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Chelsea fans mock their own team with chants and boos before also taunting Aston Villa

Chelsea fans mock their own team with chants and boos before also taunting Aston Villa during the FA Cup Fourth Round replay win.

Mauricio Pochettino responded with determination following Chelsea’s comfortable victory at Villa Park, securing their place in the fifth round.

Enzo Fernández’s impressive free-kick helped set up a last-16 clash against Leeds at Stamford Bridge. Conor Gallagher and Nicolas Jackson also contributed with goals in the first half.

It comes after Chelsea’s recent struggles, suffering defeats against Liverpool and Wolves and currently sit 11th in the Premier League.

But Pochettino emphasised that they should not be compared to the dominant Chelsea side of the Roman Abramovich era.

Despite spending over £1bn under co-owner Todd Boehly, Pochettino believes they are not on the same level as the team that won five Premier League titles.

Just as the Chelsea fans sung for former owner Abramovich, Chelsea took the lead after 11 minutes through Gallagher.

He said: “We need to stop this thing that we are Chelsea from 20 years ago. We are not this type of Chelsea anymore. Now we need to move on and we need to create this project.

“We need to move on, I don’t care if people are happy or not happy with my speech. I care for the club, I care for my players, I want to help the players.

“We are going to fight, I don’t care what the people say. I’m not more sad or happy today after a win because we have experience, this type of project needs time and trust.

“We cannot build a team to challenge because you need to fix too many things, you need to observe, analyse and compete.

“We are building a project which may be one year, two years, three years.

“Today you can see we were ready to fight. We fight for the fans, the badge, the coaching staff. Now the challenge is to be consistent.”

After watching Chelsea go in front, over 6,000 fans in the away end chanted: “How shit must you be, we’re winning away!”

The chant even caught the attention and got a mention by ITV commenter Sam Matterface.

Chelsea fans also could be heard saying “Your city is blue… it’s just as blue as London” with the video captured by ITV, leaving Birmingham fans amused.

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Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino, asked on ITV if it was their best performance of the season: “I think so. It was one of the best, maybe the best performance of the season. I am so happy with the performance and the way the players enjoyed playing football. That pleased me the most.

“We are a young team and being consistent is the most difficult thing in a young team. With a young team to find the balance is the most difficult thing.”

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino to BBC Match of the Day: “It was one of the best performances of the season. I think the players really enjoyed the game and yes, I think we played well against a very difficult team. Aston Villa is doing a terrific job, they are in a position in the top four and of course they are I think the second-best team playing at home.

“Too many things happen when you lose a game. I am older than them and I think I take these things in a different way. But we are Chelsea, we need to accept that Chelsea provoke these things. The expectation is massive. Sometimes the expectation is not easy because we are still a young team. But we are growing in a really good way.

“To be in the final of the Carabao Cup and now in the next round of the FA Cup, I think playing this way we can win more games than we lose.

“We try to find the best words and best way to help the players. We are a group of people working for the same objective. The players are the principle actors on the pitch. We need to provide the best platform for them to perform in a freedom way.

“With a young team it is a challenge to be consistent. We have a few days to recover and think a little bit. That is the way to keep going and fighting. I am so happy for the players. They believe in us and the connection has been good all season, even when the result is not right they are still convinced we can do things.”

Pochettino, speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live: “It was one of the best performances of the season and I think we played well in a very difficult game. They’re in the top four in the Premier League and I think they are the second-best team playing at home.

“We are very pleased with the performance.”

Pochettino, speaking to ITV Sport: “We need to be calm. Now it is about how we are going to keep these feelings. It is true circumstances didn’t help us. From the beginning there were too many issues. To have the players in the same form and level was the most difficult thing for us.

“Today, to come here, the second best team at home, and play in the way we play and show our quality, that is what pleased me the most and why I am so optimistic.

“People are not patient. In a club like Chelsea you need to win. They don’t want to hear excuses. But reality is another. We are not the Chelsea of another time. It is a new project. The people need to believe. If they believe fantastic. If they don’t you know what happens – the most easy decision will appear.

“They [the players] need time. We are talking about the youngest team in the Premier League with expectations so high. It is normal the players feel the pressure to perform. It is not easy to manage all of these things.

“With this type of performance, it makes me pleased because we are capable. All of the people that thought we were capable of playing this way, now we can feel it is true.

“Maybe the environment is a little bit noisy but that is football.”

Chelsea defender Ben Chilwell, speaking to ITV: “It was exactly the reaction we wanted and needed. It wasn’t about wanting a reaction. We needed it. Fair play to all of the boys.”

“We wanted that pressure. We thrived off it. The confidence before the game in the changing room was the best I have seen it – the togetherness.

“We delivered on the pitch today.

“As a club, the players, manager, the staff, the fans everyone involved in the club. It wasn’t just the manager. Everyone associated with the club needed that today.”

Chelsea goalscorer Conor Gallagher to BBC Match of the Day: “I think after our last couple of performances everyone was determined to have a good one tonight, and it was. Most importantly it was a win as well.

“That’s what we need every game. The last two games were not up to our standards. Everyone was really up for it and raring to give the fans a good performance, and that’s what we did.

“The manager knows the level we can play at. We know how we can play and tonight we showed that. A lot of times this season we haven’t been good enough. Also this season we’ve shown we’ve been really good against the top teams. So we know how good we can be. Like I said, tonight we showed that.”

Is scoring your first goal of the season a relief? “It is to be fair, finally. Obviously, I like to score goals, I’d like to score more. This season I haven’t done so, so I’d like to get a few more.

“We’re really buzzing, Villa are a top team. To beat them tonight, how we did, is brilliant. Hopefully we’ll take a lot of confidence into the next game.”

Aston Villa manager Unai Emery to BBC Match of the Day: “We competed. We started the first 15 minutes creating chances but we didn’t score. Maybe it was the key moment. And then they created chances, were clinical, and they scored.

“In the second half we started trying to score one more, to push and create some chances. We did not do this very clear and they scored the third goal. After that are speed was very good and the mentality as well. Even when we were losing 3-0 we created chances. We have to accept it.

“Chelsea is a very good team, they can play like tonight and get these performances. Of course we are going to try again and focus on the Premier League. We are being consistent there. It is a new challenge, and going for the league as well, it is important to be a contender at the end of the season.

“It’s not a surprise because Chelsea can perform like this. We competed, but not over 90 minutes, in some periods. We have to accept it and of course we have to try to analyse and improve things.”

Twitter users reacted at seeing Chelsea fans mock their own team with chants and boos before also taunting Aston Villa…

@breezy_345: Hard to watch, because he seems like a decent guy but this just isn’t working. I hope everyone knows, it’s never personal, it’s about performance on the pitch.

@BarnyMather: What great supporters we have 🙄🙄

@chelsreport_: Sacked in the morning chants for Mauricio Pochettino as he enters Villa Park. 🤭 #CFC

@osalisbury10: bet there not singing that anymore😂😂

@Sean_FootyMad: 😂 embarrassing on all fronts

@bunts_sam: Bet he’s absolutely terrified

@CFCAmir_: Nah now i feel bad ffs 🤣🤣 the owners deserve this

@rhystakes: I feel bad but I know I won’t feel bad 5 minutes into the game

@mjccfc: Chelsea’s owners are cruel for not sacking him

@HolidaiSon: Same fans who used to slag “mid-table” teams after they had a little bit of success. The second they struggle they give up “supporting”.

@1HoV_avfc: Highly doubt it was an away fan chanting that.

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