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Bristol Rovers surprise fans with significant new stadium announcement

Bristol Rovers surprise their fans with a significant new stadium announcement appearing on their website on Thursday afternoon.

Wael Al-Qadi, the president of Bristol Rovers, says that the club is “moving in a right direction” in relation to their plans to build a stadium at St Philip’s Marsh.

This comes after Conygar Investment Company confirmed that they have the option to look into planning for the 14.7-acre Fruit Market site.

The League One side were looking at that site as their best option for a new permanent home. 

Conygar developers have now exchanged conditional contracts with their various plans for development now be entered into the planning process, almost a year after they were first announced that they had signed a “non binding agreement”.

Conygar’s purchase of the £450,000 option from current shareholders is conditional up to the 31st of March 2024, unless a planning application has been made within that time.

Along with Conygar’s confirmation, the club took to released a video of four minutes with some shots of the ground, along with a compilation of goal scoring moments plus a bird’s-eye view of Bristol with it showing the ground and where their new home would be, to the south east of the city.



Conygar Bristol Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Conygar Investment Company PLC, has exchanged conditional contracts with the Wholesale Bristol Fruit Market for the land at St. Philips Marsh, where the market is currently located.

Bristol Rovers Football Club is supportive of this development and we welcome the news today of the contract exchange. The regeneration of St Philip’s Marsh represents a great opportunity for the region and the football club.

Bristol City Council and its partners, including West of England Combined Authority (WECA) and Homes England, consider St. Philip’s Marsh to be an exciting opportunity to develop a low-carbon place to live, work and spend time. The club shares the aspirations set out in the Bristol Temple Quarter Development Framework and looks forward to working with the Council and its partners to make these a reality.

Over the next few months, we will work with Conygar to play our part in creating a vision for the site that supports the needs of the city as well as ensuring that we protect the long-term interests of the football club.

Bristol Rovers Football Club has been a part of these discussions for the past two-and-a-half years and we will now work with Conygar to finalise the plans unlocking the potential of the site for the city and the football club.

Club President Wael Al Qadi said: “This announcement marks a big milestone in our journey for a new stadium. We have been in positive discussions with the team at Conygar for two-and-a-half years and we are delighted that they have now formally secured a deal for the site. We look forward to working with them to finalise our agreement, whilst maintaining the long-term future of Bristol Rovers Football Club.”

Greg Miller Cheevers, CEO of Conygar said: “St. Philip’s Marsh and the Fruit Market site hold exciting possibilities that could help to transform this area into something positive for the city. We have been in discussion with Bristol Rovers for a significant time. These discussions between Conygar and the club are meaningful and ongoing and I look forward to continuing to work with Wael and the club to finalise a solution that works for all parties.”

Conygar: regeneration track-record

Conygar holds substantial experience in multi-million-pound regeneration schemes. These schemes include Island Quarter in Nottingham City Centre – a mixed-use scheme for over three million square feet to include new homes, life sciences, grade A office space, creative market, a lifestyle hotel, retail units, student accommodation and associated public realm.

Proposed designs for the UWE Stadium

As mentioned, Bristol Rovers surprise fans with the significant new stadium announcement…

@mattdoo: It’s fucking happening holy moly

@GasOnTour: Wait! What! OMG! A stadium update! I need to go get my eyes checked. UTG!

@mxt84: Never thought I’d see the day jeeeeezus

@willthomas67: No more tent 👎🏻

@colbybarkerr: Of course for the direction of the club nee stadium is well overdue. But gunna miss that tinpot shit hole I can’t lie

@ethanrogers99: Cannot wait for Sainsburys to swoop in and buy the land for twice the price

@elliotbrfc: We’ve actually fucking done it

@DJPhilAllen: I’m crying like a baby, is it REALLY, FINALLY happening? Thank you @waelalqadi and #utg

@bumblesbeard: I honestly didn’t think it would ever happen. Still a long way to go until it does mind. I’d like 4 seats on the side by the dugouts please. #UTG

@Jordan_BRFC: Will believe it’s going to happen when I’m sat in it and we’re 2 down after 10 minutes

@charliebrnt0117: I’m an emotional wreck rn

@AidanMerritt1: We are so overdue a new stadium. The fans want it, The club needs it. It’s enough to make a grown man cry. Let’s all cross our fingers that this is the one. We’ve had too many opportunities fall through before. But this feels like something to get excited by. Up The Gas 💙🤍

@Davemoore1962: Great news, but I’ll believe it when I’m sat in it. #utg

@garylmarks: Please allow me to dream again without judgement, even if it is just for a day or two.

@stevetav: Been disappointed too many times before. Until I’m in the place I won’t believe it. But to dream, oh to dream…

@BRFC_Luke: Fair play that’s mint 👏

@robbrowne19: Until I’m sat in my seat in the new stadium I won’t believe. been let down so many times since we left eastvile @waelalqadi

@neilgraydon83: Bigger and better that you will ever be! Premiership in 5 years here we come!! 😂😂🙌🏼🙌🏼💙

@liztheperry: Must admit that video brought water to my eyes – season ticket holder and attending games since 1966 …. I live in hope – Please don’t let us down ….. again

@Iboughtaflute: Great video but as for a new stadium Ill believe if when I see it

@CraigWallberg: What a video, so many memories. And of course the next step in the history of Bristol’s oldest football club is on the horizon. Proud to be a gashead

@SkatesAmos: I’m goosebumps all over. Exciting times ahead 😍👏🏻💙

@Spawn_In_Games: Holy shit is it actually happening!!!!!!

@jonnygroves12: April fools was 5 days ago lads

@brfclars: No fucking way

@jahuntt: if they call the stadium the fruit market i swear to fuck…

@SteveHutsonCGE: Let’s not get too excited – this is all still dreamworks until the Rovers end of this deal is signed and sealed. Todays announcement from Conygar changes nothing and tho I suspect it is the beginning of the beginning of the end 😉👌🤞 it could still be binned.

@Joshua_Brfc: NAH IT CAN’T BE REAL

@SimonDGould: ‘Kin hell!! This better happen before my time runs out lads!!

@Jeremysquire: Actual goosebumps

@DanielShepps: How do you put the excitement into words ⛽️😍

@GeorgeButler__: It really is the hope that kills you, surely not?

@WayneVowles: Massive news!!! In @waelalqadi we trust

@mattjonesutg: up the fruit market gas then

@bristolbluegas: Seems like we “might” be making some progress. We’ve had so many false dawns, I’m hoping that this news is positive!

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