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Bristol Rovers boss Joey Barton ‘publicly hangs player out to dry’ after loss to Peterborough

Bristol Rovers boss Joey Barton ‘publicly hangs player out to dry’ after suffering a 2-0 loss to Peterborough United on Saturday.

Barton caused quite the stir on social media following his post-match interview which saw him launch an astonishing outburst at his own player.

Archie Collins netted his first goal for Peterborough, with the deficit doubled two minutes into the second half when David Ajiboye pounced to score his first Football League goal in Posh colours in a 2-0 victory.

“Their first goal was a deflected hit that went through a crowd of bodies and our keeper had no chance,” Barton said, as per Peterborough Today.

“Then to compound it one idiotic young boy – I can’t even call him a man – has compromised the team with his behavioural standards and we find ourselves 2-0 down with a mountain to climb.

“I can’t fault the other 10 players or the lads that came off the bench because they kept plugging away and kept pushing.

“Unless we man up – and I know you have to be careful saying that in the modern era – and absolutely eradicate these weak, feeble-minded individuals that are currently inside our unit, we won’t get promoted out of this division.

“’Luke reported his hamstring was tight one minute before we were going out. He got told to test it and said ‘no, I’m fine’.

“The ball is down his side and he said his hamstring has gone so we were about to make a substitution.

“But, in his infinite wisdom, he goes to press the ball and completely exposes Jack Hunt.

“We should do better after that, but we find ourselves 2-0 down – all because someone hasn’t got the mindset required to make the correct call to keep the team strong.

“I’m frustrated, disappointed and gutted for the travelling fans who came in their numbers and I think anyone who has been here today will see we were more than a match for Peterborough.

“We didn’t get that little bit of luck and we were sabotaged from within with an idiotic decision by Luke.

“I can’t really get too down on the lads as I thought there was some really good stuff out there, but some days it just doesn’t go for you.

“A deflection ends up in our net, we hit the post and the chunky legs of Jonson Clarke-Harris came to their aid on the goal-line!

“It was like trying to get round an oak tree on the line, but Aaron Collins has got to score that.

“The thing that’s really annoyed me is at 1-0 I still really fancied us. I thought we were the better side and said to the lads at half-time that Peterborough had scored against the run of play.

“The frustrating thing for me is because of an idiotic decision we find ourselves 2-0 down and they had something to hang onto.

“We’ve had a right go at them, but we couldn’t find that breakthrough and it’s three points dropped because we’re better than them.”

This is how Twitter users reacted as Bristol Rovers boss Joey Barton ‘publicly hangs player out to dry’ after the loss to Peterborough…

@Ford4Caz: This is horrible. LT had been amazing this season and I’m sure Rovers fans won’t be holding this against him.

@GeorgeTinc54827: Wouldn’t mind Barton leaving in all honestly

@PufcTalk: Massive hypocrisy here from Barton. As a player he was disgraceful at times, always letting his sides down because he couldn’t control his anger. It’s hard to lead others when you don’t/didn’t practice what you preach.

@007Sutts: This is absolutely comedy gold! How on earth is he a football league manager! I’ve never heard anyone with less leadership and bollocks! Keep going Joey you’re doing a great job of maintaining the Gap! #OTIB #MindTheGap

@The_Rovers_Ram: Why is he such a cock – embarrassing

@ethridge_rhys: Think joey has forgotten who signed LT twice. All to his credit when we win, all the players fault when we lose

@2Gashead833: Poor from Barton

@ianmaggs: This is embarrassing. I know which one I would rather go and it isn’t Thomas.

@Kneehawks: I know someone else at the Club who has been given many opportunities and keeps making stupid mistakes, like throwing his players under the bus. Just take the blame for once or better still, just leave!

@Millsy1957: How long will it take Joey Barton to grow up? Get this prick out of my club.

@eadesryann: Very poor, been one of if not the best player for us these season. Not a fan of that

@ElliotLane11: This is so poor from him. Can never quite shake off his reputation can he

@Shatnersfunhous: Joey has previous for this. It’s harsh but last time he did it LT came back a better player. He’s probably been our best player so far this season, LT will most likely come back Tuesday and win MOM. Harsh from Barton, I’m sure no fan blames Luke Thomas.

@stoners43: 2 years of hard work undone in one interview. Well done @Joey7Barton.

@AlexMuz3: That is horrific! Basically just completely destroyed the player.

@MeanStreets111: No need of this Joey. We were all disappointed, but I bet not a single fan blamed LT?!?!

@JBCamping: Wow, this just shows awful leadership and probably a reason why players are afraid to make decisions. Why Rovers have kept such a poor manager who blames anyone but himself is beyond me.

@GasOnTour: Talk about over the top. Thomas has been one of our best players this season. Okay, he made a mistake trying to play on in the second half but there’s absolutely no need for that outburst from Barton & certainly not in public. Totally unnecessary & very poor man management IMO.

@PaulGC84: Hang on…… Maybe Barton ought to look at himself and be more approachable. That way, players may be more open with how they’re feeling. As for all that crap about fining him and giving the money to fans. You reckon Rovers fans would have any of that?!

@ollyrhodes86: Embarrassing this. Thrown your own player under the bus. Whos barton to talk about chances too. Had more than anyone

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