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Chelsea cause outrage telling fans their season ticket prices are TRIPLING in cost

Chelsea cause outrage this week telling fans that their season ticket prices at Stamford Bridge are TRIPLING in cost from next year.

The Blues faithful have been asked to pay more than three times the current price with costs set to reach around £4,000 once the club have upgraded the facilities in one of the stands.

The West Stand upper tier has been rebranded, Westview, with new bars, food outlets and TV screens, yet to due this it comes at a cost for those coming through the turnstiles wanting to keep their padded seating next season.

The current price is set at £1,250, but that is expected to rocket to as much as £3,900 per seat for a tier one ticket on and around the halfway line, which will beat their London rivals including Arsenal for the most expensive seats in the Premier League next season.

Current blanket price: £1250

New Tier 1 price: £3,900 (halfway line)

New Tier 2 price: £3,000 (18-yard line)

New Tier 3 price: £1,500 (Goal line)

All three tier prices include the 19 Premier League home fixtures and all of the domestic cup home matches. 

Tiers 1 and 2 get European group stage home matches included in the price, however all three tiers have the option to buy home knockout matches. Tier 3 gets a concession ticket available. 

For the 2021/22 season, Tottenham hold the honour with the top-priced season ticket at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium costing £2,223, according to research by the newspaper group, Reach.

Arsenal following with the most expensive annual season ticket setting fans back as much as £2,013.

The cheapest tickets were at Burnley, with the Lancashire side’s most expensive this season standing at £650. 


Season ticket prices for Westview have been confirmed for the 2022/23 season.

The newest part of our hospitality offering at Stamford Bridge, Westview will be divided into four areas from next season: Tier 1 (halfway line), Tier 2 (18-yard line), Tier 3 (goal line) and match-by-match.

Season ticket holders in Westview have been contacted regarding the changes, and have until 15 May 2022 to decide whether they wish to renew their existing seats, move within Westview, or move to other parts of the stadium.

We will also aim to accommodate any supporters who currently sit together and would like to move seats as a group, subject to availability.

Other supporters who wish to move to Westview will be able to join a waitlist on 10 January 2022. Open days will also be available for supporters that wish to view the facilities.

The new Westview match-by-match prices will be announced in the new year, along with match-by-match prices in all other stands. You can view all Westview season ticket prices and inclusions in the grid below.

Tier 1 Season TicketTier 2 Season TicketTier 3 Season Ticket
Seat LocationHalfway Line18 Yard LineGoal Line
19 Premier League Home Matches
All Domestic Cup Home Matches
European Group Stage Matches 
Option to Purchase European Knock-Out Matches
Concession Ticket Available  

Supporters have been offered the opportunity to change from their usual seats with those seated in the ‘Goal Line’ area of Westview to expect a small increase in price that will also see domestic cup matches included in their season ticket. 

Fans had previously been warned that the price would rise anyway in the refurbished and rebranded section of the stadium. 

The works were carried out prior to the 2021-22 campaign and supporters were allowed to renew tickets for this term, however would have to accept the new price structure or move in 2022-23.

As mentioned, Chelsea cause outrage telling fans that their season ticket prices are TRIPLING in cost…

@Sam_pafc: £205 per game , what the fuck is that

@joaca391: This is absolutely mad. Maybe it’s because I’m not from England and I’m not familiar with the prices, but I simply can’t wrap my head around how big this sum is for a season ticket.

@Alfiethfc696969: @SpursOfficial you are losing the most expensive season ticket trophy to a rival

@LukeBrownless: That is ridiculous

@Clak94: Billionaire owners who don’t care about spending ps, love this game

@thfcem28: I know Tottenhams is a joke, but this is taking the piss. Ruining it for all the hard working fans who just want to enjoy some football on their time off. Disgrace.

@JoeParky94: Do Chelsea have any working class fans? I thought it was all prawn sandwiches, half time cheese boards and casual racism

@Chelsearory: When you actually think about it, what Chelsea have done here is an outright disgrace. A 200% price increase off the back of a pandemic and giving 20% of our away tickets to corporate interests. It’s social cleansing of our support.

@aieilli: This will start with the elite clubs and filter its way down to the fodder. Bayern by contrast choose not to fleece their fans.

@Markafc87: Even if I can afford those prices I refuse to unless it’s a club level type like emirates or something in way of some food n drink 😂 even then I’m like that money could be used for something so much better. Crypto maybe? 😂

@MrJD29: It’s an absolute disgrace

@Dodds8686: With the amount of money that clubs make from TV deals alone, no fan should have to pay more than £200 for a season ticket!

@bluemark10: The game is no longer that of the working class

@patrickaa66: 4 grand is fucking outrageous, Bayern only charge 100 quid man it’s a joke

@Stevros1988: Bloody hell. And on top of that you can guarantee you won’t get any change from a 20 for a reheated burger and chips and pint of flat Fosters.

a whopping £200 plus per match ticket.
add the programme, a drink, a pie, and well,

@ScottyHayter: Have sung Chelsea’s praises for a long time regarding ticket pricing. Until now I’ve always felt the club have empathised/understood the working-class supporter. I can’t lie. I feel a bit sick at what I’ve read today. There’s a limit to what I can/will pay & I’m beyond gutted.

Bayern Munich season ticket: £104
£5 per home league game (approx)
In contrast:
Chelsea season ticket: £4000 / £3000 / £1500
£210 or £157 or £78 per home league game (approx).
“For the fans”.

@franko413: Rival fans will dig out clubs for cheaper tickets or deals in the guise of not having fans to sell out. Unless fan groups unite, it’s going to just lead higher and higher prices

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