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Chairman makes proposal to EFL as ‘it’s unfair’ teams are relegated from League Two

Southend United chairman Ron Martin makes a surprise proposal to the EFL as he feels ‘it’s unfair’ teams are relegated from League Two.

The Shrimpers chief has given a series of answers to various topics about the future of the club, finances, and going down to the National League.

They have lost their played in the Football League for the first time in 101 years, alongside Grimsby Town after yet another dismal season.

However Martin is unhappy relegation has been allowed from League Two and not the National League, and is now taking action. Yet we all know how this is likely to play out.

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“A proposal has been submitted to the English Football League and it will be discussed at next week’s EFL meeting,” said Martin.

“Ultimately it will be spoken about at the AGM on June 10th too.

“Grimsby and us feel that the unusual circumstances of this year should be acknowledged.

“The National League haven’t relegated but they have promoted and the way it’s pitched at the moment it’s unfair to relegate clubs from League Two.”

“We’re looking at the rules.”

Martin also stated that the proposal had been submitted by Grimsby Town with input from the Shrimpers.

Ron Martin also confirmed that he will soon be appointing a new chief executive, having not filled the role since Steve Kavanagh departed towards the end of 2016.

Martin will be holding talks with two possible candidates, including one he has already met alongside Stan Collymore.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Talking of Stan, he himself has issued another statement, saying: “Hey Guys.

“A busy day for everyone connected to your wonderful football club.

“A BBC Essex interview and a Supporters Town Hall with the Chairman to digest.

“I’ve watched both, paying particular attention to the voices of supporters, your wants, needs and insight into the club as it stands today.

“I thought there were excellent questions put to the Chairman and I think the stewardship of Paul to keep bringing everything back to the here and now was fantastic to see. Accountability and transparency make for happy organisations, so to see it in action this evening made me feel incredibly positive for you guys.

“I will be speaking to the Chairman again tomorrow on the phone, and as he said, we will be drilling down into many different things in the coming week as he decides which direction and with who he wants his team to be to walk alongside you guys into a new season.

“But I would like to make it clear that my support as clearly stated, isn’t just to the Chairman, or to you guys but to every single person involved with Southend United Football Club. So Ricky in the Academy to Craig Fagan to the players to parents of Academy kids to Patrick in Finance to Lisa and Amanda, the aim is always the same. To bring everyone together on a journey where pride, passion and unity become a hallmark of this wonderful football club.

“There is much trust to build, many lines of communication to set up and a season yet to finish with fans rightly wanting their say in any way they can, especially after losing a proud 100 year status which to many will literally feel like a bereavement. That feeling amongst the supporter base must, must be respected.

“This next 7 days will, in my opinion be the most important 7 days in the modern history of the club, so I’d ask everyone to keep calm heads, open minds and let’s see what next Thursday or Friday brings.”

Southend United fans will be ‘protesting for change’ at Roots Hall this weekend, Echo News reports.

Angry Southend fans place banners on stadium gates (November 2020)

“I’m calling upon all Southend United fans to come and support the protest on Saturday,” said Scott Peters of Save Our Southend.

“This is a protest for change at the club and we urge people to come down for a peaceful but passionate protest in a display of unity and love for our club.

“We want to vent our disappointment at our club falling out of the Football League which we have been in for 101 years.”

“SOS was set up to be a voice for the fans about what is going on at Southend United,” said Peters.

“We have a strong committee of different Southend fans from all backgrounds, all ages and professions.

“We’re calling for transparency, accountability, sustainability and unity.”

The protest also has the backing of other supporter groups, including the Shrimpers Trust.

“Everything has been done properly and we expect between 500 to 1,000 fans to be there,” said Peters.

“We’ve worked with Essex Police and carried out a full risk assessment too.

“We’’ll be meeting in the club car park from 12 noon but it probably won’t get going fully until about 1pm.”

