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Chelsea have made a decision on Frank Lampard’s future

Chelsea have seemingly finally made a decision on Frank Lampard’s future as manager with reports emerging on Monday morning.

The Telegraph first reported that Frank Lampard was set be sacked by Chelsea in less than 24 hours after the club’s FA Cup win over Championship outfit Luton Town.

The report states that confirmation could come as soon as today after Chelsea players were told not to report to the training ground until this afternoon.


This has been a very difficult decision, and not one that the owner and the Board have taken lightly.

We are grateful to Frank for what he has achieved in his time as Head Coach of the Club. However, recent results and performances have not met the Club’s expectations, leaving the Club mid-table without any clear path to sustained improvement.

There can never be a good time to part ways with a club legend such as Frank, but after lengthy deliberation and consideration it was decided a change is needed now to give the Club time to improve performances and results this season.

Roman Abramovich said: “This was a very difficult decision for the Club, not least because I have an excellent personal relationship with Frank and I have the utmost respect for him’.

“He is a man of great integrity and has the highest of work ethics. However, under current circumstances we believe it is best to change managers.

“On behalf of everyone at the Club, the Board and personally, I would like to thank Frank for his work as Head Coach and wish him every success in the future. He is an important icon of this great club and his status here remains undiminished. He will always be warmly welcomed back at Stamford Bridge.”

The Club will be making no further comment until such time as a new Head Coach is appointed.


Chelsea brought in Lampard as Maurizio Sarri’s replacement in 2019, with the former Blues player returning after a successful spell at Derby County.

But while he impressed in taking the club to fourth in the standings last season, patience at Stamford Bridge has been running thin.

Chelsea spent a lot of cash on the likes of Timo Werner, Kai Havertz, Hakim Ziyech and Ben Chilwell during the summer transfer window but all of them have failed to light up this season.

The Blues thought they’d finish in the top two at the start of the campaign but, currently, they sit 11 points behind Manchester United at the top of the Premier League table.

It was just a few days ago that Lampard came out fighting amid speculation over his Chelsea future during a fiery press conference.

Lampard said that the rumours prior to their game against Luton were not impacting his day-to-day work at Cobham Training Ground as he hoped to turn around the poor run before it is too late.

“I don’t listen to it. It’s only everywhere if you want to scroll through social media or something, but I don’t do that,” Lampard told journalists. “I’m not stupid, I know the pressures that come with managing a top football club, but I just do my job, it doesn’t matter to me.”

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“What marker are you putting on that? I am not going to sit talking about [them performing by] next season as it would be nonsense,” he added. “Any manager in the Premier League wouldn’t talk about next season because you can only worry about what’s in front of you.”

After being asked on when we would see improvements from the likes of Timo Werner and Kai Havertz, Lampard replied: “Again, what’s the marker on that? Is it to get someone playing like Eden Hazard did in the prime of his career? What are you asking?

“That’s what we are working towards, yes,” he said, about trying to get the best from them this season.

Lampard has earned 1.67 points per game since being named Chelsea boss last season, which is the lowest of those appointed during Roman Abramovich’s time at the club.

“I am not going to talk about private conversations [with Abramovich],” Lampard said. “I played here for a long time and the situation changes from being a player after 13 years to be a manager. So I have more conversations now with the hierarchy that I did as a player.”

Frank Lampard thanked the Chelsea fans who created a Stamford Bridge banner showing their support towards him and his reign.

Fans group We Are The Shed created a banner reading “In Frank we trust. Then. Now. Forever,” that was displayed for the first time on Sunday.

“I knew about the banner maybe a week or two ago, directly from those who put it together, who are obviously massive supporters of this club; and I was very appreciative,” said Lampard. “I don’t know if emotional was the word, but people who know about how I feel about this club will understand, it’s a two-way thing from the first time I came here, maybe 20 years ago nearly.

“So I’m very thankful for that support, and it’s great to see it at the Bridge. I feel it very strongly indeed. I know the modern world has moved on with social media there are eyes all over the world. But one thing I know is that when I’m at the Bridge, the fans have shown me huge support as a player, and now as manager here as well. So I appreciate it very much.

“All I want to do is repay that with being successful at the club, and working through a tough moment to bring a long-term success to the club. I keep saying recently there will be moments of pain, and moments that are difficult, because of the situation. And when you see the fans that are there to stick with you from now, and going forward, that’s an important thing for me.”

Fans reacted as Chelsea have made a decision on Frank Lampard’s future, see what they said below…

@RealDevil_MG: Nooo pls, Lampard is the greatest manager of this era, I’m so afraid of Chelsea whenever we face them. I feel like we would get slapped 10-0 every time

@ambabuo: I wish him well. He’s definitely welcome back after gaining enough experience

@GianniButtice: Devastated with this

@BillyGilmourSZN: WTF came out of nowhere

@OliviaBuzaglo: I just wish we could’ve been at Stamford Bridge singing Super Frank to show Frank Lampard just how much the fans were behind him. #CFC

@gyaigyimii: This does not change the fact that Lampard is still and will forever be a Chelsea legend. Stamford Bridge will always be his home.

