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Charlton and Northampton take issue with referee’s decisions including wrong player sent off

Charlton and Northampton take issue with the referee’s decisions including a wrong player sent off and a player deemed to have dived.

Northampton should have had a penalty, but instead the decision went against them with the referee instead booking Kieron Bowie.

Northampton uploaded footage of it to their Twitter and said: “🟨 The yellow card shown to Kieron Bowie last night”

Charlton’s Tayo Edun also got a second yellow yet won the ball, he said: “I want to apologise to you guys for the sending off, very frustrating although I don’t agree with the decision.

“We’ll all continue to fight and compete for the rest of the season, stick with us ❤️”

Aaron McGowan 20 og
Tennai Watson 45

Tyreece Simpson 7
Sam Hoskins 22
Louis Appere 90

Attendance: 10,943 (667 Cobblers fans)

Charlton: Ashley Maynard-Brewer, Lloyd Jones (sub Terell Thomas 46), George Dobson, Alfie May, Freddie Ladapo, Tayo Edun, Tennai Watson (sub Tyreece Campbell 76), Macauley Gillesphey, Tyreeq Bakinson, Conor Coventry (sub Lewis Fiorini 76), Rarmani Edmonds-Green
Subs not used: Harry Isted, Lucas Ness, Louie Watson, Daniel Kanu

Cobblers: Lee Burge, Aaron McGowan, Jordan Willis (sub Manny Monthe 52), Jon Guthrie, Patrick Brough, Shaun McWilliams (sub Will Hondermarck 77), Marc Leonard, Sam Hoskins, Kieron Bowie, Mitch Pinnock, Tyreece Simpson (sub Louis Appere 62)
Subs not used: Louie Moulden, Harvey Lintott, Max Dyche, Tony Springett

Referee: Paul Howard

Charlton: Tayo Edun (32), Freddie Ladapo (58), Tyreeq Bakinson (69), Conor Coventry (71)
Cobblers: Sam Hoskins (25), Kieron Bowie (89)

Sent off:
Charlton: Tayo Edun (86)
Cobblers:  none

Interviewer: What a way to win it right at the end, fantastic moment for you what did you make of that?

Brady: Yeah look I thought we started well and then obviously the game was very transitional, and a lot of turnovers, lot of sloppy passes, but look overall just to come here and you know get a win is yeah it’s a good feeling

Interviewer: Like you said you had a good start but you’re playing against a team I know we’re struggling at the moment but we saw the level of quality that they’ve got and any sloppiness that was punished wasn’t it he went ahead twice in the first half and pegged back as well

Brady: Yeah look I don’t want to be too negative about this but we got to be better on the ball we turned a lot over in midfield and then it allowed them to to go on the counter attack and we left ourselves pretty open at times on that and obviously you know that’s how the the two goals came about second half we had to change shape a little bit and you know we got pegged back but we showed great resilience and and that’s we we showed probably in the first 20 minutes a really good positive side to us, we showed uh a resilient strong side to us you know Burgey came to the fore, Aaron McGowen he’s saved on the line but you know overall like in the end we you know we should have a penalty and you know so you know in effect that could be could be 4 to so but overall look to get the wins the real pleasing thing and the way the lads you know really fought and dug in was exceptional

Interviewer: And the quality of the goals all really good finishes Tyrese Simpson keeping his head to score the first nice finishes then from Sam Hoskins and right at the death from Appéré

Brady: Yeah absolutely like we we felt they’re a bit open as a back three and on transition we you know early on we wanted to run through their backline and Tyrese did that in the first one and exemplary finish and then obviously early crosses on transitions behind the back of him because they’re quite open and and Sam finishes it brilliantly and then you know Mitch to to drive through and a bit of skill he did and the composure to slipped Louie in and Lou to slaughter it in the the near corner you know was uh was great and I’m really pleased for Louie because you know he’s fought back from injury and he’s been struggling but um hopefully that boost his confidence

Interviewer: And not long before the winning goal the save from Lee Burge to deny Alfie May was unbelievably good, away to his left

Brady: Yeah look great save from Burge and I must say the one before that where you know for your lucks in a little bit tonight you know you got to be honest where Aaron well that’s not luck what he did it’s instinct to save it on the line and then it but might be a bit of luck where it pops up and Burgie just catches it and then you breath a sigh of relief so that you know it’s good feeling to get three points

Interviewer: Yeah had to ride a little bit of storm at one point at sides of real quality in the division that’s going to happen but as a manager it’s not the first time this season that your sides won it late on created chances after 90 minutes has ticked over and that that must be a great feeling to have that trust in your side that they’ll play all the way to 97, 98, 99 minutes and get results out that too

