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Celtic fans furious at Daily Record article as fireworks video emerges

Celtic fans have been left furious at a Daily Record article as a video of those controversial fireworks from the weekend emerges.

Police have launched an investigation after fireworks were set off outside Celtic Park during a two-minute silence. 

The SPFL confirmed on Friday that a minute’s silence would be held ahead of this weekend’s fixtures in honour of Prince Philip.

The Duke of Edinburgh died early on Friday morning at the age of 99.

While both teams were observing the silence, bangs were heard from outside the ground.

Officers confirmed an investigation is underway after the incident. 

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We are investigating the misuse of fireworks outside Celtic Park stadium on Saturday, 10 April, 2021. Enquiries into the incident are ongoing.”

The supporters have been reacting to a post on Twitter, in which Hugh Keevins relayed his latest story on the progression of Celtic’s talks with Eddie Howe.

In Keevins’ article for the Daily Record, the experienced sportswriter appeared to be stunned at what he believes to be a lack of urgency regarding the Celtic board’s appointing of a permanent successor to Neil Lennon, as well as stating his belief that the Hoops’ dithering could end up putting Eddie Howe off the job.

However, after the journalist published his article on Twitter, fans of the Scootish giants rushed onto have their say, with a few choice words said targeted at Keevins, while others claimed that the journalist is unaware of the true happenings within Parkhead, as some believe that the Howe deal has already been done.

As mentioned, some Celtic fans were furious at a Daily Record article just as a fireworks video emerges…

@TheCelticEndPod: Why would you appoint a manager before the new CEO comes in? Not sure any manager worth his salt would want to stand next to the outgoing guy when Dom will be in place on the 19th

@Gino73612743: Deal was done 2 weeks ago Hugh, you need to do more work son you’re slacking.

@Jbhoy1: The most useless journalist out there, and that was a hard choice. Spineless, useless, chancer – never an investigative journalist. Know nothing about inside goings-on within Celtic Park. This is why he writes this drivel as he has no clue. That right, Hugh?

@jimcunning1: U haven’t a clue. Who says they’re dithering. Printing lies again.

@garydg7: Shug, the tone of your articles since rejoining that publication is extremely disappointing. I respected you more when you weren’t tied to a narrative.

@TheLeatherBelts: Stop it, Hugh.

@everysecondfri1: Please tell me you are not still getting paid for writing this drivel

@mcgik3: 😄😱👏🏼🤦🏻 nothing to write about, so let’s make up a negative story regards Celtic. In true soup taker fashion 🥣🥄🥣

@hoopster_88: Tbf Hugh you haven’t got a scooby what Celtic are doing behind the scenes.

@craigmoore1981: Things like this just highlight the massive insecurities a lot of Celtic fans are suffering from. The Howe deal is done but the merest suggestion it’s not and the toys come out the pram.

@Tonyb19528846: Just hoping they get the rite management team in place shut, dont want to go down the road of managers and players in progress 🤷‍♂️ fk waiting years on silverware.. celtic supporters want instant success 🍀👍

@davie_51: Keevins mask has slipped this season going to be great when it comes to rangers losing a league… enjoy your soup keevins.looking forward for you to call for a rangers managers head… doubt it

@Sean61397857: Happy enough to wait to ensure we get the right manager. Team doing ok at the moment and boys are playing well. Eddie Howe also wouldn’t be my first choice but hey ho, will back the team whoever is appointed

@oneillhippo: Stopped listening to @shinjukushug a long time ago! Not balanced opinions but hey! Keeps him in a job

@steelyhoops: If you sign players before we are pumped out champions league every season I’ll take you hugh

@Johnbhoy712: Only one person dithering here

@Columbo05762343: A family size tin of soup keevins can’t write about anything else every week he sticks the boot in to celtic a 6 nil win and still he looks for a negative

@mostlyceltic81: Maybe it’s eddie that’s dithering Hugh. It’s all guess work

@BobCrilly2: You know nothing You havent a clue if Celtic have a manager in place or not So you spout rubbish Wait until after McKay is in place and it will all make sense to you Bless

@glasgowderbyday: Shug yous don’t really know feck all about the next appointment do you… and the silence from Celtic park is frustrating yous rags to the point were yous are speculating daily and literally printing false information. Embarrassing! Keep up the good work sir

@smcc1975: U talk some shit

@Th3IrishParish: Yesterday you said Kennedy wasn’t out of running for job. 2 weeks ago you said he’d no chance as this was also a “commercial” decision. Why can’t you be consistent with your views?

@mct1602: Dithering Celtic? Are you privy to info that leads you to level this accusation?

@Ian04191967: Would love to know how keevins can say celtic are dithering. Where is you’re information coming from

@danielhughes75: Celtic havnt mentioned eddie howe at any time

@Carrylaw: Dithering hugh at it again

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