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Chelsea player ‘has no idea’ his girlfriend is secretly sleeping with Arsenal star

A Chelsea player ‘has no idea’ his girlfriend is secretly sleeping with an Arsenal star, according to reports emerging over the weekend.

The Blues star is unaware that his partner is making out with other Premier League footballer, according to the Daily Star.

The paper claims that an unnamed wag also recently got the Chelsea player to pay for her to stay at a posh hotel, which you’d think would raise some questions at least, right?

The woman and Gunners player, also unnamed, are said to have met earlier this year through mutual friends during a night out, before taking to messaging via social media chats.

It has been stated that he tried to impress her by going on many a shopping trip along with posh dine out.

He even went to the lengths of arranging a way for her to fly into the London capital to come see him.

This is all behind her Chelsea player partner’s back with the Arsenal player not having a clue about her ongoing romance with the other partner, could you imagine if he discovered that let along it being a rival footballer?

The love triangle comes ahead of Chelsea’s clash against Arsenal at Emirates Stadium in December 2020.

A source told the Daily Star: “As if these teams didn’t already have enough bad blood between them.”

“This girl has been seeing the two of them but neither has a clue about the other – until now.

“They’ve both been texting her and arranging to spend time with her, so she’s been meeting them both.

“But as far as she is concerned, she’s young, free and single so she can date whoever she wants.”

“It’ll definitely make things interesting when they finally join each other on the pitch.”

Earlier this year, an unnamed Premier League player flouted lockdown rules in two countries to jet to Paris for a sex party, according to a report.

The multi-millionaire, who can’t be named for legal reasons, flew to the French capital, hired a restaurant near the Champs Elysées and invited models to join him and his friends for shots and cocktails.

They then took the party to an nearby apartment, where it’s claimed the international star had sex with at least one girl in a lift.

Witnesses said he was with 15 people at the restaurant and staff were available giving the group tequila shots and cocktails.

It has also been claimed that a drug dealer visited the flat, but not known whether for the player.

A source said: “They were whisked to the restaurant, which he had hired privately complete with waiters — strictly against French government lockdown rules.

“There were about 15 guests.

“They were served tequila and Jack Daniel’s and it was all very raucous.

“Most of the group then went to a hired apartment where the party continued and things got out of control.”

It seems Premier League stars can’t help but get themselves into mischief lately all for the sake of a bit of action.

Man City and England player Kyle Walker broke lockdown rules for having a sex party, and then just weeks ago, Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood met up with Icelandic girls who sneaked into the England hotel during the international break.

Fans couldn’t help but react when finding out that a Chelsea player ‘has no idea’ his girlfriend is secretly sleeping with an Arsenal star…

@HaseebAFC: So much drama ffs

@GLlewellynAFC: So this is the Arsenal-Chelsea swap deal everyone was reporting?

@Yemzine: Lmaoooooo we slapping them off the pitch too

@TierneyTesco: 100% Auba is piping Girouds bird as payback for Arsenal fans when he decided he didnt want to score for 13 fucking games to lose us the title.

@DazzlingDangote: Lacazette doing us proud

@maitresno: Please not laca

@kayode_aa: Hope it’s Kepa

@LaPiochey: 1-0 to the Arsenal

@CheetahPlains: massive W for Arsenal

@BigKnightyOut: He’s gunner find out sooner or later.

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