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Bruno Fernandes caught in furious X-rated rant with Man Utd duo as footage is leaked

Bruno Fernandes has been caught in a furious X-rated rant with Man Utd duo Alex Telles and Fred as footage is leaked this week.

A clip was uploaded of the 27-year-old dishing out the verbal onslaught towards the Brazilian duo, who were filming at the Premier League club’s Carrington training base.

Their encounter was filmed as part of Telles’ ‘A day in the life’ video with Brazilian football marketing agency O Clube Football.

The pair of Red Devils players were stood in the car park when their Portuguese colleague – tipped as a potential club captain – spotted them and called out in his native language: “Stop being such ‘ballers!”

Fernandes appeared to to tell them: “You are here to play football, not film it,” before telling the camera crew to: “Film my d**k.”

Bemused by his reaction and what just happened, Telles and Fred attempted to suppress the situation from going any further by saying: “Chill out you f*****!”

Ferdinand jokingly trolled Fernandes for his outburst, tweeting a picture of himself recording, with a laughing face and some staring eyes emojis, in reaction to the clip.

Meanwhile, Bruno Fernandes recently hit back at those criticising his form and Manchester United missing out on the Champions League.

Asked about his “up and down” form in the national team, Fernandes said: “But who says that? You?”

“I have always been called up and I have been a part of almost every game. Therefore, the manager has liked what I’ve been doing here, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.”

Continuing to elaborate, Bruno brought up the unrealistic expectations that he has been forced to shoulder of late after putting up sensational numbers at club level in the last few years.

“At Sporting and Manchester United I had a lot of numbers and everyone expects me to come to the national team and score in every game,” Bruno said. “But I’m here to do what every moment asks of me. There are games where I have to attack more and in others, I have to defend more. It depends on the strategy. In the national team, we have to find a balance. I have done a good job in the national team, I have been here since 2017.”

After Bruno shut down that topic of conversation, he was asked about United and his level of disappointment in the club missing out on Champions League football for the first time in two years.

“Disappointment would be if I couldn’t play football,” Fernandes said. “Obviously, everyone wants to play in the Champions League. But I’m in the Europa League and when I get there, it will be to win it. We have to earn it.”

Judging by Bruno’s response, he’s ambitious figure who comes off the back an extremely underwhelming season. While trying to be coy, he’s obviously frustrated and to put things right next season under new boss Erik ten Hag, who highly rates the player.

Fans reacted with Bruno Fernandes caught in the furious X-rated rant with the Man Utd duo as footage is leaked and has since gone viral…

@Soccerfit247: Bruno is definitely a leader. Just wish he made better decisions on the pitch…

@MPaiva7: Nobody needed this summer vacation more desperately than Bruno. He needs to recharge, seems to be really stressed out Lolol

@TenHag_fc: I hope Fernandes was serious and not joking


@Aaron_oldo: He’s right though ain’t he. Tellers is good and has a right to piss about but Fred….. fuck me he should locked in the training ground until he knows left from right.

@Martin_Watkins7: Glad Bruno said it. Too much TikTok and bs going on last few years. Sort it out

@Adamdrewett1: He is right to have a go, they are there to play football not piss about, do that shit after training, captain material that.

@wilford_elliott: Can’t believe people are arguing about if this is banter or not!!! It better not be banter I hope Bruno is serious because we’re a laughing stock at the moment, the club needs Bruno’s mentality

@CLavallee13: Lol why did this just make my entire day 😂 Love Bruno

@Tucks_29: I am absolutely satisfied & pleased beyond words with @B_Fernandes8 mentality here, good on him & he’s showing why he’s captain material, enough of the divas like pogba & Jesse, your here to play football & represent the biggest club in England @ManUtd another 2 out the door pls.

@WayneKelly1091: What a man, captaincy incoming!!! @ManUtd

@Azzer1989221: Things you love to see 😂😂

@gregohwell: Man United toxic as hell lmfao

@JAveston: You’re also there to play football not Olympic diving 🤷🏻‍♂️ w*nker

@IDONTM1SSCUH: Bit rich of Bruno to tell anyone to play football

@Stanbridge8: This is why Fernandes is my guy. For years we’ve had players who don’t care and accepting the clubs downfall but Bruno aint having none of it. United need more players with this mentality

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