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Chelsea fans rage at Ted Lasso producers and Todd Boehly over doctored tribute to Ray Wilkins

Chelsea fans rage at Ted Lasso producers and Todd Boehly over a doctored banner which was in tribute to the late legend Ray Wilkins.

A tribute to Ray Wilkins was changed to honour TV character Roy Kent in the latest episode, but this has led to quite the backlash on social media.

For those who don’t know, the show s based around Ted Lasso, a coach from America, is appointed to manage the fictional Premier League team AFC Richmond.

The third series now features Kent, a former Man Utd player and pundit who is now a legend at Chelsea.

A camera shows a banner at the stands upon Kent’s return from Stamford Bridge.

It reads: “They don’t make them like Roy anymore”, as supporters can be heard chanting: “He’s here, he’s there, he’s every-f***ing where, Roy Kent, Roy Kent”.

A commentator adds: ‘That’s a lovely moment. Chelsea fans letting their former captain Roy Kent know how they still feel about him.”

It appears that producers have changed the banner which was used to pay respect to Chelsea legend Wilkins who died in 2018 from cardiac arrest.

After he passed away in 2018, Chelsea unveiled a banner in honour of the club legend which still stands at home games and reads: “They don’t make them like Ray anymore.”

But in the Ted Lasso episode, it displays the same banner, but changed ‘Ray’ to ‘Roy’ – to read ‘They don’t make them like Roy anymore’.

This caused quite some controversy with Blues supporters who slammed the club’s hierarchy and the TV show, which can be watched on Apple TV.

The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust said on Wednesday afternoon: “RE: Ray Wilkins Banner This is a banner paid for by supporters to commemorate a Chelsea legend: Ray Wilkins.

“Many supporters have seen this edit to be disrespectful, and we have expressed our disappointment to club officials. We expect that CFC will address this in due course.”

As mentioned, Chelsea fans rage at Ted Lasso producers and Todd Boehly over a doctored tribute to Ray Wilkins…

@_ShuBhamCFC: Beyond shameful.

@SauceLikeSharin: So they’ve just disrespected one of your heroes for a marketing campaign? Poor that and kinda sad to see what footballs becoming

@jai_s9: This is wrong

@JoeAllen92: This is just weird, and done in such bad taste. Shows how out of touch the club are with the fans atm.

@dandale2401: Love the show but this isn’t the best look for both parties involved, just think of something else

@CarefreeScott: Out of touch and incredibly disrespectful, fucking embarrassing @ChelseaFC @AppleTV @TedLasso

@allthingschels1: Whoever edited the Ray Wilkins banner, it was disrespectful. End of.

@joestone95: One thing doing a cringy crossover with an American tv show, another thing is photoshopping banners of legends who have passed away. Sad sad times

@TheChelsTalks: They’re editing over a ray Wilkins tribute banner to accommodate a TV show… Absolutely inexcusable behaviour from Chelsea.

@ChelseaCes: Have just seen what Boehley and his fellow cnuts have done; editing the Ray Wilkins banner to “Roy” for their puerile Ted Lasso promo. Have some respect, you complete arseholes. #CFC #Bhoeley

@robertrea: Very very poor

@StanleyS7_: Owners should know better than this

@ChelseaChris26: It’s just wrong isn’t it

@CFCBrowdz: don’t think the club would’ve signed off on this. has to be an editorial decision from the show, not fucking happy

@hndtwo: Very disappointed with this

@lukemartiny96: This is disgusting @ChelseaFC, disrespecting the late great Ray Wilkins for some fictional character on TV. Utter joke. @todd_boehly

@Simon109668: That’s incredibly disrespectful.

@TalkChelseaBlue: That’s a really shitty thing to do ffs

@CFCGiannis_: That’s disrespectful tbh but not the clubs fault probably

@sidneyfrond: If that’s real, it’s disgusting behaviour

@TrueBlue_Cosmo: I really wonder who signed this off.

@anthonypenny10: Wtf is this, who agreed this is ok

@_NotJamess: Wtf is wrong with you @todd_boehly

@__JoseFerreira_: I really hope the club didn’t approve this and it was just Apple taking liberties

@TomLevins1: Very distasteful. Not happy.

@bossmanrevival: realistically one of the editors probably saw an opportunity to edit this in for added effect that would score them brownie points with their boss and didn’t even bother finding out the banner was about a dead club legend 🤷🏻‍♂️

@gustychelsea: @ChelseaFC @todd_boehly who allowed this?

@JoeBambrough: Really disrespectful tbh

@tomziiCFC: Poor from @ChelseaFC, years of history scribbled over for some tv show. Not good enough.

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