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Bromley make sudden U-turn after season ticket prices get slammed

Bromley make a sudden U-turn after their new season ticket prices for the 2021/22 season get slammed by supporters on social media.

The National League club, who finished the campaign just gone in the playoffs, have listened to the fans’ backlash.

Just days after revealing the prices, which can be seen below, they will now change them to make it more fan friendly it would seem.

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Bromley Football Club can today confirm Admission and Season Ticket Prices for the forthcoming 2021/22 Vanarama National League season.

With Andy Woodman’s men having a strong end to the 2020/21 season and reaching the National League playoffs for the first time ever, it’s sure to be an exciting season ahead at Hayes Lane, so come on down and #JoinTheJourney!

Match Tickets – National League Fixtures
Adult – £25 Seating – £20 Standing
Over 65s & Students – £20 Seating – £15 Standing
Under 16 – £12 Seating – £7 Standing

One Under 16 accompanying a full paying Adult or Over 65 – £5 – FREE

Season Tickets

Please note, season tickets are only valid for all scheduled National League fixtures. Season Ticket holders will receive priority for any all-ticket cup fixtures during the season.

Adult – £350 Seating, £225 Saving, £290 Standing, £170 Saving
Over 65’s & Students, £280 Seating, £180 Saving, £220 Standing, £125 Saving
Under 16’s, £170 Seating, £106 Saving, £110 Standing, £51 Saving

One Under 16 per Adult or Over 65 Season Ticket Holder – FREE Seating, FREE Standing


Dear Supporter, Following the release of our 2021/22 ticketing arrangements, the Club acknowledges the feedback from valued fans. In light of your views, the Club will look to re-evaluate the current position in the coming days, providing supporters with an update in due course including those who have already purchased season tickets. #WeAreBromley

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As mentioned, Bromley make a sudden U-turn after their initial season ticket prices get slammed, see that reaction below…

@PaulRicher33: This coming season would have been my 50th supporting Bromley but you have priced me out of going to games 🙁 shameful.

@PhotogSmd: It’s sad mate, all the effort, time, money spent following Bromley up and down the country basically means nothing to them. I’m hoping they reconsider the cost for the oaps at least

@PaulRicher33: and for non OAP’s too hopefully, but I seriously don’t think the Chairman cares, a friend bought a season ticket for Charlton for £240 earlier this week, Season Ticket don’t even cover friendlies for the first time that I can remember

@NayfanDenny: Gone up £150 for 1 adult to sit down.

@JoeThor76421841: Club is gonna be in for a shock not many fans will renew, 640 for me and my dad shameful

@PhotogSmd: News flash @bromleyfc not everyone who lives in Bromley are rich, middleclass people, some like myself are on minimum wage, some on zero hours, some may have even lost their jobs in the past year. Not impressed. Unfortunately I won’t /can’t be buying my usual season ticket..

@steve353: 82.5% increase including pre season 😳

@LionofGlencoe: Sorry but for a pensioner I can see Championship football cheaper. Its a No from me ☹️

@PehaugheyPaul: Cheaper at Millwall

@TeeTotalFutbol: I genuinely feel sorry for your fans. After the loyalty they have shown you over the past year, for you to treat them like this is sad. £320 for my season ticket at West Ham, to give you a Premier League comparison.

@capozzilowe: Not happy with this was looking forward to getting my first season ticket but now I can’t afford it with these prices disgusting

@jamesdodd1993: Genuinely felt so positive about this season going into it but this has absolutely deflated me. Been a season ticket holder 3 out of the last 4 seasons where you could have been but I’m not quite how I’m going to make next season work. Judging by comments I’m not the only one.

@CharlieCarefree: Vile. Feel for the fans that buy season tickets every year, especially those that donated money back to the club at the end of 19/20 when the season was curtailed.

@MRamsey1974: Really disappointed with this – huge price increases across the board with less flexibility of spectator experience . I feel like the old Bromley Fc died a bit today – such a shame

@Eames_kiwi: Woodman “I want to connect with the fans” RSG “yeah the fans that can afford to get into the ground”. Embarrassing pricing @bromleyfc totally over the top. Glad I don’t have to fork out.

@BigNonVeganDave: I didn’t realise we had been promoted to the Championship, congratulations to the team

@PaulRicher33: are you serious, £150 increase on last season ticket and paying more to watch National League than quite a few EFL teams, ridiculous pricing.

@ch_matty: Wow, that is expensive, no pre-season fixtures and only 1 under 16 free. Massive increase.

@miltownroad: Think its a bad idea to get rid of both of the two incentives of buying early ie the early bird price and the pre-season friendlies as without them there is no rush to buy and then people will think about it and might decide they wont bother and just pay to go to big games

@wildman_paul: £250 nobody says a word and we a move on upwards. Have seen nothing other than displeasure over this move.

@Jacob46732125: What the…

@PaddyHarris11: Gentrification of our game. Same price as League One clubs. Shocking. Not even including pre-season games!

@Dave_Calvert: Robin mate, you’ve priced out 80% of you fan base…

@leedvnprt: If there was an option to pay in instalments, I would have considered. £290 – £350 is alot to pay in one go for me. Doesn’t even include pre season friendlies anymore

@MikeHead8: Expected a increase but the fact season ticket does not cover friendlies is a shock to me , always has in past .

@Steve_WHU_: Why would anyone buy a season ticket when we have no idea what our team is going to look like? Very odd

@georgieweaver96: Are we gonna get any justification for why the increase is as great at this is?!

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