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Bristol Rovers and Bradford let fans vote on proposed new crests despite backlash to change

Bristol Rovers and Bradford City let fans vote on how they want their proposed new crests to look despite backlash on plans to change.

League One outfit Bristol Rovers will continue the consultation process of redesigning the club’s badge despite increasing opposition from supporters on social media especially after the latest survey released.

Having announced a desire to change the badge in early September, Rovers CEO Tom Gorringe revealed in his programme notes prior to the Lincoln City fixture that 52 per cent of fans initially polled had stated they were open to the idea of changing the crest.

The club wanting to bring a more modern approach to the design and the overall branding, and a second survey was sent to fans this week containing concepts of new shapes, fonts and designs that could be incorporated into the design and asking for supporters for their preferences.

However the plans have been met with considerable anger with some even mocking it.

There is a choice of the skull with crossed swords, isolated crossed swords and a graphical interpretation of a pirate.

But Bristol Rovers fans have taken to Twitter to make it clear how unhappy they are, with the pirate compared to Adam Ant, the former logo of NFL side the New England Patriots and Poldark.

This isn’t going to be the final designs, but just some sort of idea to what fans want in the future, but the main issue is that while 52% who are open to change, the 48% who aren’t, are very much vocal in their opposition to the idea.

In the survey released, the club note that, “many like the idea of an increased sense of ‘aggression’ within the imagery, which it was felt our current pirate lacks. Furthermore, it was noted by many that the crest is not ‘symmetrical’ meaning it sometimes looks off centre or out of place.”

It also adds that 57% of respondents want to see a new shape, 66% were open to seeing a new font and 68% of respondents would be open to seeing new imagery – with answers being “Crossed swords”, “Skull Imagery” and “Updated Pirate”.

Rovers will continue to work with fans throughout the process, maintaining transparency, and Gorringe, on September 17th, declared that: “We will not be looking to change to any form of ‘modern’ template crest and any options considered would have to be unique and representative of the club and its history, if it is decided collectively that was the best way to go.”

Meanwhile, Bradford City have also put some proposed crest designs to fans, issuing a statement this week and they don’t have long to vote.


Bradford City AFC has today proposed three crests for supporters to vote on, to determine which will be taken forward as the club’s identity from 1st July 2023, following the latest Your City, Your Say survey.

Supporters can now take their pick from two new designs, and the club’s existing crest, in a final survey on the Your City, Your Say website, which will be open until 11.59PM ON SUNDAY (November 6). about:blank

City’s chief executive officer, Ryan Sparks, said: “Following our last consultation period, we felt it was important to act upon the feedback received from our supporters. 

“We appreciate all the feedback we have gathered throughout each stage of the project. This engagement has informed the direction of our next steps, and led to the proposals you see today.

“It would be fantastic for as many people as possible to respond to the final survey, which will give us a definitive final position on our future identity.”

Luke Flacks, director of brand, marketing and media, said: “Upon the conclusion of the second survey, we immediately started work on adapting the initial design proposal in line with supporters’ feedback. The depth of the feedback has also given us an opportunity propose a brand-new bantam design as an alternative solution.  

“While the ‘strength’ and ‘confidence’ of the initial bantam design were liked, it was clear that supporters felt it would benefit from greater detail. We have therefore amended the initial proposal so the bantam has extra detail in its face and body, including the addition of stripes in the tail to further define its characteristics.

“The second new proposal still encompasses a feeling of strength and confidence, but the bantam has a radically different bodily shape and design features. It also has the addition of a ball included under its foot, again in response to feedback from the latest survey.

“The keeping of the club’s unique shield was well received by supporters. Both new design proposals now incorporate claret and amber stripes with two different styles, as well as the addition of extra colours to further accentuate its shape.”

The club is now inviting all supporters to vote on which crest should be taken forward via the third and final Your City, Your Say survey – open NOW until 11.59PM ON SUNDAY (November 6). To complete it, please CLICK HERE 

Further information, including an amended supporters’ pack and short animations about the build and characteristics of each proposal, can be found on the Your City, Your Say website: bradfordcityafc.com/YourCityYourSay

This is what social media users said as Bristol Rovers and Bradford let fans vote on proposed new crests despite a backlash to change…


@gasheadforlife: Please rovers listen to us fans and don’t do anything to the badge it’s not broken so don’t fix it don’t give the 82ers more ammunition

@nickhodgson13: Would be interesting to know how many responses the club got, to work out how many fans out of a typical home attendance at the Mem actually want to change the logo.

@LynneLynneeb: Truly horrid. Only a very small majority had indicated they wanted change. But surely not one of these 3

@njg330: All three are awful.

@Neil_Davies_: It seems we’re gonna end up with an NFL badge lads. Up the North Bristol Buccaneer Patriots 😩🤮

@GlenYoungBRFC: Adam Ant enters Rovers badge contest

@GeorgeClements0: That second one is actually so funny

@0contextrovers: Rovers 🤝 Microsoft Word 2004 Clip Art

@BRFCBill: No, no and a thousand more no’s @Official_BRFC

1) These designs are shocking
2) Don’t mess with the badge
3) Improve the stadium instead

@Rapt0rfeet: Don’t touch that fucking badge @Official_BRFC

@Metal_Man99: Utter wank, please don’t change it

@Rapt0rfeet: They’ve been a bit cheeky with the numbers there. Pretty sure that 52% is people who have suggested ANY changes to the badge (colours, text etc.) I can guarantee you nowhere near that number wants the complete redesign that they seem to be forcing us down.


@connergriffin02: C – Just leave the badge the way it is, after the last survey, I think its clear no one wants the change.

@Jackwill0801: C

@HJPM2001: Badge C vote closed don’t change what’s not broken 👍🏻

@dannyclare: There’s something about that 3rd one 😍

@RichJamesCon: C , we don’t want change

@CraigAndrew3: B is certainly better than A, but I will be voting for C.

@Colmr84: Option C for me

@Liam21F: Nice to see @officialbantams getting the local school kids involved with these designs 🤮… keep it as it is !

@ArthurGuitar: C or C or C or C Leave it as it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Dannyfrost67: Crazy that fans have spent 5mins designing new badges and are all better than ones the club have paid for

@boarsheadbantam: Has to be C outta those, 2nd image of B not too bad, potential there if we had to, but looks bad in white on shield (and stripes look faded) stick with what we’ve got, sack the designer and try again when we’re in the championship and can afford better (or a boars head) 😉 #bcafc

@pj_butcher: Honestly thought B was just the Bantam on it’s own – no shield, no crap fonts. That would have been a change worth having. Putting it back in a fat shield is a waste of time. I’m C every day of the week. The Bantam on it’s own would have been a change worth making.

@KonceptKitz: Nothing personal, but we’ll be going with C. Credit to you for putting it to the fans, some clubs don’t. The two new ones are not enough of an improvement to justify the change. Not against rebranding, but it must be a clear improvement. Personal opinion is that these aren’t.

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