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Chelsea to send racists fans to Auschwitz instead of issuing banning orders

Chelsea are planning to send racist fans to Auschwitz instead of issuing banning orders.

The club’s Jewish owner, Roman Abramovich, is behind the initiative which gives fans the choice of attending a concentration camp rather than losing their season tickets.


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Speaking to The Sun, the club chairman Bruce Buck said:

“If you just ban people, you will never change their behaviour. This policy gives them the chance to realise what they have done, to make them want to behave better.

“In the past we would take them from the crowd and ban them, for up to three years.

“Now we say: ‘You did something wrong. You have the option. We can ban you or you can spend some time with our diversity officers, understanding what you did wrong.”

In 2017, Chelsea criticised a section of their own fans for their anti-Semitic chants at Tottenham.

Buck added: “It is hard to act when a group of 50 or 100 people are chanting. That’s virtually impossible to deal with or try to drag them out of the stadium. But if we have individuals that we can identify, we can act.”


Football fans gave their reaction to whether it was a great idea put forward by the club or not – check those tweets out on the next page.


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