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Cal ‘The Dragon’ issues apology tweet after getting into a scrap with a 13 year old

Cal ‘The Dragon’ issues an apology tweet after he was seen in a gone viral video clip getting into a scrap with a 13 year old.

The footage has gone on to get over 1.6million views in under 24 hours with a huge number of Twitter users having their say on what they saw.

He took to social media on Saturday evening, saying: “I thought I’d explain my unnecessary actions of what happened today I feel so guilty for such a stupid decision from me I would like to apologise to those who saw such a bad thing I know I’m better than that I shouldn’t never do it I promise to you I will never do it again.”

22 year old Cal The Dragon, an aspiring professional footballer from Nottingham, aims to become a pro goalie by 2026 and dreams of playing for Scunthorpe United.

Also known as Callum The Dragon, he appears to play for grassroots Sunday League outfit Pheonix Inham Football Club.

He has gained popularity with followers on TikTok, amassing a whipping 1.5 million fans and hosts regular question and answer sessions with his followers on his TikTok account called @cal_the_dragon_official.

Some of Cal’s posts have had over a million views and in total his TikToks have amassed a whopping 62.8 million likes.

According to Cal The Dragon’s Facebook page, the football content creator and influencer also hosts personal appearances at night clubs.

He recently has been describing how he has built up a huge social media profile – by playing football against garden tools.

“You’ve got your wheelbarrows, you’ve got your rake, a hoe, whatever it is. I just play against them,” said Callum, from Nottingham, who is better known as Cal the Dragon.

Callum, who has autism, said his videos’ success has helped build his confidence.

He also featured in the The Sidemen charity match, played in front of a sell-out crowd at Charlton Athletic’s The Valley, which meant there was nowhere to hide for TikTok goalkeeper Cal the Dragon.

With a capacity crowd inside the ground, and a peak of 2.6million viewers online, any errors in the match between the Sidemen and YouTube all stars would be seen by all.

Unfortunately though for Cal the Dragon, he’s racked up a whole highlight reel from the 8-7 thriller showing some howlers he let in.

He was humiliated on multiple occasions throughout the game, and had an afternoon to forget, though with a montage of his errors already going viral, it may stick in his memory for some time.

The match was set up for charity, and all of the biggest creators from YouTube and TikTok banded together for a good cause. Over £1million was raised by the time that the game had ended, in one of the most successful internet events to date.

Twitter users reacted as Cal ‘The Dragon’ issues an apology tweet after getting into a scrap with a 13 year old…

@Bxllin301: I rate cal for that.

@HighburyHeart: State of it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@JackLaadNUFC: Kid deserved it to be fair

@gardnerpne: Some bad takes on this….. People actually defending a teenage kid for bullying an autistic lad, trying to humiliate him and receiving a dig because of it. Cal has my respect for standing up to the bully.

@mrbradleygt: You stood up to a bully! Nothing to apologise for!

@Benjamin_dw: One thing I’d love to see changed in this world is everyone made more aware of autism and how it’s such an invisible disability. There’s too many people that bully this guy without realising what he’s got

@DanDunham19: Problem is being in the spotlight you will get this attention. However kids/young adults knowing your situation and knowing you are autistic still poke you with a stick and try to get a reaction. In my book their the ones to blame not yourself Cal 👊🐉

@jimmyfromtheno1: Kid deserves it. That’s what you get for stealing someone’s belongings. You don’t steal you won’t get punished. Fair play Cal

@ronnier04: Imagine getting chinned by cal the dragon poor kid will never live it down at school

@Jack28Thom: What a hit son , what a hit

@pmb0161: h dw abt it he deserved it

@SlickbackSavage: If kids wanna fuck around they get what they get

@LukeGladman: Tbf what does that helmet expect when you take his hat and you’re trying to be smart about it

@PargeyBCAFC: I give that punch a 1.9 out of 10 cal mate!

@JackSimmons101: Someone going out of their way to annoy you for attention, got what they deserved 👍

StuartArmour: I don’t condone Cal’s actions, but where was his protection from this kid? What gives anyone the right to approach someone and act the way the kid did.

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