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Burnley fan spotted falling down steps during Liverpool game live on Amazon Prime

A Burnley fan was spotted falling down the steps during the Liverpool game which was live on Amazon Prime on Boxing Day.

The five second clip of the moment showing what happened, has gone on to get nearly a million views, and over 10,000 likes in less than 24 hours of being published online.

According to some fans on social media, the supporter was said to have looked to be ok while another user claimed the back of his head had been cut open with an ambulance crew still treating him after the game had finished.

This is what people had to say with the Burnley fan spotted falling down steps during Liverpool game live on Amazon Prime…

@grog676: How am I witnessing wwe in the bob lord #twitterclarets. Some guy goes flying down the stairs after being yeated and crashed into a couple

@Goalsandyellows: Var declaring a dive on this one

@enamba: Back of his head was cut open. Ambulance crew still with him after game finished. Hope we has OK.

@BHEUTC: He looked to be ok.

@JLS19195: According to mate who works security he left walking. All I know, however the time to respond and report it via radio was shocking. A gentleman was screaming for at least a minute or so before anybody looked to respond..

@Edward62183428: A large number of Medics were around that area at the end of the game so assuming that’s why. Hope he’s ok

@gcxb: The stairs at their ground are fucking lethal same nearly happened to me last season

@Owen18_7_8: Not surprised. Them steps at Burnley are a fucking death trap

@HJT96_: I am 90% sure I saw that bloke struggling to even walk in the miners, so if it is him I’m not surprised he’s struggled with the Bob Lord stairs!

@jogall1971: Them steps are pretty steep at the Turf, hope he’d had too many slurps to feel it and is ok

@TurfCastPodcast: Someone mentioned this on the stream but I hadn’t seen it before. One of them feel bad for laughing videos 😅 Hope they’re ok, and the people he lands on! #twitterclarets

@Danthedon1878: What kompany ball does to a man

@Harrymfc124: Someone’s had a few drinks on Christmas Day

The game itself saw Liverpool jump above Arsenal to go top of the Premier League table; Darwin Nunez ending a 600 minute goal drought and a late Diogo Jota goal doing the damage.

Harvey Elliott’s goal was disallowed as Mohamed Salah was stood in an offside position in front of the Burnley goalkeeper, James Trafford.

Player ratings (as per Sky Sports)

Burnley: Trafford (8), O’Shea (6), Taylor (6), Beyer (6), Brownhill (6), Berge (6), Foster (6), Vitinho (6), Amdouni (6), Tresor (6), Odobert (7)

Subs: Larsen (7), Gudmundsson (6), Redmond (6), Ramsey (6)

Liverpool: Alisson (7), Alexander-Arnold (7), Gomez (7), Van Dijk (7), Quansah (7), Gravenberch (7), Endo (7), Elliott (7), Nunez (8), Salah (7), Gakpo (8)

Subs: Diaz (7)Jota (7), Jones (7), Szoboszlai (7)

Player of the match: James Trafford

Burnley manager Vincent Kompany to Amazon Prime on his post-match chat with Jurgen Klopp: “It’s Christmas time, we were sharing some stories. It’s the first time we’ve seen each other since I was a player and it’s always great to see great people in the game.

“Look, it’s been the story of our season so far. But we need to keep the energy up. If players are missing chances in training you know you are in trouble but they are missing them in games not training. That gives me belief. I don’t believe they will keep missing those chances. But we are also learning this league and this level – everything matters.

“We were a little bit too open in the first half. I thought we were still dangerous in transition and didn’t manage to make the right decision. Liverpool were quite open at times. They managed to score the goals but we didn’t. We had a chance towards the end to have a push and if it goes in then it’s 1-1 but the game opens up and Liverpool are so good in those moments.”

On potential transfer business: “The injury situation is something we always need to assess. I think the best way to improve for us is to back the players we have and give them belief. I will try to nick some of Jurgen’s players off the bench!”

On Liverpool’s second disallowed goal: “It’s a bigger picture discussion for me. In the overall package we’ve had these moments against us. I understand Jurgen’s opinion and position. But from my perspective, the amount of times we have sat here and said it’s cost us points…They got the win.”

