for everything that we’re going to face

Interviewer: No announcement as yet but is in terms of coaching staff is it a case of working with the current staff in situ or you be having an opportunity to bring your own support staff with it?

Chris: It’ll be a mixture of the two I think there’ll be two or three people that. I’ve worked with at previous clubs that I look to bring in that I know and have worked with and then and then obviously working with with uh a lot of the current staff that here as well the resident staff and the people that have been here because that’s important I think that creates the best blend because you bring in some fresh energy some new ideas but you also retain some of the some of the good qualities that are here in the building anyway so that would be my that would be my plan on that

Interviewer: League One football of course this year we will be seen from the outside at least as one of the bigger fish in the division that doesn’t mean anything in terms of when you take to the pitch but what has to be the mentality amongst staff players everyone at the football club to get out of this division

Chris: Yeah it’s very important that mentality because I think we need to strike the right balance in our mentality between being very ambitious and very uncomfortable with being in League One but the exact same time fully respectful of the challenges we’re going to face the opposition we’re going to face each opposition player we’re going to face so we need to really respect the challenge that we face but at the same time be really really ambitious and uncomfortable and really push to make progress so and that’s going to be really important for me to to create that mentality amongst the team and the staff that everybody’s very clear what’s going to be expected

Interviewer: Moving on to the supporters how important is it for you and your players that you can forge that relationship in the coming weeks and months with them and you’ve got that connection?

Chris: Yeah that’s that’s essential you know the the the connection the bond I want to build that and is very very important you know and and that’s going to be fundamental to any success that we have you know the the players the staff the the fans that they they essentially form form the club you know and the fans of the heartbeat of the club so it’s important that we really connect with them that we could be excited about this challenge we’re going to face together and and and the journey we’re going to go on because you know I’m sure there’s there’s really really good times ahead and hopefully we can put on a real quality team on the pitch that excites the fans that they love coming to see and really makes them proud of their team and I think if we can generate that and you know create the right kind of atmosphere around the club and in the stadium then we’re going to be very very difficult to stop

Interviewer: I know you want to put your stamp on a lot of different aspects of the football club but what are your priorities in these first few weeks leading up to the start of the League One campaign?

Chris: I think as we discussed obviously recruitment is important in terms of you know focusing around what we need to do and that side but but really it’s the plan and plan and preparation for preseason you know fitness is is critical to playing a high energy style of football so you know we need to be really clear on our plan for the next couple of months before the season starts so yeah a lot of planning in the next two to three weeks and then making sure we have you know the best preseason possible the players are fir in them ready to go.

As mentioned, Chris Davies impresses as he speaks in his first interview on becoming the new Birmingham manager…

@MattGauder: No overblown statements or bullshit, just serious focus, intent and ambition. Good luck, Chris. KRO

@TheHevo: I love him already. Bright, articulate, professional, polished, and well presented. Everything Rooney isn’t.

@Zulublue1875: Gotta be honest, you can totally understand why Tom Wagner & Gary Cook were impressed enough to offer him the job. I’ve watched his interview 3 times now and I’m completely convinced we’ve got the right man for the job. 💙

@JAMESBEES0N: Hugely encouraging. I like the clarity of thought and the words spoken.

@JimmyJames____: Not a single errrm to be heard. My gaffa. UTFB 💙

@MyNoseisBlue: I am so glad the club decided to go in this direction. A risk yes, but it’s one that excites me and that I can get behind. Can’t wait for the season. 💙

@MarkONe64583088: Get those Season Tickets snapped up sharpish- after what we’ve put up with the past 10 years- this is going to be a fantastic season 💪🏼👊🏼

@TF8_MG3: We will succeed if the players match his positive attitude and work ethic judging by that interview. He comes across as a no nonsense guy, and that is exactly the sort of person and personality we need leading the club. Good luck Chris, I’m sure you will deliver! 💙 #bcfc @BCFC

@Bluenose_Andy: Comes across really well. Proof in the pudding and might be a rookie manager, but he exudes confidence and seems to have a clear intent and a plan in his mind to execute. I like what what I heard. 👍

@magic_more47745: This somehow feels like the first day of the project. V excited by this guy. Let’s goooo

@turner42671: very impressive first interview. Clear, informative and erudite language that’s well articulated and purposeful 👏👏👏

@zdpj_: This man is very impressive, excited for the future

@lee_bcfc1875: Impressive, looking forward to the season ahead. Likeable character, and clear what he expects of the players and the playing style. Think a lot of younger players will develop well with him

@TonyNeason: I was very impressed with the first interview 👏 good luck, Chris KRO

@DrNeilJMurray: Authoritative, confident, knows how he wants his teams to play, will set high standards at the club and will expect everyone to not fall below them. I think we’re going to be okay with Chris Davies. #BCFC #KRO

@iloveblues1999: It’s arrived. My gaffer

@LewisHomer96: Nice interview but heard all this far too many times the past 5 seasons. Let’s have a strong pre season and start to the season and then I’ll be getting excited again! KRO 💙

@PRH0121: A very impressive individual, this is a brilliant appointment, well done Knighthead 👏 Slowly, we are building a solid foundation, getting in the right people, looking forward to next season

@blues_breakdown: As first interviews go, this is impressive. Not full of clichés like these interviews usually are but a respect for the club, staff, fans etc. Clearly very intelligent with self belief, laser focus & coaching pedigree to back it up. Easy to see why the owners liked him #bcfc

@lewygee23: Love him already 😂 100% backing from me!

@superpops6: Music to my ears.. Refreshing, concise and has a plan #BCFC

@ethisquare: Came across very well

@Samanth72543469: This was a great listen! Welcome to the club. KRO 💙

@Ste_Whitfield: Impressive first interview. Ambitious, confident, articulate. A very different vibe to this club now, you get the feeling no stone will be left unturned over the summer.

@gayleonthefence: Talks very well. Can see why he impressed at interview. Hope the rotten attitudes in the dressing room that hung a few out to dry last season have been purged. Recruitment is absolutely vital to him now

@saley1984: Speaks very well. Fully on board & will back him completely! Thank god “the project” bollocks has been ditched, just straight talking of what’s needed and if you ain’t on board get fucked. Up the fucking Blues 🔵

@ClaireGib91: So level headed… refreshing to see someone talk about football so calmly and with focus on the job. Excited to see what happens now… now to build a squad ready to go! #bcfc

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