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Chairman speaks out amid backlash as Thornaby FC vote to remove entire female section from club

Chairman Garry Morris speaks out amid backlash as the majority of the Thornaby FC board vote to remove entire female section from club.

Thornaby FC, based in the North East of England, has removed its entire female section, including teams from Under 7 to Women’s, following a committee vote led by Trevor Wing.

This decision has led to widespread criticism and calls for reconsideration, with many expressing shock and disappointment at the club.

The move has left over 100 girls without a club and has been condemned for potentially setting back the progress of women’s football.


“The committee held an emergency meeting with all concerned and discussed the whole future of the club including the events over the last 12 months and after discussions it was felt the only way to continue was without the women and running with only the men’s team as before they came to the club also with the Staffing levels very low the day to day running of the club is in doubt.”


“AND THAT’S WRAP… 🥲 Yesterday we found out that a majority on the Thornaby FC committee, led by Trevor Wing, voted to remove the entire female section from the club.

“Under 7
Under 8
Under 10
Under 11
Under 15

“This leaves over 100 girls without a club. We would like to thank all of our Coaches, Volunteers, Players, Supporters and Sponsors for their dedication over the last 3 years, you are all AMAZING 😍

“We are are all devastated to hear of the Thornaby FC decision and would like to thank the members of the club who voted to keep female football.

“Words cannot express our thanks to all who have offered their support, we cannot tell you what this means to us all.

“As a Female Section, we would like to give our personal thanks to Committee Members Gary Morris, Tony G, Phil Genery and the Men’s Management Team – Deano Brown, Carl Boyce & Dan McMaster, all of which have given unwavering support to the Women & Girls from inception.”


“In light of the recent actions taken by the board of Thornaby FC of which I am chairman, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify my thoughts at an extremely difficult time for the club and more importantly, the female players effected by these actions. The decision to withdraw support for the women’s Team is one that I do not agree with, and along with another member of the committee, voted against it at yesterday’s emergency meeting.

“I have made my feelings known to the board, have asked them to reconsider their decision, and also to consider their positions on the board as patrons and trustees of the football club.

“We are empowered by the fans of the club to make the right decisions for the future of the club, and all those who show their unwavering support to both the male and female teams of all age groups deserve better. I firmly believe this decision made yesterday does not do that,
and will be making this clear to the remaining members of the board.”

“Garry Morris, Chairman”

This is how fans reacted as the chairman speaks out amid huge backlash as Thornaby FC vote to remove the entire female section from the club…

@DawnT_89: Without grassroots football in the North East for young girls, we get no Beth Mead, no Jordan Nobbs, No Steph Houghton, no Lucy Bronze. The list goes on and on.

@adam_garrington: So what was the reason to even consider it?

@iancharris: I personally can’t wait for the law suits to start! Let us hope you have good insurance because you are going to need it.

@mattdonne_: Basically the decision had a lot more repercussions than anticipated now you want to walk it back and pretend everything is okay?

@stevemason7184: Sack the rest of the board because this is shocking from a small community that looks up to use. If this isn’t changed I think the whole board should resign

@LexaLMR: Disgusting behaviour, my daughter and her friends play football, so I know how important it is to them, if you are that bothered resign, get as far away from that place as possible

@hailnolly: Your board’s blatant misogyny has thoroughly shamed the club. What did they think would happen?

@redarmy32: Absolutely scandalous I for one will never spend another penny or support Thornaby fc again

@dcg82: As a board, reviewing the considerable amount of funding available through grants for grassroots girls football would surely be the next step if funding is an issue?

@capstick_anna: What an utter disgrace – absolutely shocking that a club would do this to its female teams !!

@kyrawfc: everyone who voted for this decision, most likely majority/all men should be so ashamed with themselves

@F1Beckie: Why only the women’s teams voted on but not the men’s equally? Smells like misogyny 🤔

@MarkBateRef: Terrible decision this

@IanAddLtd: Not even the clubs chairman thinks this was a good idea. Shambles.

@CalmDown247: #LetHerPlay

@martinimcfli: Such blatant sexism is inexcusable. Shame on you @thornaby_fc I hope the male players you favour so much refuse to play for such a cruel and discriminatory team! #letherplay

@Aidshay57: Another shocking decision for girls football. A week after the SFA decision to disband an entire age group from top-flight football. Girls in the grassroots game are cast aside as well. So much for progress. I hope the decision is overturned

@CalmDown247: Absolutely disgusting and shameful decision. EACH AND EVERY member that voted in favor should be removed because they dont deserve a place. That mind frame has NO PLACE in sports especially when the female game is growing so quickly and positively

@A_G_89: The damage is already done now, Garry. Even if the decision is reversed, the board have collectively all shown their true feelings and opinions towards the women’s game and how little they’re supported by @thornaby_fc Not good enough really, is it.

@swampy61: You deserve to be kicked out of the Northern League

@thesouthmartins: Any reason given why it was even up for a vote?

@steperrin: And if the board refuses to reconsider you’ll resign? Otherwise you’re complicit in this discriminatory and regressive decision.

@SisterWendy76: Sack the board & reinstate the women & girls teams.

@GeorgesMam_: Shame on you 😡

@SakuraAWFC: Damage is already done. The even consider it as an option let alone action it is a disgrace to women in sport everywhere. Women in sport can’t and wont be erased #LetHerPlay

@mileswithshell: So sorry to read this. The mind boggles at this unprogressive nonsense we are still having to put up with. I hope you manage to take the girls and women forward into a new club, because they deserve to have every opportunity as much as men ❤️

@GracieMcDowel17: Absolute joke that’s stuff like this we need to stick together and build up the womens game more not start to get rid of teams hopefully something gets sorted ❤️🫶

@robnik1879: Shocking decision. Completely agree with others. Form your own club. I’m sure there would be plenty willing to support. No going back from here. Onwards & Upwards. Good luck for the future.

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