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Cambridge and Peterborough ‘disgusted’ by variety of trouble and grim songs by fans

Cambridge and Peterborough United have been left ‘disgusted’ by a variety of trouble and grim songs sung by fans on derby day on Saturday.

The Posh apologised for “disgusting” chants by some of their supporters about Cambridge United fan Simon Dobbin who died two years ago.

Mr Dobbin, from Mildenhall in Suffolk, was assaulted following Cambridge’s game at Southend United in March 2015 and left with permanent brain damage.

He later died on 21 October 2020 at the age of 48. A total of 13 people were convicted in relation to the incident, three of them jailed for five years for violent disorder.

Simon Dobbin and his wife Nicole


Cambridge United is extremely disappointed to learn of a number of incidents by supporters at Saturday’s League One game against Peterborough United…

The first Cambridgeshire Derby in the league for 21 years was a hard fought match that was played in the right spirit and whilst the majority of fans from both sides helped contribute towards a tremendous occasion, a minority of supporters from both sides let our Clubs down.

Cambridge United strongly condemns the actions of the small group of so called fans who committed criminal damage at the Weston Homes Stadium. This behaviour is unacceptable and the Club has passed on its apologies to Peterborough United for the damage and inconvenience caused and will be addressing potential costs in due course. A Police investigation has opened and evidence has already been supplied from the Club’s supporter base.

The Club also condemns the offensive chanting that came from a section of the away end which made reference towards sex offences. Songs of such nature will not be tolerated and anyone found participating will be banned from future games.

We are also deeply disturbed by the chants from a section of Peterborough United supporters about Simon Dobbin, a Cambridge United fan who tragically lost his life in 2020 after being cruelly and senselessly assaulted, following a football match which left him with permanent brain damage.

We have today contacted Simon’s widow, Nicole, to offer our full support, whilst Peterborough United have also provided an apology to the family.

The Club is saddened that a great occasion was marred by such behaviour and Cambridge United will be working with Peterborough United and Cambridgeshire Police to identity those responsible. Any supporters found guilty are likely to face Club bans and criminal prosecution.


The club have released a statement following the local derby fixture with Cambridge United.

On Saturday, the Weston Homes Stadium hosted the first league local derby between Peterborough United and Cambridge United for 21 years.

While the majority of the 12,766 crowd helped create a wonderful atmosphere and behaved themselves, a small minority of both sets of supporters let themselves down both inside and outside of the stadium.

The club are extremely disappointed that a small section of home supporters sang wholly inappropriate and disgusting chants about a Cambridge United supporter who sadly passed away in October 2020.

We would like to unreservedly apologise to the family of Simon Dobbin and we will be working with the authorities to try and identify the culprits because those people are not ‘supporters’ of this football club. We condemn these actions in the strongest possible terms.

The club would also like to condemn those who threw pyrotechnics during the game. There is no place for pyrotechnics inside the Weston Homes Stadium and those involved will be identified and action will be taken.

The club would also like to report extensive criminal damage within the away end (Deskgo Stand) on Saturday. The damage caused in the toilets, offices and the concourse area of that stand was on a level not seen before and the cost to repair this will be significant. The club are working with Cambridge United and the Police to review CCTV footage to identify those involved.

Unfortunately following the final whistle there was disorder outside of the stadium involving both sets of supporters. The club is reviewing CCTV footage to identify those involved and an investigation is set to be undertaken by the Police.

Interim Chief Executive Leighton Mitchell said: “It is important to note that the majority of supporters in attendance behaved well, but as seen too often at football matches, it is the minority that let themselves down and unfortunately that was the case on Saturday.

“The Football Club offer our sincere apologies to the family of Simon Dobbin. There is no place in society for what was chanted by a small section of so-called supporters and we will be working extremely hard to identify those involved.

“We are in conversations with Cambridge United about the substantial damage caused within the away end. Unfortunately, this damage is severe and will impact on the opening of that stand in the near future.

“We are disappointed that the actions of a small section of fans from both sides have overshadowed what should have been a wonderful occasion.”

If anyone has any information in relation to any of the above incidents, please contact the club on concerns@theposh.com.

This is how social media users reacted with Cambridge and Peterborough ‘disgusted’ by a variety of trouble and grim songs by fans…

@Robertpwest: It was outrageous, it was dangerous. A lot of the outside trouble was started by Posh fans, but a fair number of Cambridge fans did nothing to remove themselves from the situation.

@Liampufc1996: Obvious weeks ago this would happen. Police should’ve done more to protect public, held Cambs fans back 30 mins to disperse posh crowd, should’ve had a camb only pub rather than share. Camb not innocent in all this. My mate was working as a bouncer and bottled by a Cambridge fan

@yakface7: No mention of the 3 flares thrown at us by the boro fans and the lack of any action from the stewards and police?

@ConnorOwen2: Don’t tweet every pub we’re gonna be in and have one of them allowing both sets of fans in.. was obviously going to be carnage all day 🤣

@kelansarson: Credit to the football club for speedily addressing this, everyone welcomes a rivalry like this for the atmosphere it brings but chants like that are disgraceful

@Mgdservices1972: That’s horrible to read. Well done for calling it out and hope those involved are identified and punished. Whoever thinks it ok to chant things like that should not be welcome at our club. As for the trouble & damage it’s really disappointing but not surprising given the hype 😔

@slatez88: Chanting stuff like that is absolutely vile. Shameful

@RMWC82: This is an excellently-worded and timely statement and I hope the club is able to identify the individuals concerned and take the appropriate action.

@OllyOllyposh: If true very disappointing about our fans singing about their fan who died deeply embarrassing, and very sad.

@Benno1uk: Utter scum whoever did this

@Markjoyce114: The club should issue immediate bans & name & shame them to those involved singing these disgusting chants! These idiots have gone way over the line. This does not represent the majority of other Posh fans.

@adi_mowles: Absolutely right to condemn the morons who thought they were supporting their club by singing such a sick song. Again, the club will be right in persuing those responsible. Truth be known, those idiots probably wouldn’t have been seen again anyway until the next ‘big’ match.

@TOTcoaching: Vile low life scum chanting about Simon Dobbin. Not football supporters. I doubt anything will happen to these morons though. Probably the same idiots who create havoc on the trains at away games. Cowards.

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