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Charlie Austin in ‘shithouse’ celebration prior Andre Gray’s goal of the season contender

Charlie Austin earned praise in his ‘shithouse’ celebration prior Andre Gray’s goal of the season contender to help QPR beat Derby.

A stunning 90th-minute finish from substitute Andre Gray took Mark Warburton’s side up to third in the Championship with a big victory over Wayne Rooney’s side.

Gray was applauded after his goal saw him turn his back to goal and whacked a powerful right foot at the ball, for it to hit the back of the net leaving Rams goalkeeper Kelle Roos rooted to the spot.

Tom Lawrence had put Derby in front on the 10th minute before Chris Willock’s volley brought the R’s level five minutes into the second half.

Ilias Chair and Yoann Barbet were notable players to have wasted some excellent chances to put QPR in front, but up came Gray with wonderful volley, after Chair’s header had rebounded to him off the post.

The win takes them up to third, seven points behind second-placed Bournemouth. Derby however stay bottom with one point, 19 from safety following their combined 21-point deduction for breaches of EFL accounting rules and going into administration.

Charlie Austin is always one to show his emotion both on and off the pitch and on this occasion, he couldn’t help himself after QPR had made it 1-1.

The former Premier League striker played a big part in getting the equaliser, collecting the ball on the break before then sending it Willock’s way at the back post.

Austin took advantage of mocking those in the home stand nearest him, whilst also looking at a Sky Sports camera and after celebrating with his team-mates, and mimed a crying baby with a big smile on his face – just like Mbappe did a few years back.

Then Andre Gray produced a one of the most stunning moments of the season, scoring a last-minute winner to end what had been a great clash.

The 30-year-old, who is trying to get his career back on track, impeccably controlled the ball with his knee before setting himself up.

He then hit a beautiful volley into the back of the net, and forget the rubbish commentary when watching this back.


QPR manager Mark Warburton told BBC London 94.9: “We let ourselves down in the first half with a soft goal and what we had to do was step it up in the second half, and we did that.

“The finishes showed quality. The equaliser was a good quality goal and Andre’s reaction and the quality was outstanding.

“We had absolute respect for Derby who had a big result against Bournemouth and kept a clean sheet against Fulham. We had to meet a stern challenge tonight and I think we did that. All credit to them.”

Derby manager Wayne Rooney told BBC Radio Derby: “We started very well even before we scored, on the front foot.

“We scored the goal and we dropped back too quickly, didn’t get the press right like we worked on.

“I said to the lads at half-time the warning signs are there, we had to wake up, we had to be better. We were giving the ball away too easily.

“It’s a tough one to take but I think we got what we deserved.”

Twitter users reaction with Charlie Austin in a ‘shithouse’ celebration prior Andre Gray’s goal of the season contender…


@JackElliott: Charlie Austin. A man of the people. Thatcham Town hero

@TLummo: Can’t lie Charlie Austin has got our fan base completely on strings you’ve got to respect the shithouse #dcfc #dcfcfans

@SCFC_Rhys2: Acting like he scored the goal, embarrassing 😂

@babygilsenan: Charlie Austin is literally the greatest human of all time

@BVJ36: charlie austin giving it the big un to the family stand. proper gimp. career ending injury needed

@27LWab: Fucking love charlie austin the big shithouse. How any QPR fan slags him off is beyond me

@dean_fry9: @chazaustin10 you sir you are my hero 😂

@IsaacHanlon_3: Still can’t get my head around Andre Gray ripping his shirt off and Charlie Austin doing a crying celebration against a team with 1 point that they spent 50 minutes losing to..

@jobe_stainton19: You love to see it 😂


@PositiveQPR: that is the deadest commentary I’ve ever heard, for a 90 minute goal of the season contender winner

@bruhcodes_: my great nan could’ve been more excited for that goal and she’s been dead for 4 years

@AdamPease12: Brilliant goal, the commentary was terrible though, they didn’t really react to a goal like that, contention for goal of the season for the championship 100%!

@NicholarseEden: Commentators shocking. Unreal last minute goal and he goes on like it’s a 6th goal for Man City against Fleetwood.

@_HarrySalmon: Would like to see what sort of goal would get this commentator excited

@KubeWhelan: Oh now he remembers how to fucking score

@CharlieBrett13: I know sky hate us but come on- A 90th minute screamer deserves a bit more excitement than that

@DazWareham: Pure filth. You won’t see a better technical goal all season. Pure skill, quick thinking and definitely top 3 goals of the season come the end. The Rs are going up. It’s our year. Top 2.

@olliejcoe: L commentator, that was a world class goal

@kanyethecreated: dead commentary what the fuck was that, more atmosphere at a funeral

@qprko_r: Look at what it means to the lads we have some togetherness in our squad! And the fans are class once again

@KebabGazz: If Messi scored that goal it would be called the best goal of the season. That was a world class goal, well done Andre!!

@qprstephen: Going to watch this on loop all night.

@ChrisAllum1: To see that togetherness among the players means everything to me as a fan. We’ve had our fair share of mercenaries bleeding us dry but now we have a group of players giving everything for the shirt..just love it..!!

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