Brady: We’ve done that over the last two or three years you’ve seen that the guys never give in they show great resilience they keep working right to the very end and the amount of late goals the amount of late points we got late on in games I think we’d be right out there with a lot of teams in in this league so look it sometimes it you know it’s a grandstand finish isn’t it sometimes but you don’t always want it that way but I’ll take it today

Interviewer: You’re up to 40 points now with a victory heard tonight have a little look up towards those playoff places John or is it all about getting to the points tell you need to stay up…

Brady: Look let’s not get carried away you know yeah take the three points tonight but we’ve still got a long way to go

There was no interview from now ex-Charlton boss Michael Appleton after he was sacked 30 minuted after the game finished. See more on that HERE.

This is how fans reacted as Charlton and Northampton take issue with the referee’s decisions including a wrong player sent off…


@cafctom_: No need to apologize tayo was an absolute joke of a decision. Keep your head up lad.

@IanRobb84: Seen the replay and you have nothing to apologise for. If anything it was a red card for the other guy.

@danbashamCAFC: Why apologise for a decent tackle. EFL should be apologising. You’re not the problem. We are all behind the players. Fresh start from now starting with Blackpool. 💪🏼

@TelMc1: No need to apologise Tayo. Dreadful decision & you’re so lucky you weren’t badly injured yourself. I hope you know we’re all behind the players. Whatever’s happened with manager doesn’t reflect on you guys. Hope that was clear with the response after the game. Stay strong 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@RonnytheT: Apology not needed! Clearly the foul was on you and borderline the Northampton player could have seen red card. Officials in this league not really up to the task as there should have also been penalties at both ends but they got them wrong too! VAR would sort that! #cafc

@Stew2205: Cobblers fan here and I have to agree, it was a shocking decision. This and then penalty call were unbelievably bad

@ashleyh19861: As a Northampton fan at the game last night the officials definitely got it wrong, just a shame that it was a second yellow and not a red otherwise you’d definitely get it rescinded

@PcPresenter: Straight red to the Cobblers player. He stayed down knowing he fouled and hoping you’d get booked. Decisions like these you should be able to appeal but can’t. Shocking refereeing standards #cafc

@soverncomfort: honestly mate. You did nothing wrong. Ref had an absolute mare with that decision. There is too much quality there to be in this position Tayo. Keep fighting mate and all stick together. I’m sure it’ll come.

@naggerpagger: I’m watching that as a Cobblers fan and can’t see what on earth you have been penalised for. Terrible ref who won’t have any comeback and as it’s a second yellow I imagine you’ll have no right to appeal.

@stevejones4497: Seen the replay of it, nothing wrong with the challenge mate. Keep fighting was superb up until that point.

@Joe_Cafc: Never a red, but this has to be a turning point in our season. This is the opportunity to get the fans back on side.

@BigBadBraz: Na Tayo it isn’t your fault, poor ref. You put in 100% today and that’s all we ask for as fans most of the time. Honest challenge for the ball and the ref got it wrong

@MynameisNadia__: Ref got it wrong from every angle!

@ValleyFloydFred: Tayo you should not apologise, you should never have got a second yellow. Chin up! ♥️🤍


@CoastMagEd: I’ve been watching football for 50+ years and that was easily the worst decision I have ever seen. The authorities need to step in and sanction the ref for it. Thank goodness we got that 3rd goal otherwise me and the other Cobbs fans in the ground would have felt utterly cheated.

@PaulEyre17: Pathetic decision penalty all day long couldn’t believe it when he booked Kieron 😖 but we certainly got away with the sending off seeing it again it was a red for Aaron IF anyone not the Charlton player. After the Crawley red last year for Aaron definitely deserved a break ☺️

@nodgers: Appalling decision 🤦‍♂️

@OakalyDokaly: Awful decision! 😂.

@GaelicRoadSign: That’s a total disgrace.

@JRFM_CAFC: Definitely a pen. That ref was shocking all night. The @TayoEdun second yellow too was in no way a red. The dive that cobbler took… Appleton would’ve been proud of the acting. #cafc

@MikeFuller_: The irony here that last time we played at @CAFCofficial the @EFL sent an apology for a dodgy penalty that cost us a point, and if it wasn’t for the late winner they could have been apologising for one that wasn’t given here… oh, and it happens to be the same ref too!! 🤔

@alexandercamm1: 😂😂😂 Christ

@oaks_buck7: They get better and better 😂🤥

@Sullyntfc: The state of lower league officials 😅 anyway up the shoes 👞

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