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Chesterfield chief executive shocked at getting billed for VAR in Chelsea match

Chesterfield chief executive John Croot have been left shocked at getting billed for the use of VAR in their match at Chelsea.

As if video assistant referee isn’t controversial enough these days, this time it’s sparked more frustration from another club.

Saturday’s third round tie at Stamford Bridge was the first time Chesterfield had been involved in a game with it being used as it was only available at Premier League stadiums.

“We got a letter from the FA the week before saying that the cost of it would be deducted from the expenses of the game so between us and Chelsea we had to pay over £9,000 for VAR to be in operation on Saturday,” Croot told BBC Radio Sheffield.

“It was a bit of a shock to me if I am honest.

“It is deducted from the gate receipts and then you split what is left so effectively it is half each because that is how it works. You deduct the cost of the game and split the money between us and Chelsea.

“We were surprised because obviously we have never had VAR before so we did not know.”

Former England striker Alan Shearer.

Derbyshire Times asked the Football Association for comment and a spokesperson said in a statement: “All ties hosted at Premier League stadiums in the 2021/22 Emirates FA Cup will have video assistant referees as only Premier League grounds are currently licenced to use VAR technology. Its cost of £9,250 is a match expense, and is therefore shared equally by the competing clubs from gate receipts.”

Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer has hit out at the consistency of VAR following Aston Villa’s disallowed goal against Manchester United at Old Trafford on Monday evening.

“We should not be using VAR in this game if we can’t use VAR in every FA Cup game, wherever that may be,” Shearer told BBC Sport. “You shouldn’t be using VAR in this game.

“I understand that it’s Premier League grounds only, but we were at Hull [vs Everton] on Saturday where they should’ve had two penalties if VAR was there. They got dumped out of the cup because of that.”

Social media users have since posted their thoughts with the Chesterfield chief executive ‘shocked’ at getting billed for VAR in their match at Chelsea…

@spireflyer: Did it actually get used, i thought Werner was offside for first goal not seen it back yet….

@CfcCrookes: I did too but seeing it on the tele again he was well on unfortunately

@montehasspoken: I can’t believe they charge £9k+ for VAR, something NOBODY wants

@paul_brass: It’s probably reasonable that the cost is split, but what isn’t fair is all the non-Prem third round games played without VAR – that’s just inconsistent! If VAR can’t be used for all games then it shouldn’t be used for any IMHO.

@Spireite7547: With the money we’ll be making from the full house I don’t think we can really moan

@MancSpireites: @FansAgainstVAR_

@RealDavidHardy: They didn’t ‘get billed’ tho, did they? They received £4500 less than they thought they would

@AdamRedman80: Paying to have the game ruined 🤦🏼‍♂️

@Richard90640750: Shocking why can’t Chelsea pay the bill thay minted to foot the bill it’s peanut’s to them just Crumb’s off the table for em.

@WxmSimpson: Use furlough (again) to offset the cost.

@LoTaylor23: Shouldn’t have been used in the first place. If all games were not able to have VAR, the no games should have used it. #LevelPlayingfield

@benpinkney: What a joke.

@DextersDesciple: What a joke. Seems unfair to both us and Chelsea. Seeing as other games didn’t have it because their ground wasn’t equipped with it, then why just not use it at all for this stage

@AverageStriker: It gets better @alanshearer

@TravellingMP: Why is football becoming less appealing every day? Sorry not football just the rich and FA, watch someone like Hallam fc – no VAR or massive egos or wages !

@Zippy_upnorth: You’d hope Chelsea might have stepped up and paid it….. this is what is wrong with football

@Neil78266547: @FA I hope this isn’t true because once again it stacked in big clubs favour. If all teams in said competition it cannot be used until semi-final / final stage. #EmiratesFACup

@gkclark: Over £9000? Yet another example of failure being rewarded and yes I agree that you would’ve thought that CFC would’ve said, no, we’ll get this, agree all it’s just a touch over 2% of Lukaku’s weekly wage

@ASJD30: Spot on tonight @alanshearer what a waste of money! A big percentage of our weekly wage.

@JordyTatt: It’s a complete JOKE! Have it at all games FOC or don’t do it at all! Mike Riley must have all the officials at PGMOL on puppet strings. Individually they must look at it and think it’s pathetic!

@Smithyrufc: Scandalous, like shearer said last night if everyone can’t use it in the FA cup it should not be used…. But after that episode last night it’s not a bad thing, went on longer that bat out of hell !!

@yana1867: Wow! This is a disgrace.

@DICKO25BFC: How that right?????

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