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‘Cannot go ahead’ – Bournemouth fans make plea to police over fixture with Leeds

AFC Bournemouth fans group ‘Cherries Trust’ make a plea to police over next season’s Premier League fixture with Leeds United.

The supporters club have written to Dorset police over the scheduling of their home fixture with the Whites, with it planned to take place at the Vitality Stadium on the 29th of April 2023, which is the beginning of the May bank holiday weekend.

The concerns come due to the trouble from a meeting between the two clubs 32 years ago in 1990, when Leeds made the trip to the South Coast in early May knowing a win would secure promotion back to the First Division.

Lee Chapman got the vital goal between the two sides on the day, giving Leeds the title and a return to the top-flight, however there was chaos off the field with as £1million worth of damage caused and 120 arrests made.

This has stayed firmly in the minds of Bournemouth fans, and sparked immediate concerns from the Cherries Trust after Fixture Release Day.

A statement from the Cherries Trust read on Twitter: “We will be making as much noise as we can till this gets changed. This fixture cannot go ahead on this or any other Bank Holiday weekend.”

They also attached the letter of the response they had sent in an email to the Dorset Police, saying: “Good afternoon, thank you for your email. We completely understand your concerns and are aware of the situation.

“At this time I cannot comment as to what interactions Dorset Police has had with the Premier League regarding this matter but a statement will be issued with more information in due course.”

Bournemouth Police released a statement which reads: “As with all AFC Bournemouth games, Dorset Police was consulted about the fixture dates.

“We will assess and monitor how the season progresses and will be able to make a representation to the authorities to change the home fixture against Leeds United in April 2023 if required.

“Each football game is assessed based on current up-to-date intelligence.

“Information will be shared with AFC Bournemouth as the season progresses and any decision to request a change of fixture date will be jointly agreed with the club.”

Twitter users reacted as Bournemouth fans make a plea to police over the fixture with Leeds next year…

@robtrent: Total over reaction from the Trust imho.

@leodis27: I lived in Bournemouth and ran pubs for years, trust me there’s more trouble now every weekend with stabbings and glassings than when Leeds came to town 30 years ago! Get a grip you soft southern shandies🤣🤣🤣

@CrambazzledTask: Utterly ridiculous. It was 32 years ago. Anyone involved is old now. Move on.

@Chris_CD2010: The Police obviously worried it will turn into a vigil.

@londondanish: Jesus Christ! Please don’t tell me you were expecting a serious reply.

@goatedlerma: Ffs please delete this

@Wardyyy96: Hopefully they don’t move it. I’ve booked a hotel, ordered 18 disposable bbq’s and £300 worth of fireworks

@hughjass585: I’ve ordered a pallet of block paving to Chuck about 🤣🤣

@JonnyBullet: Ah the good old Cherries Trust acting on behalf of themselves whilst pretending to represent all fans. 🤣

@timmoslufc: Tbh a lot of trouble was from London club fans coming to have a go at Leeds fans at night ! Accept there was trouble before game with Leeds fans outside ground ! But it was a long time ago and we’re all in our 50s now !

@bluenose199011: You bunch of fannies 😂😂😂😂😂

@GarethEarnshaw1: Football has come a long way & so too have the majority of supporters. Policing & technology is far more advanced. Don’t create an issue based on something over 30 years ago. Let the Police from both forces come together to discuss strategies & intelligence.

@nickbriggs72: Can we request that when Bournemouth come to Leeds that you use only 1 smart car for the 2 of you so we have more parking for proper fans

@wadster1972: What the hell! Just embrace the best fans in the world visiting your town and showing you what a proper supported team is like…

@Greeny1911: That is one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever seen in my life 😂😂

@LUFC1992_v2: The last time I went to Bournemouth to see Leeds play Giuseppe Bellusci scored a 35 yard free kick. Trust me, nothing more crazy than that can happen.

@BamfordHat: Glad to see this. If anyone can also contact the trust about the illegal & dangerous pitch invasion at the end of the season that’d be great.The only answer is @afcbournemouth playing home games behind closed doors for 33 years. Let’s get the support of the police & trust on this

@emmo2812: What a total over reaction! 32 years ago, Surely dialogue is best, you seem to be somewhat hysterical and looking ‘to be seen’ doing something…Get context and get hold of the FSA and @lufctrust to see what type of fans we are, it will be good for the community

@lufcrumham: Tell me you’re a bunch of fannies without telling me you’re a bunch of fannies

@SJB_upnorth: I cannot believe the fuss you’re kicking up here. It’s decades ago. Move on. It’s a different world. We’ve played at your place 3 times since. What happened then?

@OllyFord__: How have we got people this rattled… on fixture release day

@carollufc90: Great weekend in 1990 …. Get a grip though seriously 😂😂

@White_Rose_Al: This is slightly embarrassing 😬

@shaunlovesit: The cherries trust acting like Bournemouth town centre doesn’t get trashed by drunk northerners literally every weekend

@RobertSweetin13: How embarrassing reacting to something that happened 32 years ago. Of all the fixtures you look for Bournemouth away isn’t one regardless if it drops on a bank holiday weekend

@mossy743: By doing this you’re encouraging a large travelling support to happen 🤣 embarrassing!

@LUSCgriffinLUFC: I totally understand why you would feel the need to do this 30+ years after the event. It reminds me of when Germany played in Poland in 1981. Even though they had been there a number of times since invading decades before, the Polish government wanted NATO to interfere… Not! 🤡

@PhilLUFC: Jesus Christ, it was 32 years ago! Clearly it wasn’t defensible in any way but times have changed and we’ve played many weekend away games since without incident (believe it or not) – Most recently Brentford survived us on our most recent significant final day. It’s ridiculous

@Darrell15952414: If I’m caught wandering the streets drunk and naked again I’ll admit you have a point, otherwise please welcome a few thousand fans with open arms and a smile and it’ll be a nice weekend for all

@mj8003: Such a shame if this gets moved. Could be a lovely weekend. The good people of Bournemouth were very hospitable 30 years ago, opening up their shops and supermarkets, giving away their goods for free, ensuring that the leeds fans were fed and kept well stocked with beer.

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