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Children left stadium ‘in tears’ after hooligans cause trouble at Macclesfield game

Children left the stadium ‘in tears’ after hooligans cause trouble at the Charnock Richard v Macclesfield game, say reports.

The club, and Cheshire Live reveal that staff and volunteers were were verbally abused by a “small selection” of supporters as Macclesfield took on Charnock Richard in the North West Counties League Premier Division on Saturday.

According to a statement from owner Robert Smethurst and Robbie Savage, abuse got so bad that the volunteers’ young children departed the ground “in tears”, with drunken hooligans invading the pitch and a number threw “mindless abuse” at workers.

The statement posted on Facebook on January 22nd said: “Further to this afternoon’s NWCFL Premier Division fixture at Charnock Richard, we have been appalled and horrified at reports that several of our staff members and volunteers were verbally abused by a small section of our fanbase.

“Irrespective of what happens on the field of play, this behaviour can not and will not be tolerated.

“To hear that hard-working volunteers were abused to the extent that their young children left the ground in tears really does epitomise some of the mindless abuse these individuals think that they can get away with.

“Staff who work every hour of the day were mindlessly confronted in an abusive and aggressive manner.

“Also, fans who just wanted to support the team have today become victims of this pathetic wave of harassment.

“This stops and it stops now.”

The statement goes on: “Video evidence also shows seemingly intoxicated individuals entering the field of play and we don’t need to tell you that this could have grave consequences for our Club as a whole.

“In short, despite the fact that the vast majority of fans got behind the lads incredibly and played a massive part in arguably one of our best away performances of the season, we have been let down yet again by people who have no place within our Football Club.

“We know who the main perpetrators are, as video evidence has highlighted this very clearly – so we are inviting all those who took part in this shameful behaviour to come into the Club between 12pm – 2pm tomorrow to explain their actions to senior members of the Club and members of our loyal fanbase.

“Should these individuals not make contact with the Club, then we will deal with them swiftly and appropriately.”

Before Saturday afternoon’s match, Macclesfield released a statement addressing past behaviour from their fans.

It said: “Despite the vast majority of supporters being a true credit to the Club, we have been let down by a small number of fans over recent weeks and need to stamp out behaviours that threaten to harm us all.

“In particular, the throwing of missiles from the crowd towards opposition players is something that is quite rightly abhorred by us all.

“This is totally unacceptable at any level of football and will lead to fines, our fans excluded from games and even points deductions should it continue.

“Not only that, this behaviour could cause injury to players and result in criminal charges against the perpetrators.

“Macclesfield FC would like to be very clear in stating that the vast majority of fans are providing wonderful vocal support to the team and this will not be jeopardised by those intent on causing disturbances.

“Anyone found to be guilty of any offence that harms the Club in any way will be identified and banned from our games with immediate effect.”

Social media users gave their thoughts as Macclesfield say children left the stadium ‘in tears’ after hooligans cause trouble at the game…

@tburling: Great effort to stamp out this nonsense. Our club is being jeopardized by the few. We’re very lucky to still have a club.

@nonleaguevol: Sad to hear this has happened. Happy to see that this is being dealt with!

@MCFCThommo: Unfortunately, this is lower league football. Just ask FC United. At a level where stewarding and policing is almost non existent it encourages these types of people as they know they won’t get away with it further up the pyramid with better security and CCTV etc.

@Dartschick: Well said. This behaviour is disgusting. I hope they’re come forward (they probably won’t)

@UpTheSilkmen: Ban them all

@GHOF27725135: Do not give them a second chance, it sends out the wrong message

@fred_mitch1874: This needs to stop soon or our entire fanbase will be seen as scumbags by the rest of the football community

@jontlabont: Just get it reported to police, let them deal with the scum, obviously aren’t fans of the club

Lewis Flint: Well done for acting so quickly. Macclesfield FC deserve to be treated better by some individuals but one thing is for certain, the club will win. We all deserve success and without Rob and Robbie, the club would now be a housing estate. NOBODY wants that to happen and it won’t. Onwards and upwards

Andrew Rathey: Well said and fully support the clubs stance. Let’s not let tw@ts ruin the good work

Susan Caulcott: Well said and thank you to club for supporting the majority of fans that want to watch and support the team and the club what ever the results are STID

Karen J Goodwin: This really saddens me and asks the question as to why some people feel that it is acceptable to behave like this way! I was planning to bring my 82 year old father to watch a match, but after seeing this I am not sure whether it’s a good idea and wondering if he would be safe? Such a shame x

Simon Boyd: This is a well balanced approach from the club. The small minded, idiotic minority who are spoiling the journey for the majority need to be brought back under control or need to be banned. I will be genuinely surprised if any of the people responsible turn up to the club tomorrow, but to give them the opportunity is absolutely the right thing to do.

John Summerton: It’s a reflection of how difficult this is that one comment calls for more discretion and secrecy and another accuses the club of being too secretive. I congratulate the club for trying to do the right thing and provide a safe environment for everybody. Now can we please get on with supporting the football team?

Sue Smith: Find them and ban them for life . They are not fans, they are mindless, bullies who are not wanted at this club

Joe Turner-Shepherd: Wasn’t that long ago the football club was a graveyard. I think the small majority of supporters that have aimed abuse at the clubs staff should just appreciate they have a club and can actually go to watch there team on a Saturday instead of abusing the staff that have worked hard to get the club where it is today.

Peter Egerton: Sadly, the ones responsible won’t be brave enough to step forward to explain, let alone apologise. Great statement 👏🏻👏🏻 Ban the lot, they’re not wanted or needed. To all the staff and volunteers – keep going, you’re making the other 99% of Macc’s fan base incredibly proud. Here’s to raising the roof next Saturday and earning a vital three points 💙

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