On results recently and any pressure on him: “I stood here four or five months ago with everyone asking if I was going to stay at Burnley and I signed a long-term deal. There’s something special about Burnley. It’s a very calm club. We still look forward. I’m excited to work with the team I have and we’re prepared to keep moving this team forward. It’s a very lancashire thing. People are very calm here.”

Burnley manager Vincent Kompany speaking to BBC MOTD: “At this moment in time the key message is to be in games. The team keeps fighting and keeps being entertaining. We are facing a level where taking those chances are key. Today we are playing a top team and you can only have those moments if you take your chances.

“I definitely think we were a little bit too exposed in the first half but I also felt we had opportunities to break and were dangerous but if they have chances they will score. In the second half we found the right balance where we had a chance in the last 15 minutes to push. In that moment it could have gone either way but we were playing a good team who had big chances.”

On James Trafford: “I’ve said it before, but England is very lucky to have a young goalkeeper like him to come through. We are very conscious that at some point we will pay the price for the fact he is still learning but he is learning very quickly. It’s about how to handle yourself in this league. We had a few outstanding performances today.”

On home form: “Picking up points everywhere is important. We have been good away from home. Our fans have always been there for us. Today was nothing different. The reality is that we are struggling to pick up points at times. But belief is in those moments that we create and there is hard work behind the scenes to get to that point.”

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp to Amazon Prime: “We tried to find what was the Liverpool way and it looks a little bit like throwing hurdles in front of us and finding ways to get over it. We played an incredible game and then it was just 1-0 which was really strange! That’s the way it is in football. With the most difficult situation in the whole game probably, we make it 2-0.

“It’s wonderful. That’s a super goal [from Diogo Jota]. Another player who could have been in contention [for MOTM] was Wataru Endo, what a game he played.

“We’ve created a lot of chances recently and haven’t used an awful lot of them but in the end it’s about performing. We’ve played four games in 10 days and you just have to get through it. Now we have five days between now and the next game so it feels like we should go on holiday? No, the boys will have two days off with the family.

“It was a great first goal. Cody Gakpo played really well – there were so many good combinations. A striker needs these situations. This time the ball is in. In general, the game we played was exactly how we wanted to play. In that time they had no solutions but we left the door open and that’s how it is.

“[Darwin Nunez] is an incredible finisher but if a striker doesn’t score, the whole system is not the same. You question everything. It’s not just the outside world, but you question everything. But it was just in the moment and he has it so it’s all good.”

On the second disallowed goal and an apparent push on Mohamed Salah into an offside position: “Only somebody who has never played football can make this an offside. It’s insane when you see that.

“Why do referees create their own view on something? We all watch football and need the referee but we need them to make the right interpretations of the rules. It’s like, wow. Handball is sometimes handball and all these kinds of things.”

On the title race: “It does, absolutely. That’s nice. It will probably change and that’s no problem. It was not perfect but we are where we are.”

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp to BBC MOTD: “I felt we played a really good game with a few strange moments in the last bit. Finishing for whatever reason was not as good as the rest. I liked the way we played but it’s the fourth game in 10 days. Can I expect a really top, top level? We have to get through this. Burnley had their moments, could have scored the equaliser but for us it’s very important we win the game and nobody gets injured.

“For Darwin [Nunez] it’s clear – strikers need goals. It was never in doubt from our side. Darwin is playing an incredibly important part for us. It’s not only about scoring as long as you win but it was important for him and gave him a lift. Diogo Jota only trained twice with the team and the doctor came in and said ‘he is on the list’. We need him in the moment and today it was 12 minutes or so which was enough to score a decisive goal.

“The first goal that was ruled out I haven’t seen it but for the second goal to be ruled out, it’s just not okay, is what I can say. James Trafford has no chance to get on the ball. It was the perfect goal and Mohamed Salah gets pushed into an offside position.

“There are a lot of moments where the refs look at different things. I don’t know why that’s the case because we all played the same game. We all have the same interests. Why would you decide something where the whole rest of the world would say it’s like this? It’s not that complicated I would say. But today it’s not decisive. There are other moments when it is.

“I can barely bring my arms down to be honest. I told the boys before the game that if they win this game they have two days off. Now we go home to our families, recover and start again.”

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