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Burnley’s Lyle Foster ruled out for indefinite period receiving care with mental health struggles

It’s been revealed that Burnley’s Lyle Foster has been ruled out for indefinite period receiving care with mental health struggles.

The Clarets top scorer, 23, first said about suffering with depression in July and has reached out to the Premier League outfit again for support.

He has so far scored three goals and had two assists this season, but his club have issued a statement while also raising awareness.


Club issue update on Lyle Foster

On behalf of Lyle Foster and his family they have asked us to share with you an update on Lyle’s illness.

Recently, Lyle let us know that he continues to live with issues around his mental well-being and has reached out for help.

He is currently in the care of specialists – giving him the support and care he needs to help him back to full health.

With the love and support of his family and everyone at Burnley Football Club we will do all we can to provide everything he needs to get better.

We ask for your understanding and respect Lyle’s privacy around this matter and will not be making any more comment until further notice.

One in four people in the UK experience a mental health problem each year.

According to the PFA – over 75% of professional footballers have experienced some kind of mental health issue.

If you or someone you know is affected by the issues raised – please reach out. Help is available at:


Vincent Kompany says: “Lyle’s been having issues with his mental well being, and as a club, we’ve very quickly, very naturally made the decision to fully support him, support his family, obviously offer him access to all the expertise and clinical support that he needs.

“And at the moment, I think for him, we wishing him a speedy recovery and we’re wishing him to be in a better place.

“By the time he’s ready to come back to us, people will naturally be sending all their best wishes and thoughts to him as well.

Interviewer: “As far as we as a club, but you as his manager, finding out, how quickly was that turnaround in terms of him coming to you and actually getting that help that he needed?

VK: “Look, we were very fortunate that Lyle had been very open with us, and from the moment he had been open with us, we were able to act.

“So as soon as he said it, as soon as he showed signs of how severe it was for him, I think straight away you, the entire support team within the club, just mobilizing.

“And we made sure that he could focus on his own recovery.

“I think in moments like this, you have to put the human first, and that’s what we did.”

This is how fans reacted, now it’s confirmed Burnley’s Lyle Foster has been ruled out for an indefinite period receiving care with mental health struggles…

@ARandomRyan_: Wishing Lyle all the best. Mental health is no joke. Really hope he gets the care he needs. Good on him to take that step and admit he needs help. All thoughts with him and his family. Come back stronger and better Lyle. #UTC

@OfficialVizeh: We’re with Lyle each step of the way, take the time he needs, we’ll be here when he’s ready ❤️🇿🇦

@LatestRovers: All the best Lyle, takes a lot to let the world know.

@Coventry_City: We are all with you, Lyle. ♥️

@afcbournemouth: The footballing community is with you, Lyle ❤️

@BobDevineCSM: Lyle, if you read this please know you are loved by everyone to do with Burnley football club! If you are ever down I guarantee any fan or staff member will give you any help we can. Get well soon fella and look forward to seeing you play soon. 💜💙💜💙💜💙💜

@bfcscott1: We’re all with you Lyle. Been by far our best player this year. Take as much time necessary to get yourself in the right place and you’ll come back stronger ❤️🇿🇦

@roverschat_: All the best Lyle 💙

@Ilovegingers98: Huge respect for taking that first step into getting help ♥️ We are all with you 💪🏻

@rjaloss: Best wishes for a full recovery, Lyle. Thanks, Burnley FC, for looking after him.

@j_marsh98: Hope he is back to full health soon and gets the help he needs 🙌🏻

@Dompotts_: Well done Lyle for reaching out for help massive step to take! All the best with his recovery 💚

@KingBlaza5: Lyle we support you. South African football fans are behind you, Burnley football Club is behind you. Clarets worldwide are behind you. Get better soon poi.

@PClarets: Mental well-being is something that we all take for granted until it’s not there anymore. It can happen to anyone at anytime and doesn’t discriminate. Talking about how you’re feeling and getting the correct help is paramount to recovery. All good wishes Lyle, be well soon.

More than football.
Wishing Lyle all the best from the Blades.
Head up high! ❤️

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