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Chester issue warning over ‘mindless and dangerous’ behaviour from their own fans

Chester have took to issue a strong warning over ‘mindless and dangerous’ behaviour from their own fans in recent matches.

The National League North outfit, who sit 6th in the table, say the Football Association got in contact with them, over an incident during the 2-2 draw with Curzon Ashton on earlier this month (January).

The statement read: “Across the game, clubs are having to contend with an increase in unacceptable behaviour that can put fans, players, staff and match officials at risk.

“These actions can result in those responsible facing a stadium ban, football banning order or criminal prosecution, and threaten the club you support, damaging our reputation and placing us at risk of fines or sanctions.

“The club was contacted by The FA after a plastic bottle was thrown towards the assistant referee while he was checking the goal nets prior to the second-half. This mindless and dangerous behaviour will likely result in the club facing disciplinary action.

“The support the team has received this season, both home and away, has been incredible and we know the overwhelming majority of our fans behave responsibly, but for the minority who do not, the message is clear: stop now or stay away until you can control yourself.

“We will be working proactively with the safety team and the police to further strengthen our matchday security procedures with additional stewarding and searches, which will be at cost to the club.

“Everyone associated with Chester FC should be proud of our reputation and we all have a responsibility to uphold the values of a supporter-owned, community-focused family club.”

Back in October 2022, four Chester fans were issued with formal warning letters as the club asks fans to support the team ‘responsibly’.

“The majority of our fans behave impeccably and have earned the respect of other clubs, but over the past 18 months we have experienced an increase in antisocial behaviour and, following further incidents this season, our message to the minority responsible is that it needs to stop.

“The ‘Love Football. Protect the Game’ campaign has implemented stronger measures and tougher sanctions for antisocial and criminal behaviour within football stadiums.

“The FA expects us to take more responsibility and clamp down on poor behaviour. Clubs are now required to report offences to the police and to issue automatic stadium bans – or face heavy financial penalties.

“We understand football is a passionate game, but using offensive language, making threats of violence and sexist or racist chanting does not help your team. It is damaging to our reputation as a family club and does not reflect the values of a supporter-owned, community football club.

“Everyone attending a football match has the right to feel welcome, safe and included, so if you see or hear something that concerns you, please report it to the nearest steward.

“Thank you for your continued support.”

Twitter users reacted as Chester issue the warning over ‘mindless and dangerous’ behaviour from their own fans…

@RussJon94660033: Simple answer is to have Match Stewards who actually do something rather than stand around looking into space doing nothing not sure if they are volunteers or not but we need trained match day stewards to control this behaviour if that means hiring security firms then so be it

@PhilSpencerCFC: My experience of private security firms as stewards at away matches is that they’re not very good. Oldham away where one of them was trying to fight with our fans is one recent example. Seem like bouncers doing day work

@FussballJames: Seems to mostly be schoolkids who don’t even support us trying to act the big man, just like the incessant chanting about Wrexham. They really need to get the memo that all it serves to do is make the club look bad and potentially land us in trouble with the authorities

@Bootster5: Someone threw a whole pint of lager, must be loaded 😂😂👍

@AshleyH90433816: Maybe under 14’s should be accompanied by an adult it’s great getting more fans but it’s made the Harry Mac particularly behind the goal a pain in the backside. They have their back to the game vaping most of the time with there orange girlfriends

@masonpowell07: All those 12 year olds throwing bottles to impress their chavy primark birds pls stop 🙏

@Dannyy_Johnsonn: Needs calling out if you see it. Throwing stuff is so stupid and just going to get the club in trouble.

@lampard_callum: Probably some bellend who’s only just started coming because we are doing well. Does my fucking head in, Harry Mac painting the club in a bad way, again.

@PhilHu66: Mindless behaviour

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