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Bristol City player given four-match ban by FA for incident missed by officials but caught on camera

Bristol City player Mark Sykes has been given a four-match ban by the FA for an incident missed by officials but caught on camera.

The Football Association has suspended the 25-year-old midfielder for four matches for violent conduct during Sunday’s 2-0 Championship defeat to Swansea City.

The match officials didn’t see the incident, but it was captured on video, with Sykes denying the charges but an independent committee proved it.

In addition to the three he was already banned for, he was also given an extra one-game ban after receiving a red card in the earlier part of the season.


Mark Sykes has been suspended for four matches following an incident in the 81st minute of the Sky Bet Championship game against Swansea City on Sunday, March 19th.

A statement from the FA read: “The midfielder’s behaviour was not seen by the match officials at the time, but it was caught on camera, and The FA subsequently alleged that it constitutes violent conduct.

“Mark Sykes denied the charge against him, but it was found to be proven by an independent Regulatory Commission following a hearing, and a four-match suspension applies.

“The standard punishment for violent conduct is a three-match suspension. However a four-match suspension applies in this case as Mark Sykes was sent off earlier this season.”

Sykes will miss the games against Reading, Stoke City, Middlesbrough and Watford.

This is what fans said as the Bristol City player is given a four-match ban by the FA for an incident missed by officials but caught on camera…

@richieGriffin55: If the ref sees this it’s a straight red. And given his red earlier in the season it does warrant a 4 match ban unfortunately. Frustrating as it is it’s the correct decision.

@Risswatch14: Christ, the whole day sounds like a shitshow for Robins. I love an away day but I’m not sorry I missed this one. Security was a joke, lost the match 2-0 and now this utter madness 😳

@leahbcfc: Not ideal…

@Snowman2174_: Agree it should of been a red but its a dangerous path if they start looking at footage after matches have finished. Where do you draw the line? If you studied any match closely you’d see loads of things the ref didn’t pick up!

@bcfchc: yeah can’t argue with that, looks like stamp from manning though no?

@bcfclucy: But Billy Sharp can literally punch Tom Lockyer in the face and receive nothing. Corrupt officials all over the gaff. Fuck off.

@no1jack8: So manning gets studs in the knee pushed by both Bristol players and gets booked for it 😂🤦‍♂️🤯

@welshgaryevans: It’s more to do with the shove afterwards isn’t it?

@dhiggins20: Sort of feel for Ryan manning because he didn’t make the initial contact with Sykes. Sykes was absolutely fouled but obviously didn’t realise it wasn’t manning that clipped his heel

@DanielFry23: Seeing the footage deserves a red

@tomcuff1: You can’t argue with that really. Silly decision.

@cavebuilders: That’s shocking

@bristol_red: Come on that’s a joke

@AdamRob82681607: FFS. If it doesn’t rain, it pours.

@rmace1986: Thought are with Manning who unfortunately experienced 2.5 seconds of the most intense pain you could ever imagine, shortly followed by being fine and up for a scrap. Can’t believe there are people who watch miraculous levels of recovery like this and don’t believe in a God…

@JamesSCFC_: Has to be one of the stupidest challenges i’ve ever seen

@TheSwanPortal: Vile challenge.

@swanspassion: Knew exactly what he was doing there sly little shit

@DarlingSZN: Hahahaha unluckyyyyyyy

@scfccharlie: easiest 4 match ban i’ve ever seen

@DaveNoMercy64: City fans trying to say 4 match ban is soft. It isn’t, banged to rights there

@FryCiderArmy: The @EFL despise Bristol City. Sick of terrible referees and the obvious bias. We’ve had 3 players react violently against us this season and gotten off scott free. We get a 4 game ban. Clowns.

@EuanBCFC_: Dunno how people are so fuming at this, he’s kicked out at a man who didn’t even foul him while he’s lying in the floor

@benwilliamsbutt: Maddest bit is him denying it 🥴

@crobbyg: ffs defo deserves it then

@HarryNicholso15: So stupid to do that Fairly banned tbh

@BS3Rob: Is Ryan Manning suspended too or did this camera evidence miraculously only pick up Bristol City players?

@tamararoberts__: What a wanker hahahahaha

@MickyD76750519: The worst thing is he kicked the wrong bloke 🙈

@eddiesphone: Always us isn’t it…

@chappers0106: Can’t argue with that really

@SpiersHarvey: 4 game ban for a little kick out? 😂

@NJSopinionNJS: There is not a shadow of doubt in my mind that the @EFL have a vendetta against this club. Someone will undoubtedly decide to turn whistleblower at some point. Remember when Diedhiou was banned for spitting when there was zero evidence, neither an independent witness or footage

@ELJones95: So this will likely cost us points all for a minute of stupidity when we are already 7 players short, nice one Sykesy 😃👍🏼

@tomxrawle: Seems excessive

@bcfc_22: bin this season

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