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Charlton fans mock Michael Appleton’s comments in response to chants aimed at him

Charlton fans take to mock Michael Appleton’s comments in response to a number of chants which were aimed at him in defeat against Burton.

The Brewers picked up all three points with goals coming from Mark Helm and John Brayford to hand Martin Paterson his first win as their boss against the struggling Addicks at the Pirelli Stadium on Saturday.

Burton currently sit 15th in League One with 31 points from 28 games played while Charlton are a place below them in 16th going into Tuesday night’s game, with 30 points from 27 games played, 7 points above the drop zone.

And those in the away end made their feelings known having seen their side taken just seven points from their last 10 games.

“There’s a little bit of frustration in there because of how well we played in the first half and the numerous opportunities we created,” Michael Appleton said to CharltonTV after the game.

“The timing of the goal in the second half, and the way the goal came about, was a sucker punch and really took the sting out of us.

“The biggest issue was we stopped passing the ball forward in the second half. That comes down to character and responsibility. There were too many players in the group who had opportunities to pass the ball forward – we’ve got two strikers in there, two willing runners – but turned those opportunities down.

“It looked far too comfortable for them to see the game out in the second half than what I would have liked.

“From a defensive point of view, I think you’ve got to try and make the goal smaller, not bigger. In those moments, first and foremost, we’ve got to be braver when we engage.

“That caused us an issue against Peterborough. We spoke about it, about making the goal as small as you can to give Ash the best opportunity and angle to make a save. To get done on it again today was a big disappointment.

“The reality is, when you get a result like we have today, it’s okay saying it’d be nice to have a week on the training pitch but for me personally – and I fully hope and expect that the players have got the same attitude – Tuesday can’t come quick enough.”

Rumours emerged on Sunday that Appleton was getting the sack, only for that to be shut down and he took to his seat as usual for the press conference ahead of the midweek game against the Cobblers.

Regarding speculation he was axed, Appleton said, per londonnewsonline.co.uk: “I can’t comment on speculation but in terms of conversations with myself then unfortunately I’m probably going to disappoint a few that those conversations haven’t taken place.

“No (there has been no conversations in the last 48 hours). After the game, whether it be Saturday evening or Sunday morning, myself and Andy (Scott, technical director) speak – as we do every single week and after every single game.

“There is a disappointment that we’re on the run we’re on at the minute and clearly, between us, we know we want to improve that and make sure it changes very, very quickly.

“I’ve been in the game a long, long time. I know if that doesn’t change very, very quickly then I know what the outcome will be. But as far as discussions that are supposed to have taken place, I can’t really comment on that because they haven’t really happened.”

Asked what will happen after the game against Northampton, timetable etc, he responded: “No, no…but I think from a personal point of view, the reality is the longer the situation goes on without winning a game of football that does come with the job.

“It’s not my first rodeo. I’ve been here before, in difficult positions before, I understand the job and the role – the fact if you’re not winning games on a regular basis then your job is up for threat.

“I’m just trying to focus on tomorrow really, making sure the players are in a good frame of mind. It will be a difficult game. If we get a performance at the start of the game similar to what we did on Saturday in that first period, a little bit more clinical in our execution, we give ourselves a great chance of picking three points up.

“You always want patience and time as a manager but it’s not something managers get in this day and age. The only way we’re going to get time moving forward is by picking up a few results. If we do that I think you’ll see a natural progression and the team get better, win games on a regular basis. If that doesn’t happen then clearly we know what happens.”

His side will be in front of fragile crowd at The Valley on Tuesday night, with much of the fanbase concerned about the club potentially falling into a relegation battle if form continues in this way.

Appleton said when asked about what the players’ responsibilities are?: “Just channel all their thoughts and energy into the game itself. Make sure we’re respectful and that we know the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, which we do. Make sure we concentrate on trying to win the game itself and everything else that goes on – make sure it’s outside of what we can control. Make sure what we can control is what’s going on on the pitch. Hopefully we show the qualities that I know we’re capable of doing.”

On the response from the crowd and if the two can work and feed off each other?: “It’s always a factor, in any game. Whether you are in good spells or bad spells, the reality is that the more the crowd and supporters get behind the team, the better chance you’ve got of winning. If it goes the other way, the more chance you’ve got you’re gonna lose the game. That is a fact – it doesn’t matter what club you’re at.

“From our point of view we want to set the tone. Our second half performance against Peterborough was on the front foot and we played the majority of the game in their half of the pitch. If we can get more of that from the start tomorrow [Tuesday], what that will do is get people right behind us.”

On his future should they continue to fail picking up much needed points: “I’ve never been in that position before where I have walked away or quit from something in my life. I’ve had a few challenges in my life – I’ve had cancer and an injury that cost me my career at the age of 22. I’ve never stepped away or taken a step back from anything.

“I won’t on this occasion.

“The harder it gets sometimes, the sweeter it can taste on the other side.

“That has always been the challenge of any manager, that when you are going through a tough period you have got to try and find a way of changing that and pulling it around. That’s the challenge I face at the minute.

“There has been a lot of stuff which has been said, at the minute, which doesn’t belong in the game – a lot of personal stuff. I find it hard to believe that they would say that to my face, because it might be a different scenario.”

