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Charlton owner Roland Duchatelet bizarrely ‘demands’ for the EFL to buy the club

Charlton Athletic owner Roland Duchatelet has made an incredible ‘demand’ for the English Football League to buy the club.

It comes with the millionaire businessman – who was voted the worst owner in English football recently – trying to sell the Addicks for over the last year with prospective buyers failing to meet his price, and yesterday he claimed he is ready to give the club away “for free”, as long as a new investor buys the land owned by the club.

This is what could be seen on the club’s site but it ‘went down for maintenance’ a few hours later…

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A statement published on the club’s website this afternoon states: “New incidents were created by a coalition of fans against the owner based on fake news, like young players were not getting water to drink and staff not being paid due bonuses.

“It’s hard to deny that such actions could jeopardise the ongoing purchase process. The EFL said it would intervene to find out who was telling the truth but nothing like that happened. They did not really investigate things.

“Moreover EFL representatives suggested to the group of critics that their claims of August 2018 relating to the bonus might have some basis (despite the fact the EFL hadn’t investigated).

“Two fans found sufficient support in this ambivalent attitude of the EFL to come to Belgium last weekend.

“They tagged and damaged several properties of Duchatelet, the homes of two friends of Duchatelet and the house of the friend of a friend.

“Football has been the fastest growing industry in England in recent decades.

“However which foreign candidate owner will be prepared to invest millions to get a chance to bring a club to the Premier League and at the same time accept acts of vandalism against his property and intrusion in his private life, wherever in the world he/she lives?

“Therefore the owner demands that the EFL acquires his football club.”


Confused fans took to social media to given their reaction on the bizarre story, many questioned how the EFL could even buy the club, plus they showed their frustration towards the much talked about Charlton owner – check out those tweets on the next page.


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