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Charlton manager resigns to become Birmingham boss

Charlton Athletic manager Lee Bowyer resigns to become the next boss of Birmingham City according to reports on Monday afternoon.

The South London Press has been told that he told the playing squad on Monday morning that he was stepping down – which was confirmed by Charlton hours later.

It is expected that Bowyer will take charge of his former club who got rid of Aitor Karanka over the weekend.

Watch Lee Bowyer's post-Portsmouth Valley Pass Live interview | CAFC

The 44-year-old had been at The Valley for nearly three years and has previously been linked with the Blues before they appointed Karanka. He was also previously wanted by Huddersfield Town.


Owner Thomas Sandgaard said: “I would like to thank Lee for everything he has done for Charlton. I have enjoyed working with him and wish him the best for his future. Our focus now is on finding the correct replacement to take this club forward.”

Bowyer said: “It was a difficult decision to leave. Everyone knows how I feel about the club. I could have gone before but I felt it was the right thing to do to stay and help the club through the tough times we’ve been through.

“We had some amazing times and some tough times. It has been emotional leaving. I’d like to thank all the players that I’ve worked with and the staff for the hours and hours of hard work that they did. I also want to thank the supporters. We wouldn’t have had those great memories without them.

“The club is now in a place with a good owner that cares and wants to improve the place and I hope the club can continue to grow. It will always hold a special place in my heart.”


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The Addicks, who sit 8th in the League One table, are in action against Bristol Rovers on Tuesday and assistant boss Johnnie Jackson is taking over managerial duties for now.

He was in the top six favourites for Birmingham manager eight months ago, when Charlton were Championship strugglers, sitting 22nd in the table at the time of looking at him.

He has been with the Addicks since being appointing in March 2018, and then guided the club to promotion after winning the League One playoffs against Sunderland.

On the 17th of June 2019, Bowyer turned down the offer of a contract extension, with the club (and owner Roland Duchatelet) announcing that Bowyer and the club were unable to reach an agreement. However, he later reversed his decision by signing a new year-long deal.


Senior career
1994–1996 – Charlton Athletic – 46 games (8 goals)
1996–2003 – Leeds United – 203 games (38 goals)
2003 – West Ham United – 10 games (0 goals)
2003–2006 – Newcastle United – 79 games (6 goals)
2006–2009 – West Ham United – 41 games (4 goals)
2009 → Birmingham City (loan) – 17 games (1 goal)
2009–2011 – Birmingham City – 64 games (9 goals)
2011–2012 – Ipswich Town – 29 games (2 goals)
Total – 489 games (68 goals)

National team
1994–1995 – England U18 – 6 games (0 goals)
1995–2000 – England U21 – 13 games (4 goals)
2002 – England – 1 game (0 goals)


Charlton Athletic – 22 March 2018 until 15 March 2021 – 157 games, 64 wins, 37 draws, 56 defeats, 40.8 win %

Fans reacted as the Charlton manager resigns to become Birmingham boss according to reports…

@algordon_cafc: Bowyer has written his place in the history books, but let’s be honest, we are bang average at the moment and in good need of a shake up on the pitch. #cafc

@AllHailTheHen: All the best Bow. Put up with some horrendous shite off the pitch and stayed when others would have walked. Will always be grateful for the job he has done, just a shame it has petered out this season. Good luck

@darrentimmsgolf: Probably the right time for both parties that Bowyer goes to pastures new. Bowyer has done a great job in the circumstances and I wish him all the best, but a break will do both good I think. Up the Addicks! #freshstart #cafc

@RhysSmithson74: It hasn’t been working recently but Lee Bowyer will always be a Charlton legend and I’m grateful for the part he played in making sure we still have a club to support #cafc #leeleeleebowyer

@Scott00518549: Good luck to Lee Bowyer and thanks for some unbelievable memories #CAFC

@roccojd_: Sadly its time to go. It’s such a shame to think that it could of gone further with him taking us up and being 5 mins away from safety in the championship despite everything else going on in the club at the time. What a man Thank you! Bowyer had a dream. ❤️ #cafc

@L_Greenway: Thanks for the memories, Lee. Brought the club together and then kept it together through the darkest of days and that will never be forgotten. Neither will Wembley #cafc

