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Chansiri slams Paul Cook as another worrying Sheffield Wednesday update emerges

Club owner Dejphon Chansiri slams Paul Cook as yet another very worrying Sheffield Wednesday update emerges in what’s been a bleak week.

More details coming out overnight on Friday only went and disappointed and infuriated the Owls fanbase, and it’s weren’t just about the search for a new manager.

The Championship club’s owner has criticised claims that Paul Cook was offered the job, before then calling the former Wigan Athletic boss unprofessional, Yorkshire Post report.

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Cook had been a leading contender for the job and for weeks has been the number one choice with fans to takeover and replace the already departed Tony Pulis.

Speaking to talkSPORT in January, Cook claimed he applied for the Owls job three months ago and had held talks over the position this time around.

The Athletic this past week went further and said Cook turned down a deal to manage Wednesday until the end of the current season as he wanted a long-term project.

Chansiri, however, has refuted those claims while criticising Cook.

“I have never talked with Paul Cook. I think he is a good coach. My colleagues have told me that Paul Cook has been interviewed and was offered a short term contract. It is not true. I think the way he has done things is unprofessional. How can I trust and believe someone who is unprofessional and then call them to interview? If you want me to interview, you can do it the correct way but that does not mean to say it outside,” Chansiri explained.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Cook has a wide range of experience having enjoyed promotion to the Championship with Wigan Athletic, before keeping the Latics up in the 2018/19 campaign.

Wigan also would have finished in 13th place last season had it not been for a late 12-point penalty, which ultimately sent the club down and cause Cook’s resignation from the DW Stadium.

Sheffield Wednesday are in danger of heading back to League One, sitting second bottom in the table, are the joint-lowest scorers and six points from safety.

Chansiri isn’t in any rush to bring in a new manager, which will be another blow considering they have been managerless from most of the January transfer window.

Caretaker boss Neil Thompson looks set to remain in charge for the short-term, though it wouldn’t be surprising if he remains until the end of the season.

Well the other very worrying update emerging at Sheffield Wednesday as Chansiri slams Paul Cook, is that the players haven’t been paid again.

The club’s financial issues have been well-publicised over the last few months, and it was reported that the players didn’t receive their wages for December on time, and now the same has happened for January.

Players in the squad who earn £7,000 a week or less will have been paid in full, but those who are on more than that figure each week won’t have been given the full amount.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

The Professional Footballers Association were contacted after the situation arose last month, and with the update claiming the payments will be made in the future, it remains to be seen if they will get involved this time.

Fans once again reacted as Chansiri slams Paul Cook with yet another very worrying Sheffield Wednesday update emerging…

@AshFinney1: With every single interview Chansiri does he somehow manages to dig the hole even deeper and push even more fans away from trusting him… he and Paxiao will be the death of our historic club and it’s absolutely gutting to see

@LifeIsPeachy82: We are as good as down. Chansiri slowly killing this club one step at a time.

@CeeJayMilner: Bit “unprofessional” that IMO

@_dAveFletcher_: Explains why they only turn up for part of the game.

@GoalShort: Getting relegated is actually the least of our worries I feel.

@SteveLocklin: I think DC is losing the plot.

@badendido: When does this guy ever tell the truth it’s always other bloke lying. When will he realise he’s killing the club

@therealbirchy: Fucking hell…Chansiri talking about trust!? I’ve heard it all now.

@mario_owl: Whether fans believe him or not the facts don’t lie – we are adrift in the relegation zone, no manager, transfer window almost closed. The buck stops with him.

@SwfcFan12: So Chansiri is now coming out denying everything & giving his own story on it. What the hell is going on?. Chansiri won’t admit to anything will he? Everything is someone’s fault.

@TheBartman277: Paul Cook told nothing but the truth, Chansiri spits his dummy out and brands him unprofessional. Pot kettle springs to mind. No manager worth their salt will want to work for this loon. This club will die with DC at the helm. Sell up and leave for the good of Sheffield Wednesday

@tsav1867: Why would players out of contract want to re sign if this keeps happening? Pandemic or not, I feel this would be the case in normal times as Chansiri famously said that fans barely contribute to any of the clubs income anyway #swfc #chansiriout

@GeoffSWFC: Chansiri having the nerve to call someone unprofessional 😂😂😂 What a bizarre little man #swfc

7pm: Chansiri: “Paul Cook is unprofessional”
9pm: @YesWeCrann: “Sheffield Wednesday players not paid again”

@SWFC1867_Polls: If you look up professionalism in the dictionary its just a picture of Chansiri. Paying players late, Refunds still missing, Accounts filed late, EFL sanctions, Blaming fans for lack of sponsors, Publicly ripping into past managers – All professional behaviour right?

@Jonathan_1867: Chansiri talks about Erik Alonso being unprofessional, question I’ve got is who set up the Company DTaxis? And was that a professional business decision? How did Wednesday get in the position to be given a points deduction? Was that due to being professional? #swfc

@swfcsc: Rather than get into public spats with advisors and decent unemployed managers – with 48 hours til the transfer window I’d much rather Chansiri was announcing our new gaffer – and some players who can stick t’ball in’t net and stop us getting relegated #swfc #justsaying

@nattasswfc: Can’t wait for the day Dejphon Chansiri leaves my football club. Cannot wait. Absolute poison. #swfc

@TheDazzler43: Strange Chansiri didn’t mention his inability to pay his players earlier today. how there is anyone out there who can believe a word he says, is beyond me. #swfc #fraud #chancer #charlatan #clown I’ll be completely shocked if we sign more players or a manager b4 end of window

@neilbartrop: Players #swfc not been paid in full AGAIN….. Chansiri is a joke and yes I hope you are reading this…. Killing the club.

@KivoLee: Paul Cook discussing the Wednesday job – unprofessional. Dejphon Chansiri ripping into Tony Pulis after sacking him – completely fine. How did the EFL ever pass this clown fit and proper?

@johnada75157425: Chansiri calling people unprofessional…The pot calling the kettle black! #swfc

@Owlstalk: At the same time Chansiri is having public spats with managers and advisors in the press, Sheffield Wednesday remains a club without a manager and in total freefall to relegation. Remember that

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