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Calamitous own goal costs Watford as Ismael claims his side ‘played against 12 men’ in dig at referee

A calamitous own goal costs Watford as their manager Valieren Ismael claims his side ‘played against 12 men’ in a dig at the referee.

Hornets defender Wesley Hoedt made the mistake after he saw his misplaced pass trickle past a confused Dan Bachmann against Coventry on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Watford boss Valerien Ismael heavily criticised referee David Webb after the thrilling 3-3 draw, describing him as the 12th man for the hosts.

The Sky Blues were given a controversial spot kick on the 20th minute after Watford defender Ryan Porteous was adjudged to have handled the ball.

Despite Matt Godden’s penalty being saved by Daniel Bachmann, Ismael fumed saying felt his side were playing the game a man down.

“It’s a very good performance, especially when you play against 12 men with the referee,” he said as per Irish News.

“We had meetings with the referees before the season and they showed us exactly the same situation Ryan Porteous was in and they told us it won’t be a penalty.

“What is the rule? His arm is against his body so it can’t be a penalty. It’s very difficult to accept this but we fought well.

“The referee helped Coventry very strongly but we have a lot of positives, we scored three goals.”

Watford went ahead thanks to Mileta Rajovic which was then cancelled out by a free-kick from Milan van Ewijk.

A goal from Matheus Martins, and a second from Rajovic, saw Watford go ahead twice more, however, an own goal from Wesley Hoedt and a late strike from Godden saw Coventry snatch a point.

“Compliments to the players, I think that’s a great reaction following the two games we lost,” he added.

“We come to a very tough away game at Coventry and I think naturally we were strong. Until the second goal when we conceded on our own.

“But we came back into the game and showed great mentality. We scored a great goal and played great football and we wanted to have that bravery in our game.

“The attitude of the players was really good and we continue to move forward now and adjust the mistakes.”

Coventry manager Mark Robins said after the Championship fixture: “There were too many decisions that we made that were wrong, but there were so many we made that were right.

“Defensively we got one or two things wrong. We became too open and ended up coming out when we shouldn’t have.

“Knowing that that’s the way they play, they try and suck you out to create space. They have got quality and they are rapid.

“If you want to sit in against them then fine, but you’re not going anywhere and they will pin you in.

“I thought we were good, I thought we were brave and went after the game all the time. We just got things wrong defensively.

“We created some brilliant chances, the football was scintillating and the crowd were magnificent and got behind us,” he continued.

“We’ve come back three times, but we’ve got to be a little bit more confident. Other than that we look at a real threat.

“Today has been a really difficult game but it’s the same as we had last year, we get a point.”

Here’s how fans reacted as a calamitous own goal costs Watford while Valerien Ismael claims his side ‘played against 12 men’ in a dig at the referee…

@FanHubHatter: Cracking finish that, drop of the shoulder and he’s completely fooled the keeper.

@thejodiefry: My favourite part was it being played on the big screen at least 5 times 🤣 Tbf the back pass that led to their third goal was almost as horrendous

@ryanrd1905: I don’t think I’ve seen a player score more own goals than Hoedt

@BSaundersSport: He has no idea where Bachmann is. The worst own goal in #WatfordFC history.

@ccfc_07: It just gets better and better the more times you watch it 😭🤣#PUSB

@25buttsfc1: Good old Wesley Hoedt 😂 #saintsfc

@mattccfc_21: Comedy goal that 😂

@SaintsWarfield: He genuinely is one of the worst players of all time!

@maddylucya: I see big Wes is still banging them in 😂

@SSE_LTFC: Every week Watford will find a new way to be completely embarrassing and it never fails to cheer me up. #LutonTown #COYH #PremierLeague

@ConorHatcher_: Always been a donkey

@HTAM96: Had a terrible dream last night that Wesley Hoedt passed the ball into his own net under no pressure at all. That’s the last time I’ll have a pint of llefrith ddu at the Ricoh.

@FanHubHatter: Hoedt have thought they could be that bad….

@CallumWDonnelly: I had no idea Wesley Hoedt was back in English Football but WHAT a way to find out #SaintsFC

@Liam_Houghton98: Hoedt hasn’t changed a bit then. #saintsfc

@skyblue_dave: Summed up a bizarre game and day in a nutshell 🤯 #PUSB

@joeferrett: Once a Saint, always a Saint #Saintsfc

@wfc_josh: Never a dull day at Watford

@AntEvans1: Unbelievable, all he needed to do was knock it down the line. The playing out from the Keeper is a total Shambles and creating our own problems.

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