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Cardiff fan ‘disgusted’ after he was ejected at West Brom for wearing Bluebirds shirt

A Cardiff City fan has been left feeling ‘disgusted’ after he was ejected at West Brom for wearing his Bluebirds shirt.

He was sat in the home end with his West Brom supporting wife to celebrate their seven-year anniversary present.

Only for him to be ‘treated like a criminal’ when three police officers and four stewards took the couple out of The Hawthorns five minute after kick off.

The husband, Martin Monnes-Thomas, spoke on what has said to him by one of them, as quoted by WalesOnline: “‘Is that a Cardiff City shirt,’ he said. So I said, ‘Yes, I’m born down that way, it’s nice to be able to wear it with my wife here too.’

“So he checked it again and said, ‘Right then, we are ejecting you from the stadium.’

“I said, ‘Sorry, say that again?’

“He said, ‘Your Cardiff City shirt, we’re kicking you out of the ground, you’re banned.'”

Martin asked about chaging his shirt, to wear a coat over the top and even be placed in a different part of the ground but officials said his face would still be recognised.

He continued: “I looked up and there were three police at the end of the aisle and four marshals huddled round me when I stood up to escort me.

“And it wasn’t just escorting me to the edge of the stand, but right out of the ground, out of the gate.

“They surrounded me with my wife following behind wondering what I had done. We weren’t raising our voices, we were just in shock.”

“I’m not a hooligan by any means. I’m tepid at best!

“It was a really good day up until that point, until a guy twice the size of me turned up in an orange jacket told me to leave.

“I was thinking I’d seen this on Crimewatch or something, like I’d done something really nasty. I thought it was absolutely unbelievable.

“To be treated like a criminal was absolutely disgusting.”

West Brom said wearing a Cardiff shirt in the home end was ‘not ideal’, that it had ‘the potential to be inflammatory’, the stewards’ actions was ‘completely appropriate in the circumstances’ and Mr Monnes-Thomas will not be remunerated for his match ticket or travel costs.

“My wife felt sick in her stomach,” he adds. “She couldn’t sit down. We went to eat a Chinese takeaway and she couldn’t eat it.

“It spoilt the weekend at the in-laws.

“We sat there feeling the anger of it all, conned out of £40, and to be treated like criminals and pushed away, I felt used.”

In a statement to WalesOnline, West Brom said: “We are aware of a number of ejections from home areas of Cardiff City supporters who were wearing Cardiff football kits.

“Ground regulations say the ticket purchases are for home fans only in home areas.

“Saturday was a fixture which posed its own particular challenges, it was a full house and visibility of away supporters in home areas of the ground is something we had to take action about.”

When asked specifically about the situation regarding Mr Monnes-Thomas, West Brom declined to comment.


After reading up on the story, fans took to mock the husband for sitting in the West Brom end with a Cardiff shirt on – see what they had to say on the next page.


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