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Chelsea fans fume after what Leicester player did in the dressing room

Chelsea fans took to social media to fume after what a Leicester City player did in the dressing room after the FA Cup Final at Wembley.

Brendan Rodgers’ side picked up their first ever FA Cup trophy in the club’s history on Saturday evening after a dramatic 1-0 win over their opposition, who had won the competition eight times.

Youri Tielemans’ 63rd minute sublime strike was enough to separate the two teams, sparking wild celebrations from the Foxes come the full time whistle.

Leicester’s celebrations on the Wembley pitch carried on long after the full time whistle, with club chairman Khun Top being welcome in with the players as they lifted the oldest trophy in English football, after winning the Premier League in 2015.

However, it was the behaviour of Leicester’s Daniel Amartey that generated conversation and controversy in equal measure, with the Ghanaian midfielder accused by some of disrespecting Chelsea.

As can be seen in the video, while his teammates continued the party back in the dressing room, Amartey was filmed on an Instagram Live video holding up the much respected Chelsea pennant which was traditionally exchanged before the game.

However he then decided to toss it over his shoulder and on to the floor as if it was nothing.

The Leicester player, who didn’t feature in the cup final clash, has been praised by rival fans while taking serious criticism from some members of the Chelsea faithful.

Did you find it funny? Or was you rather disappointed to see him do this?

As mentioned, Chelsea fans chose to fume after what the Leicester player did in the dressing room, others had something else to say…

@Kovacic_FC: It doesn’t matter who you support, You have to admit that this is disrespectful and beyond shithousery, It’s not even funny

@sumeetbasu: Being a blues fan it was dissappointing to see this….may be he was too excited….his first trophy and coming from a small country make these things matter a lot to them..but yes it was disrespectful in the end…not even thinking about this…dissapointed with our own perf

@ibks001: This is so wrong. Forget the fact that we lost, this is not necessary.

@SaraFCBi: I’m the last person to defend a club like Chelsea, but this is so disrespectful. Clubs have these exchanges as a sign of mutual respect and sportsmanship. So unnecessary

@CFC_PANCAKE: I understand that they were happy to win the final but this is very disrespectful

@official_achiaw: This is so not right

@DebbieJane18: Chelsea fans bitching about Amartey throwing the little Chelsea flag thing in the dressing room. Your team disrespected the whole of football a few weeks back by entering the Super League. Have some perspective.

@Kenny81EFC: Disrespect??.. That’s Rich coming from plastic fans who vandalised & spat on the Hillsborough memorial at Anfield..

@eli___k: Chelsea fans crying over Amartey’s video should save their tears for 29th.

@andyl_14: Very disrespectful to do that – totally not needed. Against the spirit of football, and the pride in a clubs badge. I’m not a Chelsea fan but that’s too much. Rodgers should drop him from the squad on Tuesday just to make it less about that.

@IanMart85352347: He should have thrown it on the floor and pissed on it

@CHbastard: Could have been worse he could have disrespected the ethos of football by trying to join a superleague.

@mcbrie75: Chelsea has been disrespecting football since 2003

@Jayant_J98: It’s always the average ballers, success getting to their heads

@DanNicholls03: I doubt he really cares what Chelsea fans think to be fair

@RealStevieT: So what, good luck to him, his team just won the FA Cup, let them celebrate

@KevG1979: A bit of fun, that’s all.

@ZRedC: Chelsea fans outraged, ironic, seeing as though they are amongst some of the worst in the country

@davidaxelrode: Daniel Amartey has disrespect the Chelsea emblem 😳😳. How dare him.

Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers: “I’m very proud, it’s a historic day for the club. Winning the FA Cup for the first time is clearly a special day. The players were so courageous in the game.

“I’m so pleased for Khun Top (chairman) and the family. It was a dream of theirs to win the FA Cup and we have been able to deliver that.

“We were playing against the Champions League finalists, we knew at times we’d have to suffer but we were worthy of the win.

“Every final you ever enter you want to win it. I have an overriding feeling of satisfaction but I’m more pleased for everyone else, the feeling it gives the supporters.

“It’s a trophy the club really wanted to win. It was a great victory for us. For a club like Leicester to be in the final with a great club like Chelsea, people may have been hoping from a neutral point of view we could go on and upset the odds.”

Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel: “Of course we are disappointed, but we are not angry, it’s not on our boys. Today we are simply unlucky. We have never hidden the fact that you need luck in this game to be able to win on this level.

“All the time you need momentum, little details and decision making, referee and sometimes to win with a shot like today.

“We defended very, very well, were aggressive in counter-pressing, we didn’t allow any counter-attack chances, no half-chances, and I was absolutely happy with the work-rate intensity.

“But in the decision-making we were a bit too hectic, a bit too straight up front. We wanted to force the solution too far, we had unnecessary ball losses and imprecise decision making.

“We created some two-against-two and two-against-three situations, that we couldn’t do as well as we should have.”

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