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Bristol Rovers labelled ‘a shambles’ as they release statement with away allocation reduced

Bristol Rovers have been labelled ‘a shambles’ as they release a statement with the away allocation for Barnsley at home reduced.

The club have been developing the new South Stand this summer, but have confirmed that the new stand won’t be ready in time for the forthcoming League One campaign.

It will be a blow to the travelling support who planned to go to the game with just 500 terrace seats available and but nothing for disabled or accessible seating.

Rovers hope the new South Stand will hold another 3,414 supporters but as seen in a picture by Bristol Live, they are still waiting to secure planning permission after their application was validated at the end of June.


Bristol Rovers Football Club can today confirm that due to issues outside of the club’s control, the new South Stand development will not be ready for the start of the season.

As many of you will be aware, the club has pursued an ambitious plan to improve the facilities at the Mem and increase the number of seats heading into this season. This is following the recent reductions in the capacity of the terrace areas and a desire to increase the number of standard and disabled seating options, whilst getting the capacity back up to previous levels.

Prior to the release of the fixtures, the club requested through the appropriate EFL channels that the first two matches of the season be away from home. Unfortunately, this request was not possible due to fixture sequencing and compilation rules.

Upon the release of the fixtures, we asked Barnsley to consider a reversal, they ultimately determined that they were not able to agree as it would disrupt their own fixture schedule, which is a decision they are entitled to take under the regulations.

Following this, we have been in discussions with the EFL to assess our options. This included looking into the possibility for a postponement whilst also reviewing the processes required to facilitate supporters attending the game safely. However, the EFL has informed us that if the Club was unable to fulfil this or any other fixture, it would result in an investigation under the Regulations. As a club, this isn’t a risk that we were prepared to take, despite the mitigating circumstances in this instance.

We appreciate that time is now tight before the game so our team will be looking to contact all those currently with season tickets in the affected areas to discuss their specific requirements to see if we can move you to another part of the ground for this fixture. This process will start immediately, and we urge all supporters involved to remain patient whilst our team attempt to find a solution for you.

Sadly, away supporters for this fixture will be limited to 500 terrace tickets, with no disabled or accessible seating available. This stance has been accepted by Barnsley, our visitors.

We would like to apologise to both our supporters and those looking to attend from Barnsley for all of the inconvenience.

Moving forward we will continue to review the situation on a match-by-match basis and update supporters as early as possible as to the plans for each fixture.

The club is continuing to work with local residents and the local planning authority regarding this application. Following some delays, the planning application has been registered by the council and is currently being assessed. You can review this detail and have your say on the planning portal here.


Due to renovation works currently underway at the Memorial Stadium, our away allocation for the fixture will be reduced.

Tickets for our fixture on Saturday 12 August will be limited to 500 terrace tickets, with no disabled or accessible seating available.

Information will be communicated to our fans as soon as possible regarding the process for purchase.

Bristol Rovers have apologised for the inconvenience and we as a club thank you for your continued fantastic support.

As mentioned, Bristol Rovers are labelled ‘a shambles’ by fans as they release a statement with the away allocation reduced…

@BristolOli: From tents ⛺️ to a pile of rubble inside 10 weeks 🤣 the gift that keeps on giving

@ChrisPe13881283: Due to issues outside of the club’s control??? A strange stance. I would have thought planning permission be sought before committing to such a project.

@onerealmasters: Tin pot. End of.

@eadesryann: Expecting to build a stand over a summer break when we hadn’t even gone for planning yet is actually so bad you have to laugh. Genuinely be surprised if we see that stand before Christmas if ever 🤦🏼‍♂️

@ElliotLane11: I for one am shocked

@sjreynolds1883: Tis what it is. I’m sure the club will accommodate where possible. Just a shame it’s Barnsley, if it had been Fleetwood, Burton or clubs of that size 500 would have been more than enough & there would be no more issue than that of re-siting our fans, which tbf is more important

@Y2JAKE1991: @RequestABet odds on the south stand being ready before Portsmouth at home on Boxing Day?

@Akendell1966: Same old Tin Pot Rovers. The old tents were down in days why not just wait … Embarrasing

@MadeByTonz: Is it a shoo-in that we’ll get planning permission and what on earth will happen if we don’t?

@bcfcCallum98: You lot need to treat your fans better rivalry aside the fans don’t deserve this

@Spawn_In_Games: Was a bit silly to apply for permission as late as they did and still expect it to be ready

@RobbieDavies: I thought it was just the manager who blamed everyone else for their own poor decisions. Can’t believe the EFL and Barnsley have caused us this problem.

@Ben_Goodhind: Its not conditions out of your control. You took down the stand before you had planning permission

@1Gashead: South stand won’t happen. So glad I didn’t pay the extra 150 pound for me to move back to the stand I was moved out of. Morale to the story don’t be greedy and sell season tickets before you build a stand 🤦🏼‍♂️

@Gashead832: Sorry Rovers , I hate saying it but this is a shambles and a real embarrassment.

@PanthersGas: This is like one of those awkward emails you have to send at work so you send it at the end of the day then log off straight after!

@DaveNoMercy64: I’m starting to feel genuinely sorry for Rovers fans. Not the club, but any fan of any club deserves better treatment than this absolute shambles

@Oldgschicken: Never EVER change Gas! But seriously, poor communication from the club clearly, but ultimately, is it really that big a deal? Not in the grand scheme of things. I don’t mind our club being ambitious, makes a change.

@cidersuspect: Out of interest, did you ever consider not demolishing your own stand before receiving planning permission to replace it? 😅

@dogendrollup: Who in their right mind starts work on a new stand without planning permission?.

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