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Bruno Fernandes caught producing ’embarrassing’ dive in Man Utd’s comeback win over Aston Villa

Bruno Fernandes has been caught producing an ’embarrassing’ dive in Man Utd’s comeback win over Aston Villa on Thursday night.

Man Utd came from behind twice to beat Villa as they booked their spot in the next round of the Carabao Cup.

The Red Devils edged out Unai Emery’s team 4-2, with Fernandes netting in the 78th minute to put his team ahead.

But it wasn’t just his goal that got fans on social media talking after the Portuguese midfielder was caught producing a stupid dive during the cup clash at Old Trafford.

A video shows Fernandes flinching and falling to the ground before making contact with Ezri Konsa.

Goals from Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford, Bruno Fernandes and Scott McTominay see Manchester United overcome Aston Villa in a six-goal second half in which Unai Emery’s side had twice led in the tie.

The Red Devils will now play Burnley in Carabao Cup fourth round. You can see the full draw by clicking HERE.

“First half we controlled the game by good pressing, we won a lot of balls in the opponent’s half but then we did the wrong things,” Ten Hag told Sky Sports. “We were really bad in transition, missing the pass. We missed a lot of opportunities in the first half. Then in the last seven or eight minutes we were sloppy on the ball.

“At half-time we said keep the pressing but be more direct with passing behind their defence. Then we fight back and I’m really proud of the team that they can do that after Sunday’s defeat, after two times they’re down.

“They play with a high line. Pass the ball behind. We were quite successful with that in the second half.

“The problem in the first half was we had too many touches and missed the moment to pass the ball behind. That’s why we brought Eriksen onto the pitch.

“I’m really happy with the resilience. That’s why I was so disappointed – I was really mad on Sunday with the performance from us because we didn’t fight. We were sloppy, especially in the defensive discipline. A United player always has to show 100 per cent discipline.

“We have to play football in a high intensity. The top teams can do it. We made a step in the right direction. But also find the moments where you can get more composure on the ball to drag an opponent out and find the moments where we can speed up. We are in the right direction but there’s still a long way to go.

“Now you have a little bit more time and we can go a little deeper and see where we can improve. We’ll have a good reflection on where we can improve.”

“We competed I think very well and we were having chances to keep for 90 minutes with the spirit and with good balance defensively and offensively,” said Emery afterwards.

“And the last 15 minutes was the moment we lost a bit of our mentality that we were showing. It is for us to improve and work on in these days before the match against Brighton.

“I learned a lot because each player they gave me a lot of information about their performance. But I was not 100 per cent happy with the performance we were doing on Sunday. Both games there were more good things than bad. The worst moment of those two matches were the last 15 minutes.”

Twitter users reacted with Bruno Fernandes caught producing an ’embarrassing’ dive in Man Utd’s comeback win over Aston Villa…

@cheeseIsbeef: Pathetic

@lewbusson: Retrospective action please. #cheat

@henzi1: He needs sorting out.

@swils92: Despise him

@huntgemsnotfox: It’s ingrained in him. Has there ever been a player in the league to moan towards refs like him. Awful bloke

@stevelightowler: He needs to stand in front of the cameras and explain his cheating actions!

@mancbast3: Players do it every single game but Bruno’s the cheat 😂😂😂😂

@CiaranJC95: Have some shame man. Cmon, whilst what you say isn’t untrue, he’s awful for it, the crying and whining and moaning to the ref as well, do you not find it embarrassing?

@mancityneil: One day he’ll get a serious injury and I will laugh. The boy who cried wolf will get his comeuppance.

@EdParker96: Almost as bad as Anthony Gordon

@Archie96056941: Remember when people genuinely thought he was better than KDB 😂😂😂

@southard01: I’m a United fan and even I can’t stand the bloke . Always on the floor always moaning always acting like his been two footed. It’s actually embarrassing for a grown man to act that way

@Bignumber9: And the Oscar for diving goes to Bruno Fernandes. 10 out of 10 for cheating. Not like any Portuguese player before him 🙄

@Barton9647: Post match interviews should bring this up to them and get the players verdict on it

@SamC_219: Imagine claiming to be a football fan and defending a dive like this? Disgrace and an embarrassment to the club

@ballaghCFC: Never hated a player as much as him.

@HarryMummery: The fact this was given as a Utd free kick as well

@Mxrshalladams: The commentator defended Bruno as well 😭

@FowlerLegend: Such a cheat he is

@tavfcuk: Such a horrible individual. Even his own mother must hate him seeing him pull this sort of thing 10 times a game!

@chrisrowley4: Love the way he’s diving way before he clatters into Konsa 🙄

@jenko2nd: He’s the perfect example of what’s wrong with the modern game

@woodyvilla86: Already flinching from 2 yards away

@BenThorne01: One of the most unsporting things I can remember seeing from a PL player to try and get a foul. No interest in competing properly. Deliberate planned to trick the ref. 🥴

@villamart64: Is there a more unlikeable player on the planet 😡

@AdamRyan23: Can’t stand Bruno!!!

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