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Chairs thrown outside bar as fans turn violent in city centre after Newport v Swindon

Chairs were thrown outside a bar as fans turn violent in the city centre after the Newport County v Swindon Town fixture at the weekend.

The incident took place on Saturday the 4th of February, taking place in Newport with chairs hurled at people with members of the public taking cover and keeping out of the way of the trouble erupting.

WalesOnline were given CCTV footage showing just what happened outdoor bars and restaurants with other items being thrown.

The footage shows bar staff trying to remove outdoor furniture from those who are throwing it. Police enter trying to stop the situation.

Gwent Police superintendent Vicki Townsend said: “Officers were present on matchday to ensure the safety of everyone visiting Newport city – whether for the Newport County football game or for other activities.

“While many people enjoyed matchday responsibly, safely, and sensibly others acted irresponsibly and in an unacceptable manner.

“Following final whistle we attended a disturbance outside Bar Amber.

“No injuries or damage were reported and a man was arrested on suspicion of affray.

“We want thank everyone who visited and enjoyed themselves in a considerate and sensible manner and to remind anyone caught committing a criminal offence or acting in an anti-social way will be prosecuted.”

WalesOnline add that five arrests were made for alleged public order and assault offences.

Jody Morris’s first Swindon match ended in defeat. His 10-man Robins team lost 2-1 to Newport County.

The new head coach was shocked to see his reign in Swindon begin in a disappointing fashion. Rushian Hepburn Murray was dismissed after only 14 minutes.

Newport got the winner, with Cameron Norman leading Graham Coughlan’s team early in the second period.

Debutant Calum Kavanagh got Newport’s second, before Tomi Adeloye netted one back in stoppage.

Hepburn-Murray was dismissed following a fight with Norman in which he raised his hand towards the Newport defender.

Norman powered home from Adam Lewis’ cross before Aaron Lewis gave substitute Kavanagh, signed up on loan from Middlesbrough, a simple end.

Substitute Adeloye swept in then with his first touch to give Swindon some hope. However, Newport may have claimed a second when Omar Bogle hit it the post.

Newport remains 19th in League Two, despite their victory. Morris’ Swindon are sixth.

Newport manager Graham Coughlan:

“It’s a win. Let’s be honest, it’s been coming. We have been very good over my tenure.

“It’s just about finding that continuity – that’s a trait of League Two.

“I love winning. When they put that work-rate in and apply themselves that way, they are a force to be reckoned with.

“I am really proud of them. I am really proud of a lot of people at the football club who have helped me throughout the last four weeks bring in a couple of players to help the squad. All round it’s been a good day.”

Swindon boss Jody Morris said: “We’re obviously disappointed. When you go down to 10 men after 15 minutes and you’ve got to play 75-80 minutes of football with a man less, your game plan goes out the window and you’ve got to see how the players react.

“I was pleased with certain elements of that because it’s never easy being a man down, but I was disappointed with how we used the ball.

He said: “I don’t care that they had an extra man, there were moments when we were in possession, and we made far too many easy mistakes.

“Then the more mistakes we made, a little bit of bravery went out the team as far as showing personality and getting on the ball.

“When we went back to a three in defence, we had more options in building the play and we did that a little bit better. But we shouldn’t have to change formations to make more passes.

“There were elements that I was disappointed with, but there are a couple of things that I’ll take away as positives.”

This is what social media users said on footage of chairs being thrown outside the bar as fans turn violent in the city centre after Newport v Swindon…

@mendieGK: How embarrassing

@mitchellsingh89: I hate stereotyping and tarnishing people with the same brush. However all yesterday proved was that it was basically all 14 – 18 years creating the trouble with the odd older bloke. I saw a few older gentleman grabbing the kids and basically telling the kids enough.

@jiff1967: it doesn’t matter they all represent Our club no matter how old they are Needs stamping out

@MartinCrook1208: When people moan about allocation of tickets for away games…. This is your answer. We are just not worth the hassle and ashamed. What should have been a great Saturday has turned into a pile of embarrassing shit. I don’t mean the game…. ! Enough

@markysparky1979: Fucking morons the lot of them. I can’t think of any reason why I’d ever take my 7 year old boy to an away match with me with this bunch of bellends in attendance.

@swindonsam: Hahahaha the women moving the furniture

@TCarter66208: Did Swindon at least win the chair throwing comp? #STFC

@Mountford_14: Deserved the defeat after this and other incidents reported on Saturday. Disgraceful #STFC

@stfcjosh: Some absolute idiots about fairplay, go to football to support your team and watch the game, enjoy yourself, not to cause trouble and make others walking around the Town terrified, take a long hard look at yourself.

@DeanMcMackin: Just seen a video of swindon and Newport fans throwing chairs at eachother from about 10ft and not policeman between them 😂😂😂 looks like they all shit themselves and thought just throw stuff

@kevjm100: Proper hard men 🙄🙄🙄

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