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Grimsby player sent off for headbutting own team-mate

There was plenty of chaos at Grimsby Town with a player of theirs sent off for headbutting his own team-mate during Saturday’s game.

Grimsby Town footballer Stefan Payne headbutted his own team-mate Filipe Morais during their League Two clash at Bradford City.

The pair could be heard shouting at each other as their team trailed 1-0 thanks to a Paudie O’Connor strike.

After referee James Bell blew for half-time, Payne made his way towards Morais as all the players were heading inside.

A brief argument took place on the pitch before Payne swung his head towards his team-mate as can be seen in the video below…

It is unclear of any contact was made but it was directly in the view of the referee, who followed them into the dressing room.

Bradford tweeted: “A truly bizarre end to the first half. Stefan Payne headbutts Grimsby team-mate Filipe Morais following an argument.

“Referee James Bell follows Payne into the dressing room and dismisses him. Crazy.”

An angry Paul Hurst slammed the Grimsby Town pair, saying: “I’m angry. Stef might be the one that’s done it, but the pair of them have let the club down, and everyone connected to us.

“They made the task more difficult than it needed to be.

“I turned away, I saw that they were having a little disagreement which is normal, but it obviously went a lot further than that.

“I turned and saw that the referee had given the red card, and someone said he’d been sent off.

“Your mind is then – very quickly – trying to contemplate what to do next in terms of the shape, the team, and how we try and get back in the game.

“They basically let everyone down, and quite frankly it’s embarrassing.”

Asked whether Payne would play for the club again, Hurst responded: “It’ll be dealt with. That’s all I can say.”

If only Grimsby had listened to Bradford boss Conor Sellars before the game as he called on his team to be mindful around referees.

“You look back at all the fouls and some may be a little bit soft,” he told the Telegraph and Argus.

“But players have got to recognise when it’s the right moment to intercept, block a pass or make contact on an opponent.

“We can’t control the decisions the referees make. We’ve got to start better but also be a little bit more street-wise to ‘feel’ out the referee and see if he’s one that gives fouls for slight contact or is maybe pretty lenient.

“I just think the refs have got to be strong with what they see and not get interfered with by people shouting and players appealing.

“They’ve got to make sure the decisions are right and sometimes, when there is a foul, maybe let play go on rather than whistling straight away.

“But we can’t hold our frustrations with the referee. It’s hard if decisions are going against you but you’ve got to quickly respond and defend the free-kick or corner that’s been given.”

Bradford’s Anthony O’Connor netted the winner with a left-footed shot from close range three minutes before the break.

Grimsby remain at the foot of the League Two table, seven points off safety.

Fans reacted after seeing that the Grimsby player was sent off for headbutting his own team-mate…

@TheCloneOfAlex: This football club is an omnishambles from top to bottom. We’re going down. Hopefully the takeover happens and we can move ahead together. Stefan Payne needs arresting for assault #GTFC

@FrankPargeter: Stefan Payne Set To Have Contract Terminated #bcafc #GTFC

@jonnybrick: 92nd in the Football League always does something to your psyche.

@willotrfc: one of the biggest frauds going him.

@DANBROC0: If Stefan Payne still has a contract with this club on Monday something is wrong

@gtfc_hurton: Is it safe to assume @officialgtfc that Payne will be sacked after this? Kinda hoping he is if I’m honest.

@Bantam0045: In any other job he’d be out of the door for gross misconduct. Sad to see this happen today especially as I’m genuinely hoping the Mariners avoid dropping out of the league.

@Artist125C: Good job fans aren’t there especially children to witness such unacceptable behaviour… wrong !

@bcafcwin: Kids in the Bradford end would be screaming at Morais to deck him! #BCAFC

@lfrfireofficer: He can walk home and never play for Grimsby again. Absolutely unforgivable. 🤬🤬🤬

@HodgyGTFC: This is about as embarrassing as it has got as a club. Fitting that it’s Fentys last hurrah.

@BenGTFCBell: Ridiculous. We’re fighting for survival and he goes and does something like that, utterly ridiculous

@FreddieNeedham8: You fucking tell him Sam, get all the boys back on the bus and leave him there

@AshleySpink: He will never put that top on again. EVER!

@gringo_mariner: He should have gone the other week for clapping the ref after getting a card, too. Absolute liability and shown nothing to suggest he should be in the team.

@tom_danby16: The most Stefan Payne moment ever.

@Pearsey1970: In a relegation fight and get sent off for headbutting a team mate. Unforgiveable!. Should be severely punished by the club for letting down them and team mates

@darrell_ben: Bloke is stealing a living even being a professional footballer hope Grimsby do the right thing and release him come end of the season

@oshea2707: Should never be seen in a town shirt again. The ball from Morais wasnt that bad, and Payne’s reaction to stop his run complain and then headbutt Morais is disgusting.

@HertsGTFC: Payne should have his contract terminated. On a brighter note the takeover is on and the proposed “B Corps” structure will take us forward into a true community club where we’ll come back stronger regardless of which division we play in next season. UTM !!

@burkeybcfc: Go on Morais lad. City through and through

@MightyChicken3: League 2 > Premier League

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