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Championship clubs’ best and worst possible final positions in table

What is every Championship clubs’ best and worst possible final positions? We take a look at all the probabilities from top four to relegation.

@Experimental361 (aka Ben Mayhew) and Sky Sports have come together and simulated every possible result from the remaining 92 games and calculated each club’s range of possible final league positions – in addition to probabilities for each standing.

How does it work? As mentioned by Sky, each club’s attacking and defensive strength is rated using an expected goals model, which measures the quality of chances they create and allow.

These ratings were then used to simulate the rest of the season 10,000 times to measure the probability of each club finishing in each league position.

Leeds United
– 98%  chance of automatic promotion, winners (71%) or runners-up (27%)
West Brom – 90% chance of top-two finish
Fulham and Brentford making top two (5%), playoffs (90%)

Nottingham Forest – 82%
Millwall – 33%
Preston – 28%
Cardiff – 23%
Blackburn – 15%
Swansea  -11%
Bristol City – 10%

In extreme terms, every club from 16th-placed Birmingham upward could still be crowned champions, and all teams below third-place Fulham could suffer relegation. Meanwhile, the play-off places are still open to all 24 clubs.

Luton – 92%
Barnsley -85%
Charlton – 60%
Hull – 24%
Wigan and Middlesbrough – 11%
Huddersfield – 8%

Take a look below at every Championship clubs’ best and worst possible final positions in a table…

Graphic Credit: Sky Sports

Championship clubs will return to training from Monday, with players given the option of testing if they have coronavirus from home, with external professionals taking their tests or existing medical staff within clubs.

Ahead of next week’s vote, the EFL has confirmed that 51% of Championship, League One and League Two clubs need to agree for the campaign in each division to be cancelled, if so, then the final table will be based on PPG, something that looks more likely to happen in League One.

Majority of Championship clubs want to resume the season and games could be played out in June along with the Premier League.

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