Fans reacted after seeing chairman Ron Martin makes a proposal to the EFL as ‘it’s unfair’ teams are relegated from League Two…

@djmikejolly: I think he just threw that out there like a Mick McCarthy smoke grenade to try to fool us into how deeply he cares and the lengths he’d go to and so we have so much admiration for how clever and resourceful he is. Smoke and mirrors with no substance as usual.

@davethephoto: Dear NL clubs It’s him not us, we look forward to our awaydays and we deserve to be where we are… because we were crap! See you soon Southend fans

@scottycav13: When you think he can’t embarrass the club anymore

@kevlansdale: That will make us popular next season.

@antsk: With what money will he be paying the lawyers?

@1970jaya: How’s he going to pay for that?

@BNEShrimper: So, we could plan for next season and ensure we give ourselves the best chance of success in the National League OR we could spend time, effort and money we don’t have on a pointless legal challenge doomed to failure. The man is an absolute clown.

@ReeceDSport: Lol your not Stevenage bro. Back in your lane

@imran_a93: This geezer is lost

@DavidBarrett55: We truly are Banter FC

@OD_bcafc: Unfortunately Ron that’s because every league below the national league got stopped so good luck with that

@garethrjs: 😂😂😂😂 shut the fuck up!

@amyjayneaston: he will literally blame anyone but himself won’t he

@LewisRWalsh: I’m sure spending money they don’t have on a legal battle that they’re never going to win is going to end well

@SCFCJosh96: Why not chuck money you don’t have at a unlikely and nonsensical suggestion.

@Will_Schwarz_: what really?

@rjb_1998: Ahhahahahahhaha

@jackstringer19: This should be good 🤣

Fans continued to have their say as the chairman makes a proposal to EFL as ‘it’s unfair’ teams are relegated from League Two…

@stevedeltasix: The @TheVanaramaNL have not even accepted @SUFCRootsHall in to their own little world yet and Ron Martin has now abused and ridiculed them before even applying. Should be a fun summer when they refuse to accept the Shrimpers when the finances and Roots Hall do not qualify.

@fossettsfarm: Bit embarrassing this. League table doesn’t lie.

@Marra43: All in the same boat. Blame game again. We weren’t good enough, end of story. The first step to getting back in to the #efl will be admitting our mistakes. I fear for the future.

@Bazzanev: Enjoy the National league Ron!

@ShrimpersTalk: And he wonders why supporters have a major issue with him!? Hmmmm I wonder

@KingKing632: Omg this club knows no boundaries stop clutching at straws and concentrate on getting promoted at the first attempt

@KeithEugene3: Seriously!! Smacks of desperation by an incompetent owner!

@eopainter: I mean……..we certainly do not deserve a place in the Football League based off what has happened this season.Really do not see the point in us and Grimsby going down this path. It will not work and nor should it!

@_JamesWood_: Just when you think that things can’t get worse and the bloke can’t embarrass the club any further.

@iGavlar: Sore loser comes to mind. What are promoted NL teams going to do then?

@leemaddinavy: Orient fan here. I come in peace. If he goes in with that attitude. An opposition team talk won’t be needed. It’s like a new scalp each week for some of the teams. Get your head down work hard get out. Fear for you this idiot at the helm. We’ve been there.

@Dazzarogers: Wow, those grapes are sounding very sour. Enjoy the National league!

@_BenWills: Two seasons in a row he’s got relegated and begged the EFL to not relegate him. Maybe run a football club properly idk?

@tommyharris57: Ridiculous! He’s clearly lost the plot! The reason there is no relegation this season is because both The National Leagues North and South voided their season around 4/5 months ago, so they can’t promote anyone anyway to enable any relegation from the National League to happen?

@CC_2201: Laughable

@SouthendSimply: Jesus Christ.

@Ice_Speedway: Clutching…at…straws

@chrishulme01: Good luck with that one

@sufcberry: Why can’t this man just for once think about how this makes the club look? We are a laughing stock and now he’s trying to stop our relegation?

@ScottDJBarton: Whats the NL not relegating got to do with anything?

@hund85: Idiot

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