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Bristol City’s Nigel Pearson fumes after Hull are awarded highly-disputed penalty

Bristol City’s Nigel Pearson fumes after Hull City are awarded what ended up being a highly-disputed penalty on Saturday afternoon.

Referee Dean Whitestone’s performance was heavily criticised during the post-match reaction of the Tigers’ dramatic 2-1 win to at the MKM Stadium on the opening day of the Championship campaign.

The Robins had been leading 1-0 thanks to Andreas Weimann’s goal on the half-hour mark but the game changed with substitute Benjamin Tetteh and was judged to have been tripped up by Kal Naismith in the 72nd minute, with the Tigers managing to secure a turnaround in stoppage time when Jean Michael Seri’s effort deflected into the top corner.

Pearson felt the decision to award a penalty on Tetteh was a bad call, and to make matters worse, Whitestone then turned down strong claims for a foul on Rob Atkinson with the scores level.

“It’s not pleasant viewing, let’s just put it like that. I’m afraid the penalty is not good to view. It’s just very frustrating,” Pearson said. “I’m not particularly in the best mood. I think we played pretty well and could have managed the ball a bit better in the second half.

“It’s a bit of a travesty to come away from here with nothing, but that’s the nature of football. We passed the ball really well in the first half and created good chances on the flanks. We didn’t really look in too much danger.

“The fans have seen some decent performances, in many ways, but we’re talking about the wrong things again – and that’s the problem. There’s lots of things that I liked about the performance but we just didn’t have a clinical edge to our passing in the second half.

“The pivotal moment is the penalty and then a deflection like that doesn’t give you a chance. We’ve been mugged a bit today, if you look at it back, it’s a bit embarrassing,” he added.

Speaking on ITV’s new EFL show, pundit Dean Ashton has said Pearson has reason to be aggrieved after Hull City were awarded a controversial penalty.

“Tetteh does get kicked to start with, I think there is some contact but there is allowed to be contact without it being a penalty. Clearly he could’ve taken a step and then a shot so I think he’s justified in what he has said, (Nigel) Pearson.

“That was a key moment in the game to equalise for Hull. They’ve made big signings.”

Hull City (3-4-1-2): Ingram; Jones, Figueiredo, Greaves; Coyle (C), Seri, Slater, Allahyar (Covil 84’); Tufan (Docherty 73’); Smith (Elder 73’), Estupiñán (Tetteh 64’).

Subs not used: Robson, Cannon, McLoughlin.

Bristol City (3-4-1-2): Bentley (C); Vyner, Naismith, Atkinson (Klose 89’); Sykes (Wilson 60’), Williams, James, Dasilva; Scott (Conway 60’); Weimann, Martin.

Subs Not Used: O’Leary, Tanner, Wells, Massengo.

Attendance: 16,667

Hull boss Shota Arveladze said: “Even though we stay 1-0 down, it was an even game – they had chances, we had chances.

“We keep going because of the supporters – they help us a lot and give us extra energy, which sometimes you want to find in the last half an hour. That’s all together.

“They assist the energy to the boys and the boys use that energy and finish the game.

“The most important thing was to show this great atmosphere we want to get better, we want to every single game fight.

“This is a long process, sometimes we’re going to lose, sometimes we’re going to win, but we’re going to look forward to such afternoons to celebrate together.

“We needed a result, energy, atmosphere – we needed everything. We needed a good start, this adrenaline, which we have to find.

“That was what the public create today – give us incredible huge energy for the whole season.”

Twitter users had their say as Bristol City’s Nigel Pearson fumes after Hull are awarded a highly-disputed penalty…

@otibfanzine: Notice no Hull player appealed, sure sign the ref got it wrong, he did look embarrassed!

@djrowe149: He bent down to tie his laces up and face-planted! Awful!

@andygeorge1976: That’s the most blatant dive I’ve ever seen

@Joshdbryan89: He’s even looking right at it 🤦‍♂️

@mattsargent2112: Someone’s been watching Baz Savage…That’s shocking

@Streetyx3: Compare and contrast with Atkinson being suplexed in the opposition box… no foul. #BristolCity

@rpmayes86: Wow that second angle

@nickday1980: And so it starts already! What a joke!

@radadamcider0: He literally took 3 steps then fell over

@jonnyblundra: Referee will give that all day long, it’s not a great challenge, the lad makes the most of it, ref under pressure as he should have given one first half, so no complaints really.

@city2854: Embarrassing @EFL is this what the standard of referering is going to be like. God help us

@jimhigo: I was right in line with it and he went down in instalments I know but your clumsy number 4 who struggled all game lunged in and did catch him slightly but it’s a very soft one I agree.

@lukebed79: That pen was deserved just for all the pathetic time wasting and falling to the floor from your team. Karma says don’t cheat 😜

@pure_robin719: He took his time deciding whether to go down or not didn’t he 🤡

@BROWNERBS3: Disgraceful. Player and ref. Both should be banned

@oshnewport: That’s unbelievable. How is that acceptable

@cidercity1966: It’s not like we are playing for the biggest prize in football. It’s every bloody week with these ref’s we can give you a compilation of pens given against us and pens not given to us, what’s it now something like 1 penalty given in 2 seasons. @efl joke

@iiSteveJonesii: I hope the @FAspokesperson gives the same punishment that was dished out to Matty Godden last season? #PUSB

@ChrisTwigger2: @MattyGodden24 got a 2 game ban for that last year. Wondering if we can keep mentioning this for another whole season, without getting an @efl response.

@andymozz8: Until players are given large retrospective bans nothing will change. Clubs need to be fined to

@Isaacfisherr4: One of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen #efl

@MaxRebo26309927: The standard of referees in this country is abysmal. It’s every single week now. There is either zero consistency in decisions or they totally lose control of the game. Last season I saw a ref give a free kick for a player heading the ball because he said it was a high leg 🤡

@BristolStuu: That is horrendous! 🤦🏼‍♂️

@sam_jeffs: For people moaning about referees. This was a decision given by a ‘championship standard’ ref, so it’s gonna be a mixed bag. So let’s make sure we don’t get themselves into a situation where we simply have too much to do #StockportCounty

@ARWURZELBS3: @EFL have a word 🫣🫣🙄🙄🙄 This standard of refereeing is embarrassing

@CliftonReds: Incredibly frustrated. Bristol City’s performance was well deserving of points, but an embarrassingly poor refereeing decision and an unfortunate 93rd minute deflection meant that we left with nothing. Feels like we’re cursed at times.

@BentosTheEnigma: Doen’t matter how he’s gone down. If he’s been clipped – which he blatantly has – then it’s a pen. No amount of tears cried is going to change that, I’m afraid. Sorry, Nigel #hcafc

@BcfcNoah: WTF IS THAT😭😭😭😭😭

@leahbcfc: How is this actually allowed

@TurfCastPodcast: Good to see this is the standard we have to look forward to

@Matthecatt: Worse than neymar. Embarrassing

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