@Michael_TSB: “I’m a fighter first and foremost. It’s how I managed to make a career out of the game as a player.” Quotes like this are why so many people want Lampard to fail. Makes it sound like he was born in a refugee camp with polio and one eye. The hero of his own, privileged story.

@NoddyBlueBoy: Heartbroken. If indeed true, I hope he goes out and hones his managerial skills elsewhere, comes back to the club he so dearly loves, and proves all his doubters wrong. We will be always be indebted to him, and love him the same as we did before. #FrankLampard #ChelseaFC

@arteen123: What is the point of sacking him now!? If they were going to sack Frank why do it after a win instead of after Leicester

@AFCAMDEN as Chelsea have made a decision on Frank Lampard’s future: Chelsea’s hire and fire model has worked for them over the last 15 years, but I for one am glad Arsenal do not operate like this.

@jonjwood_real: He lasted longer than people maybe expected he would, but equally he did better in that first season than people maybe expected he would. Just shows that there is zero loyalty at @ChelseaFC. A horrible, horrible football club. #lampard #CFC

@MiloClay8: Strange decision to wait until after the Luton game, rather than sacking him straight after Leicester defeat. Abramovich doesn’t hang around though, ruthless. #cfc

@Jampa9: For what it’s worth, I think Lampard will go on to be a successful manager. I think this would be a bad decision for nearly every other club in the country, however, Chelsea sack managers and get results, it’s cut throat and it works. Abramovich spends and demands success. #CFC

@mridulpoddar999: Stupidest shit ever. What’s the point in bringing a club legend to manage the club and then backing him up in transfer window if you can’t even wait for a couple of years to see him perform. So reactionary.

@TheShedEndMedia: Can’t believe this

@BriantDan: Lamps, gave it everything shame the club doesn’t have patience, but I’m sure he’ll be back if this is true #CFC

@louishart_: Just wasn’t ready for it, said it when he was appointed that it was too soon for him. His chance will come again, but needs to develop and grow as a manager first.

@El_Loco_Jo: So many people having a go at Chelsea for treating a “club legend” so badly. Do they not know it’s a business? If clubs ran on sentiment, Eddie Gray would not only be the longest serving manager ever at Leeds by now, but in the world.

@LewisRWalsh: Plain and simple, he just wasn’t ready for the Chelsea job. Maybe once he’s gone away and built up some experience it could be a possibility again but for now it was completely wrong to throw him in at the deep end

@TheGrandDam: Forever a legend in my eyes. Thank you Frank

@Abd1nho: Gone but NEVER forgotten. He will forever be a Chelsea legend and an example for all the players that play and will play for this club.

@iSlimfit: I don’t pity Frank Lampard cos he did worse as a player to play a role in jeopardizing and frustrating poorly-performing managers and getting them sacked. He’s lucky he even had players and back room staff members who respected him.

@EICrisco: I AM OUTRAGED BY THIS, I’ve been a season ticket holder since 1967 and there’s a drive into deep left field by castellanos and that’ll be a home run. and so that’ll make it a 4-0 ballgame. i don’t know if i’ll be putting on this headset again.

@keith_jones1976: Gutted is an understatement, over 30 years supporting This club and a shocking way to treat the greatest player that ever played for us. The overpaid ego driven players behind the abject recent performances need to be jettisoned from this club.

@philarundell: Absolutely disgraceful decision after all he’s done for the club. Would it have hurt to have a bit of patience for once in your lives? Sacking Ancelotti for finishing second was bad enough, but this is a new level of low

@youneshh: There’s the confirmation. Frank is gone. This was expected as I’ve said but regardless it still hurts because it’s Frank Lampard of all people. I hope he can go away, get a new job, learn, develop and come back in the future when he’s ready. All the best Lamps! Still a legend!

@carbislli: Gutted. We were told this was a project, not a quick fix. If Frank hasn’t been given time, I doubt any future manager will be. A huge thank you to Frank, he leaves the club in such a better state than what he inherited 18 months ago. His legendary status is forever intact. #CFC

@_jamesamoo: It’s never a good day to celebrate the loss of a man’s job. Wish him all the best in his endeavors moving forward

@CatenaccioEra: I’d like to thank Frank for taking over during a transfer ban and for setting the groundwork for Tuchel’s project. He will always be a Chelsea legend. Some things just aren’t meant to be

@lucas89429680: I actually feel heartbroken, too big of a job I think lacks the experience. Love to see him come back in a few years seems like a genuinely nice person with the right mindset #BestofLampard #CFC

@Caitlin26x: You literally set him up for failure then come out here with this sack of shit statement. Get in the fucking bin. We never have time to build. Honestly disgusted.

@jamesgriffiths2: Such a better squad we have now than when he arrived and finally brought some of the young talent through to the first team, gutted couldn’t get to more games while he was in charge. Thanks legend

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