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Bury AFC win battle against controversial Bury FC owner Steve Dale

Bury AFC win a battle against controversial Bury FC owner Steve Dale over the trademark of the original Shakers’ club crest.

The newly formed club have won the right to prevent controversial businessman Steve Dale trademarking the Bury FC badge in his name.

In July 2020, the he applied to the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (IPO) to register a trade mark containing the crest of Bury FC which included the town of Bury’s coat of arms.

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As we know, Bury FC has battled constant financial problems over recent years, which reached a peak when a deal with owner Steve Dale to sell the club to another party fell through in August 2019, leading to the English Football League ejecting the historic club.

In November last year, Mr Dale placed the club into administration.

Former fans of the Shakers set up a new club called Bury AFC, who were given a place in North West Counties League Division One North last season and play their home matches at Radcliffe’s Stainton Park.

Steve Dale made an application to register the trademark personally in his own name September 2020, but his efforts were immediately opposed by the new club who asked its members on the move, with 99% of the 600 who responded voting in favour of pursuing a formal objection considering the Bury AFC logo looks very similar to Bury FC.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

A spokesperson for Bury AFC said: In July 2020, Steven Dale applied to the UK Intellectual Property Office (“IPO”) to register a trade mark containing the crest of Bury Football Club and which includes the town of Bury’s coat of arm.

It is important to note that the Trade Mark had not previously been registered by Bury FC and Mr Dale sought to register the Trade Mark personally, in his own name. This meant that if his application were successful he, and not Bury FC or Bury Council, would be the registered owner of the above Trade Mark.

Mr Dale’s application became a matter of public record in September 2020 and was communicated to the wider public in November 2020.

Bury AFC therefore asked its members whether they wanted to pursue legal action to oppose Mr Dale’s application to register the Trade Mark. Our membership is primarily made up of fans of Bury FC, Bury AFC and residents of Bury. Over 99% of the membership overwhelmingly voted to formally oppose Mr Dale’s application to register the Trade Mark. Members can view the original article here.

Bury AFC therefore contacted other stakeholders, such as Forever Bury and Bury Council. Bury Council responded giving their support to Bury AFC opposing Mr Dale’s application.

Given the support of the membership and the Council, we instructed specialist sport and intellectual property lawyers who, due to their connection to Bury as fans and residents, offered their services at a substantially discounted rate.

Our legal team filed a formal opposition to Mr Dale’s application. It was ultimately decided by the tribunal of the IPO, having considered submissions filed on our behalf that the opposition should succeed and Mr Dale’s application to register the Trade Mark should fail. This decision was communicated to us and Mr Dale last week.

This result represents a significant victory for all Bury fans and the town of Bury as its means that the crest and coat of arms will not be owned by Mr Dale.

We would like to thank Bury Council for their support of our opposition as well as our solicitor David Seligman, his team at Brandsmiths and barrister Charlotte Blythe of Hogarth Chambers.

Fans reacted as Bury AFC win a battle against controversial Bury FC owner Steve Dale…

@RickLally: Brilliant job in defeating the odious toad Steve Dale. Incredible that some people were happy for him to take part of the town’s identity in his own name, they must be spineless!

@LifeDeathGavin: A victory for common sense. Congratulations to the club and legal team for putting a graft in for the whole 90 minutes.

@RickGoldie: Fantastic! Well done to all involved once again.

@richbeedie: Great news! Well done to all those involved, the right result for Bury as a whole.

@1mikelterry: Excellent news, well done (from an Oxford fan).

@Tom_Atkins107: Congrats from a Chesterfield fan, a victory for football and a defeat for the parasites that are trying to ruin it

@mickcotton59: What makes him think it belongs to him in the first place? Strange person.

@Brightonfan: Great news, hopefully that will be the end of the odious c***!!

@Wrooty69: Well done!!

@garybrierley: It’s baffling that fans had to take this action. You have to be a special kind of vindictive crackpot to want to personally trademark a town or football club crest. Well done to all involved who put a stop to it.

@Italo_Dave: I’m sorry you’re having to go through all of this.

@LozLawrence: Well done. One piece of work that turd.

@PRITCHNEWS: What a t*t. Drive these people out of the game.

@MikeeH76: What is wrong with this guy? Despicable character. Congratulations on the victory and hope you can get the club back and playing soon

@richardholden21: Fab, brilliant, love it, shove that up your fat arse Mr Dale, I detest this man so much, today is for all us shakers #UTS

@fatherstatto: Great news, he destroyed the club, this would have been an absolute travesty

@andysharratt: That man really is a piece of work.

@StatEmeritus: Rather sums up football. All that’s going on in the world…and there’s time, energy and money to fight over a badge.

@garylmarks: Is the chair of Bury’s Supporters Trust still backing Dale? Madness if so.

@philyoungzero: Passive, powerless, apathetic fans no more

@TheRealBenBruce: Love to see this. Another victory for the fans.

@RickGoldie: Brilliant news. @OfficialBuryAFC coming through for the Bury FC fan base AGAIN! They’re everything @forever_bury should be (and consistently fall embarrassingly short of being) and more! UTS!

@FinSouthKlein: What a crook, massive W

@supersonic_mark: Great news for the club and supporters.

@BradStrat: Great news. Anyone who’s kept an eye on what’s happened since the demise of Bury FC knows what sort of character Steve Dale is. His ludicrous attempt to trademark a club/town crest in his own name tells you everything you need to know.

@ShakerDee1: Whether you’re FC or AFC, this is a huge W. Fuck steve dale

@onthisGTFCday: Superb news. We’ve had our own boardroom problems, but Bury’s were on another level. Hopefully fans of both clubs can look to brighter long term futures for their clubs.

@PompeyViking62: Another crippling defeat for the pond life sham that is Steve Dale.

@nickmetcalfeuk: Great (if small) victory for the people of Bury & fans of #BuryFC. @Rhampson2018 @karlosleeos when are @forever_bury going to publicly signal their unequivocal opposition to the parasitic Steve Dale being involved in our club? You backed him in this, when are you going to stop?

@Bwfc12341: Fuck Steve Dale, come on Bury.

@TestHostyrone: Steve Dale is a piece of shit.

@BrianShenton54: A great win for @OfficialBuryAFC @OfficialBAFCW @BuryFCBoysGirls the fans, the council and people of Bury. Serial liar and asset stripper Steve Dale can crawl back under his stone now!

@nomoresurfin: It should also be noted that @forever_bury were on Dale’s side and backed his application to trademark the crest. #ForeverWrong

@dontmswithme: Really pleased to hear that Steve Dale was unsuccessful in his attempt to trademark the crest of Bury FC. Well done for taking a stand against it and preventing another asset being stripped from the club. #buryfc

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