On facing criticism: “The only way I can is by trying to win the game. There is no other way to respond. I know from a professional point of view, from a work ethic point of view and a commitment point of view that these players get prepared as good as anybody at this level – if not above. When they cross the line I put my trust in them to get the job done. If they do it on a regular basis – fantastic. If they don’t then we all know the consequences.

“I’m a firm believer, and maybe I’m too honest at times and that is my downfall, that there is absolutely nothing I can do to change people’s mentality other than win games of football.

“We’re all different. We’ve all got different personalities and we all act differently. I’m not a performing seal on the sideline. I’ve managed nearly 500 games as a manager in a certain way – I’ve had a lot of success along the way. If I start changing now, for me, that is not being myself – it’s acting.”

Now this is the part that really has caught the attention of fans, who were heard singing ‘get your hands out of your jacket’ in the game against Burton.

When asked if showing passion is projecting an image, Appleton responded: “Trust me…it’s acting. The modern day coach is all acting. Hardly any of them are being themselves. What you will get from me is honesty and humility.”

On if he’s still enjoying being the head coach of Charlton, he said: “Yeah. The best and most brilliant thing about being a head coach or manager is when you get the opportunity – it’s almost like therapy at times when you aren’t going through a particularly good spell or you lose a game at the weekend and the next time you’re in training…it’s that moment when you’re back around your coaches, staff and players – on the grass – that’s what we all sort of live for.

“It’s the hope that kills us. Once that game is done we can reflect and look back at the game but you’re thinking ahead all the time. There is almost an excitement, looking forward to the next game. That is where I’ve been through this six or seven weeks. As frustrated as I may get at times, the reality is that once you get back into work that thing that is inside you comes alive again.”

You can read his press conference comments in full HERE.

As mentioned, Charlton fans mock Michael Appleton’s comments in response to chants aimed at him…

@CafcFacts: Northampton know if they go a goal up tomorrow night the atmosphere will turn very quickly. A straight forward team talk for Jon Brady. Go at them from the kick off #cafc

@jpuddifoot: The owners must see this is untenable. They have spent a small fortune for a manager who must go. They are destroying the good will earned this window. Just like a politician in a scandal, he will go, but it will be too late and there will be collateral damage. #cafc

@patrickmason007: How have we ended up with a gaffer offering out fights 🤦‍♂️

@Dan_Crawford: @CAFCofficial happy that a manager is calling out fans? Nice. 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 Good luck trying to build up crowds with that attitude and steaming crap he is serving up #cafc

@PaulField89: So many ridiculous quotes offered from Micky Apples here. Great when a head coach offers out the fans of the team he’s “coaching”. He’s a chancer as much as Southall was, waiting for that payday. Will never be the right man for the job. Tomorrow will be toxic #cafc

@AlstonCall56923: Nothing says I have the board’s backing like seemingly threatening to have a scrap with fans… good grief, how absolutely embarrassing #cafc

@Giants0078: The last time i saw a manager get this kind of abuse it was Pardew, not sure even Karel Freaye got this amount of stick. A loss or draw and he’s gone. The fan base have turned toxic, and that means it’s only a matter of time. #cafc

@alfcj03: what a truly bizarre situation this has become with Appleton, he knows what all us fans have said about him and the disconnect is so massive…. yet he’s still managing the club. tomorrows game is gonna be interesting 😂 #cafc

@lewis_cafc05: With the run off games we’ve got coming up #cafc I’m generally now concerned I think we may be fucked

@Niall__Brennan: If the fan base didn’t want him out, they definitely do now. What a clown #cafc

@SteveK157DFC: MA has hammered in his last #CAFC manager’s career nail in the coffin with that interview today. PR-wise he can never recover from offering out the fans and the “acting” comments. It’s like Katrien Meire and the customers comment all over again.

@Kingston3468: It would appear Appleton is offering out supporters who criticise him to his face, might get interesting tomorrow night then #cafc #appletonout Mr Charisma has to go @CAFCofficial

@KDSouthLDN: Don’t embarrass yourself tomorrow night and clap Appleton, he don’t give two fucks about you, and he doesn’t deserve our support. #cafc

@_John_Hickey_: Win, lose, or draw tomorrow, we still want Appleton 🍎 gone. I think our next protest will involve apples 🍎 being thrown at the dugout… if the owners aren’t careful. #APPLETONOUT #cafc

@simonemmett_gb: Appleton’s interview is just evidence that he wants to be sacked for the pay off. Never wanted him in the first place #cafc

@TheCharltonWay: Mate, you’re not performing at all…. The most passion you have shown is offering fans for a fight now. Dickhead. #cafc

@glendowdall: Not a fucking chance of me turning up tomorrow to watch my team led by that soulless prick. Not wasting anymore time on him. Get him out. Inevitable defeat incoming. #cafc

@Uta1450526: Get the loo roll out #cafc

@cafcBrownsJFT97: Appleton claiming he’s not been given time? He’s had 20-plus league games. And as for essentially offering fans outside?! I mean, any excuse to get your guns out, but to go on the record with that? Great look. Good luck comms team.🙄#cafc

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