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Bristol Rovers taunts Derby with TikTok video as Paul Warne slams ‘made-up’ penalty

Bristol Rovers taunts Derby with a TikTok video as Paul Warne slams into the ‘made-up’ penalty decision awarded to the hosts.

Paul Warne couldn’t contain his anger when he fumed at the “made up” penalty that denied his side against Bristol Rovers.

David McGoldrick’s early first-half goal had Derby on track to reclaim their place in the top six of League One.

In the fifth minute, Ollie Yates ruled that Harvey White fouled Anthony Evans. Evans stepped up to the penalty spot and scored.

However, Warne said he watched a replay of the incident and said even opposition manager Joey Barton agreed it wasn’t a foul.

Asked what he said to the referee after the game, Warne said, as per Derby Telegraph: “I told him the truth.

“I watched the goal back and I have the joy of having an Ipad. I’ve seen it back and it’s definitely not a penalty. He fouls our lad.

“I went to Joey (Barton) and congratulated him on the point and I said look ‘I don’t say you didn’t deserve it but that isn’t a penalty.

“He went I know, it’s a foul on your lad. I don’t know what he has seen. I went to the ref and told him the same and said are you are not even embarrassed you got it wrong?

“You’re adamant you have got it right and you haven’t. I’ve watched it back. Their manager says it’s not a penalty.

“It’s not going to ruin any of their weekends is it, but it will ruin mine.

“It’s hugely frustrating. You’ve got to be resolute. Bristol Rovers asked us loads of questions.

“It is a very well-coached team with very good players by the way. It was a typical League One game and it was very random at times.

“When you have a lead to hang on to, sometimes you just have to sit in and we did. I don’t think Joe has made load of saves. It’s so frustrating to concede in the 95th minute with a made-up penalty. It kills me.”

Meanwhile, Bristol Rovers boss Joey Barton claims his side gave Derby County a “footballing lesson” after their 1-1 draw with the Rams on Saturday.

“I think we were much the better side,” he said as reported by BristolLive. “Obviously, they have got some good players and they are a good team, but I thought we made them look distinctly average, certainly from a pressing perspective today.

“The fact we’ve managed to get a draw is good because of the state of play and their goal and them trying to see the game out and run the clock down, but I think when I watch it back tonight, I’ll be disappointed we haven’t won the game.

“I thought we were much the better side and that is really pleasing. I think we have made huge progress since we went to Pride Park earlier in the season and I think that was evident today.

“If you landed here from Mars today and said ‘Who’s going for promotion and who is just happy to stay in the division?’, I think even the most ardent Derby fan today would accept we were light years ahead of them in terms of control of the football.”

Warne raged at the penalty had been awarded, however Barton believes a late equaliser was the least his team deserved, despite what Warne revealed.

“I see two players coming together and I’m not sure,” he added. “I think we’ve had penalties this season that haven’t been given when there has been more contact than that.

“I’m not going to say we didn’t deserve it because on the balance of play, if Derby had won the game 1-0, that was a smash-and-grab raid from them because they weren’t the better team here today. Warney knows and accepts that coming off the pitch. We’ve given them a little bit of a footballing lesson.

“They always say if you don’t play well – and I don’t think Derby played well – don’t lose the game and that’s the sign of a good team. That’s why they are still there seven or eight games to go and they have a chance of promotion and we haven’t.”

Of course, there was a lot of reaction as Bristol Rovers taunts Derby with a TikTok video as Paul Warne slams the ‘made-up’ penalty…

@WPMassey: He deserves an Oscar for his performance yesterday…!

@DerbyStatistics: Cracking reply tbf, could see it coming a mile off… didn’t deserve a win so justice for your lot 👍🏻

@dderby2: Their keeper was a clown- time wasting from the start !

@LewisJubb: But the fans still couldn’t hack it when he clapped them at the end, still booed him 🤣

@daffybrizzle: Bit of shithousing during the goal celebration by the Gas player yesterday in reply to the Derby goalkeeper wasting time. Quite funny tbf.

@gford2304: Embarrassingly how this happens every week. So glad we punished him in added time. #UTG

@allen_robert1: Getting shithoused by Bristol Rovers has to be a new low!! End this season now please #dcfc

@potter1989bwfc: This is fucking brilliant.

@JimmyDRFC: I just absolutely adore the shithouse that is John Marquis. Hero ❤️ #DRFC

@Fazzzzerr: hahah thats class

@dmgould: This is brilliant but still only shows a fraction of what was going on! Wasting time all afternoon to only concede in the 94th minute…life comes at you fast! 😂

@Ryann_BRFC_95: Oh my fuck! 😭😭😭

@ryantizzard: Woweeeee a point at home to secure a mid table finish 🤪🤪🤪

@ktownniko: Credit where due 👏

@DanBurmby: Ha ha…. Well played 😂

@Rob_K82: Great W 👍🏼

@DerbyOpinions: I agree with this 100% embarrassing from my club. Fair play Rovers

@LPGDCFC: Hahah that’s funny tbf

Absolute 🤡

@NewRamMan: Fair play, that’s top flight shithousery #dcfc #dcfcfans

@AlfieKuy: Who the fuck do this lot think they are

@RSage87: 🤣🤣🤣 gotta love the game

@blakepfc: John Marquis was always a shithouse no matter how bad he got 😂

@robbogas: Can’t stop watching 💙

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