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Cardiff fans fight themselves and smash up Bristol City’s toilets

Cardiff City issues an update after their fans smashed up Bristol City’s toilets during the two side’s local derby on Saturday afternoon.

The Bluebirds are reportedly paying the bill after their fans caused damage at Ashton Gate with photos shared on social media show in both the male and female toilets wrecked.

Roof panels were torn down and debris left everywhere, with an investigation potentially launched into trying to find and punish the culprits.

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A spokesperson for Bristol City confirmed damage was caused by some Cardiff City fans in the Atyeo Stand – and that the Welsh club offered to cover the cost of the damage.

Glen Williams, Cardiff City correspondent for Wales Online, tweeted: “Have spoken to the club this morning, they say they are “extremely disappointed” by the actions of a minority of fans at Ashton Gate regarding the smashed up toilets.

“Cardiff have contacted Bristol City to offer to pay for the damage caused.”

Bristol Live understands Bristol City will be examining CCTV footage of the incident as part of their normal response to any incidents in the stadium.

Meanwhile, the Robins produced a 3-2 Championship victory over their local rivals, despite a scare late on when Max Watters scored in the 90th minute.

21,400 fans were in attendance, making it the biggest crowd Ashton Gate all season, and while there were some trouble in the stands, the majority behaved and enjoyed the thrilling encounter playing out in front of them on the pitch.

Bristol City’s Nigel Pearson: “Chris Martin comes in for some criticism at times, but he is a team player, who is good for us at both ends of the pitch. He took his goals really well and he deserved them for the amount of work he puts into games. All our front players caused Cardiff problems. There was real pace to our attacks and we looked really dangerous. Antoine is learning and developing his game this season. He must be very tough to play against because he is strong, as well as quick.

“We had to make two early changes because of injuries to Rob Atkinson and Andy King, but adapted to those setbacks really well. Han-Noah Massengo has made a big error for their first goal. But he also responded positively and had a good game. It would be nice if we could see games out a bit better at the end. But other than that, I can’t have any complaints because my players gave everything. Our fans have gone home happy and I think they can see that every player is working for the side. We are making progress.”

Cardiff’s Steve Morison: “The second half was the worst 45 minutes I have had watching from the touchline. We were out-fought and out-battled, which frustrated and hurt me. They wanted it more. In the first half hour, we did well and got a goal from the sort of thing we have been working at on the training ground all week. Tommy Doyle has quickly shown his quality with the cross and James Collins anticipated it to put us in front.

“Then we hit the self-destruct button within a minute. We ask the players to stay calm and relax on the ball and they weren’t capable of doing it. We are a team and we didn’t defend well as a team. We have been through the goals already and there were lots of bits that weren’t good about them. We were still in it at half-time and let ourselves down from then on. We have to be better than that. The players need to do what they did in the first 30 minutes for 90 minutes and take individual responsibility for their performances. There won’t be a knee-jerk reaction because up until today we have not been bad. But there is work to do.”

Twitter users reacted as Cardiff issues update after their fans smashed up Bristol City’s toilets…

@NickSeventy: It’s so frustrating that these ‘fans’ smash up the toilets because without CCTV they’ll likely get away with it. Many will be the same ones moaning about bubble trips and lack of spending.

@timcwegener: I think a few are in for a shock. Some bright spark videoed it and it’s doing the rounds. Early knocks coming up soon

@claredoc76: Absolute disgrace! No proper Cardiff fans would engage in this kind of behaviour. Unbelievable! It’s one thing having a healthy rivalry. But this is just plain vandalism

@Jamesbcfc140: How expensive do Cardiff think bogs are? I know they ain’t paid up 15million yet but surely they can afford to fix the bogs

@rosbux: It’s time that clubs were made responsible for their fans. Maybe if fans knew that their clubs will be made to pay for their vandalism, which means less money for players – we might not have this behaviour

@xav177: 15 million and £500 now

@DanHeldenhammer: I hope it is an unnecessary fear, but this must not happen when we go to @Boro in a few weeks time #dcfcfans. It’s likely to be a charged atmosphere up there, understandably so, but aside from this behaviour just being plain wrong, it’s negative press we simply cannot afford.

@p_isno1: Ffs that’s just embarrassing, fine Cardiff and give the money to Bristol to cover the costs.

@Ben1stephenson: Send them down the scum

@RealBristolBoy: Fighting amongst themselves & smashing up a toilet. Strange times we live in

@RichLew82: When it’s back to being a bubble trip you know who to thank for that.

@PageDcfc: Points deduction and a fine for Cardiff imo

@DanCCFC_: At least our club will still exist in 2 weeks time

@DiscoDave1980: Takes a special group of people to vandalise a toilet. Most people’s thoughts are fk me this place stinks of piss I need to get in and get out.

@Keirenrob: Can you tell them Glen we are just as extremely disappointed that Cardiff didn’t show up yesterday and If flint, pack and Nelson could have their contracts terminated that would be great too

@calliamjames: All a bit silly isn’t it, this will cost the club a fortune now. New experience though having to use a phone torch while having a piss

@TomEdwards2201: The same fans who’ll complain about the lack of signings because we have no money

@ojclayt: Not even surprised with Cardiff fans tbh, remember when they started launching horse shite when they were down here and that little rat got arrested for lobbing a bottle

@harryspindle: This a shambles, some of our fans need to grow up.

@Colemans_Dream: If you’re responsible for this, you should be ashamed of yourself. Absolutely disgraceful. Stuff like this is why football fans have a bad name. All for what? Pathetic.

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