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Cambridge v Portsmouth play 27 minutes of added time; update given on collapsed fan

The League One game, Cambridge v Portsmouth, had to play 27 minutes of added time following a fan who had collapsed in the stands mid-game.

A supporter of the U’s suffered a medical emergency during the goalless draw at the Abbey Stadium, which led to almost 30 minutes of additional time and a ten-minute break in the game.

Sam Smith had been sent off for the home side minutes before the incident, with United holding on for the draw despite there being more than 27 minutes of injury time (more time added on due to player being treated).

The match was paused near the 70th minute mark on Monday afternoon with medics rushing over to the Cambridge fan sat in the Newmarket Road End.

Ambulance crews and the medical staff of both clubs quickly aide the supporter, who was later stretchered across the pitch to the medical room before play was resumed that led to almost 30 minutes of second half stoppage time.

Portsmouth head coach Danny Cowley has since revealed that the supporter in question is now in a stable condition and is okay following the incident.

“First and foremost, I just want to relay the news that we’ve just been given from the head steward at Cambridge that the man who fell ill in the crowd is conscious and stable and well,” said Cowley.

“I think he has gone to hospital just to be checked over, but the good news is he is fit and well.

“We wish and his family all the very best and everyone associated with the club send them our love.”


He said in response to being asked, was there ever a discussion to postpone the match?: “No, I don’t think so. I think it was quite clear early on that the man in question was going to be okay. I’ve had one at Lincoln actually where an air ambulance at Chesterfield arrived on the pitch and the guy had a heart attack and was okay, thankfully.

“It’s something that we have managed before and obviously just used it as a time out really. Firstly, the players and the staff are naturally concerned about the person in the crowd and although we are all professional people, we are human beings first and our concern was with the [man].

“I said to the referee straight away, whatever happens it goes without saying, you have to do all you can to make sure the person that was poorly [is okay].”

Cambridge United head coach Mark Bonner praised supporters for making way for the medical team.

“It’s the speed of those things that’s really important sometimes. The players were quite concerned about that and asking straight away at full-time, but the doc’s updated us and said things are good. We’ll reach out to him later on and make sure he’s okay, but obviously a situation we’ve never had to deal with in recent times, so good job he’s doing OK.”

U’s keeper Dimitar Mitov posted on Twitter: “What a crazy game of football. Positive way to start the new year with a point and clean sheet. The real heroes are the medical stuff helping the people in the crowd. Glad everyone is okay.”

@HarveyKnibbs tweeted: “The resilience of this team >>> Unbelievable point given the circumstances and big shoutout to all the medical staff who were quick to assist the fan, glad everyone’s ok #CamUTD”

@George_Willo wrote: “Hope the Cambridge fan is okay and recovering. Fantastic response from the medical team to act so quickly. Great resilience from the boys to keep going with 10 men and get a deserved point! Bring on Saturday!”

@GregTaylor5_ posted: “Hoping the Cambridge fan is ok after the incident during the game. Well done to the medical and ambulance staff for reacting so quickly”

The 0-0 draw moves Cambridge onto 27 points from 24 matches, with Mark Bonner’s side having won one of their last eight matches.

Portsmouth sit in 8th place, taking 37 points from 23 games played, and find themselves six points from reaching the playoffs.

Fans reacted as Cambridge v Portsmouth play 27 minutes of added time with an update given on the collapsed fan…

@JuddPFC95: Can I just say, the way both set of fans, officials and players handled the situation regarding the unfortunate Cambridge fan today was remarkable. To see the players rushing medics/stewards to get to the scene was great to see. Best wishes & speedy recovery for that fan.

@CraigWilkerson9: Good news the fan is ok, just go’s to show if your unlucky enough to fall ill the best place to do it is at a football match full of first responders great response from all involved.

@COOPSthereitis4: Great work by everyone involved to get the person treated asap

@CUFCRob: Great news. Well done to everyone who helped and the NRE for alerting the players and officials. 💛🖤 CUFC family

@DanLewis1999: Can’t believe there was a few who carried on singing mad banging the drum while it was happening though 🤢

@oaktowers: Why has the iFollow stream or Cambridge camera not cut away? Had to pause the stream as this is not nice to watch

@LauraBacon26: Hoping that @CambridgeUtdFC fan is ok 🤞🏼 awful to see but hats off to the steward for dealing so quickly and getting the medical attention needed ASAP

@dazza_nics: At the end of the day though, the result and performance pales into insignificance to the health of the Cambridge fan! More to football when things like that happen, hope the fan makes a full recovery! #Pompey #Cufc

@RyanHudson2009: Let’s all hope they are alright, not sure why it took the ifollow team so long to turn the stream off or pan the camera away

@harry_daniels12: In situations like this football doesn’t matter. Fingers crossed the fans ok 🤞🏻

@BarryClements: Really hoping the Cambridge fan is ok. Poor from some home fans by the dugout as they were slagging Danny Cowley off as he took Pompey down the tunnel. Some things bigger than football

@HarryGardner26: Amazing response from all of the medical teams, must have got a defibrillator on him within 40 seconds

@NathanCallaby: No need for the camera man to be zooming in there, disgusting turn it off, hope the Cambridge fan is alright

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