@RealSpikeMartin: Such a shame about Bowyer, to be where we are with the amount of uncertainty surrounding the club is an achievement in of itself. Was really Charlton through and through, will miss him. #CAFC

@Robbo_BCFC: Bowyer & Craig Gardner on the touch line all we need now is Barry Ferguson and our best midfield at the club will all be retired and stood on the touch line

@monkeyH78: Lee Bowyer. 4-4-fucking-2. In the mixer. Big man. Back stick. Blues are back baby. #zw4lyf

@_PeterVarney: Bowyer is a victim of ownership issues that plagued the club before Sandgaard arrived. Building a squad for next season has to happen now to get top picks. By April 2011 we had most of the 2011/12 squad in place, ready for the transfer window to open – that has to happen again.

@TelMc1: Good luck Lee. You held it all together when we in chaos & still gave us THAT day at Wembley & some great times following our Club. There are managers out there that would give anything for your win ratio! Over to you @SandgaardThomas You’ve done everything right so far #cafc

@Firebrill: Thanks for everything Lee, your loyalty at our lowest point will never be forgotten. We will always have that day at Wembley. I wish you all the best for the future.

@joesimps84: Thanks for the memories. Will obviously always be welcomed back at The Valley. Good luck.
We need to get the next managerial appointment right.. although- Can he just resign? We must surely get some compensation?!?!

@BigJc022: I’ve moaned about him but it’s only when he leaves it’s when it hurts

@ToweringZigic: Also, I don’t actually think this squad needs a tactical genius. There are some good players there. They just need someone who isn’t going to actively hinder them like Karanka did. He honestly held them all back so much. Our attackers might actually do some attacking now #bcfc

@samwt1991: the carling cup anniversary it’s obvious he feels something for the club. Give him a chance!! #bcfc #kro

@Kulas1998: If Dong stays and Bowyer comes in, first order of business is to take that trophy out of Dong’s office and get it in the office of a guy who actually had something to do with us winning it. #BCFC

@BcfcLegion: Imagine forcing the squad to come to your Birthday party in a Pandemic, for the manager to then get notified he was sacked at the event, and you still have to throw glowing praise at him. Only Dong. Get him out. #BCFC

@KCBlues_: Lee Bowyer with Robbo as assistant, that’s something I can get behind #bcfc

@GOWoodward: Not sure anyone can save Blues from the drop at this point but Bowyer knows the club and was a player that our players probably respect. It’s a free hit until next season as he won’t shoulder any blame if we go down and if we improve or stay up then he’s an instant hero #BCFC

@RunJamieHarper: Hope the media team are making some epic feature film and this is why the announcements have been delayed.. should get that van from Saturday and drive around Northfield blasting the Tamperer out the windows #bcfc

@ItsTaless: Lee bowyer & Craig Gardner in the dugout just need Barry Ferguson & zigic now #BCFC

@Karl_KingCAFC: Upsetting day this, we have to move forward from this and become what we once were, thank you Lee

@GkDevelopment1: Bows did a great job under different & difficult circumstances some good memories he moves on things can’t just stand still TS has a club to run we must get the right person if we can get him Wilder is the best candidate out there keep Jacko 100% #COYR

@cafc95: The time was probably right for both parties, but will never forget what this man has done for us after everything on and off the pitch and to take us to Wembley a day I’ll never forget. Thank you so much lee and best of luck at Birmingham.

@JDMeakin_: Really good feeling about Bowyer, get Rowett vibes about it, understand it might not have the short term sure fix like a pulis esque appointment might have, but believe it has more chance of being better long term, only so often you can keep getting short term fixes in #BCFC

@GameStarterMan: I don’t think Bowyer is the right appointment but I am gonna support him for these next 10 games and see where he gets us. Not even about staying up for me. It’s about going to try and win #bcfc

@Richard_14: I tell you what we can do a lot worse than Lee bowyer right now I beg he brings in big zig as well so I can hear him say “like a light bulb” again #BCFC

@IMRMEZZI: If Bowyer can get Leko to pass to another blues player then he will have worked miracles already #bcfc

@GreggCollett: I’m really happy with the Bowyer appointment if it goes ahead – he has the attributes Karanka didn’t to help build a connection with the fans & players. Someone able to give the club a lift, who knows what the club is about, is our best chance at staying up IMO #bcfc

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