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Bristol City fans left laughing as Swansea fan gets ejected by stewards

Bristol City fans were left laughing as a Swansea City fan gets ejected from the away end by stewards on Sunday afternoon.

The game itself saw Bristol City centre-back Rob Dickie heading the only goal of the Championship fixture to boost home side’s survival hopes while the Swans now just five points above relegation zone.

Sky Sports reported that the ‘vast number of empty seats spoke volumes for the damage done to fan morale by that recent run’ for the Robins.

And with the first half seeing ‘Manning’s men failing to register a single attempt on goal’, they were ‘booed off at the interval’, especially ‘having lacked any conviction in their attacking play and been largely outplayed by a Swansea team who went into the game a point behind them in the table.’

Swansea were the side more likely to score even mid-way through the second half, but after Dickie sent an effort wide from a free-kick into the box, his effort was rewarded when getting his head on the end of a cross sent in by Williams.

Bristol City’s Liam Manning:

“I was pleased enough with our patience after a cagey first half and from then on it was a really solid team performance. Rob Dickie is a huge player for us in both boxes. He is like a magnet for the ball when crosses come in. Being massive helps, but he also has the ability to hold off his marker and take up dangerous positions in front of goal.

“The message to the players before the game was to live in the present and not worry about past results or the future. But of course four successive defeats leave a mark and it was important to get a result to boost confidence again.

“I’m pleased with the clean sheet, particularly after a game at Ipswich in midweek in which we did most things right only to concede twice in the closing stages.”

Swansea’s Luke Williams:

“I didn’t see a team out there who are drifting or in any way dropping into trouble. I saw a side who controlled the game for much of the time and if the players can add better decision-making and greater coolness in front of goal we can finish the season really strongly. We paid for switching off at a set-piece and it was one of a few key moments in the game that cost us.

“Placheta needed to show more composure with his chance and get the shot on target. If we had scored then, I’m sure the least we would have come away with was a point.

“We dominated possession because Bristol City dropped deep when we had the ball. That made them difficult to unlock at the back and we needed to be better with our final ball.”

A warning was issues to Swansea fans on the morning of the game by Liam Walters & @Cornish67David on the fansnetwork site.

It read: “The Jack Army heads east, north, south and in some cases from the west for the 12:30pm kick off between the Swans and the Robins at Ashton Gate this afternoon. Head coach Luke Williams is already buoyed by his selections being improved by returning players for a game which always provokes the emotions.

“The game isn’t being televised having been moved to an early kick off on a Sunday on police advice after several games in Bristol being interrupted by disorder inside and outside the ground. We haven’t seen anything of the like at Swansea but the rivalry always seems to spark in to life when these fixtures occur in the city of Bristol. The Swans have a reduced allocation as a result but there will still be huge numbers of the Jack Army at this game today.

“It’s a shame that recent clashes have overspilled in to Greville Smyth Park after these fixtures with Swansea fans rushing across the park to engage Robins fans on numerous occasions. And despite the jail sentences handed down to both Robins and Swans fans it seems the euphoria of the clashes overtakes common sense. It’s very clear local supporters to Bristol see it as some form of England v Wales match which seems odd given many Swans fans live or come from England. That aside we can only hope that the early kick off and change of date which will affect the overall attendance and a reduced Swansea allocation may ward off similar behaviour.

“We ask Swans fans to take note of comments made by the police after these fixtures.

“Travel safely today Jacks, Bristol City fans may well have whipped up a rivalry they cannot deal with but don’t become a part of the problem. Enjoy the game!”

Police comment – “Nasty clashes have occurred when Swans fans arrived late and drunk in recent years. This Sunday kick off it is hoped will thwart that possibility. Last seasons away game passed off relatively peacefully, so let’s be the bigger fans this season, and support the Swans on the pitch.”

Here’s crowd trouble from 2019 with police accusing away fans of “drinking to excess”. Swansea City said a “small minority from both clubs” had “made the headlines for all the wrong reasons”.

Swansea fans also made a number of complaints that a police escort caused them to miss the start of the match….

Twitter users reacted with Bristol City fans left laughing as the Swansea fan gets ejected by stewards…

@Bernies_Wknd: Swansea Ultra

@JordHector: Wouldn’t have had Des Lynam as Swansea fan

@jamminlambert: Embarrassing

@SCFC_Jamess: Isn’t this the guy who got man handled by like 20 stewards.

@Bubbles38040494: Legendary 🙌🏽

@CianCcfc: Don’t feel like going anymore

@1894am: State of ric flair these days

@TobinLuca: Absolutely no chance I’m going to this game now.

@elwa2356: Nah get fucked I’m not going down there next week. Animal

@f7dng: Tom jones moving loose

@HPJSCFC: The bloke that got kicked out before half time, he’s had a great day.

@spikeccfc: Typical Jacks 😂

@_tomwalker10: Thank god next Saturday is a bubble fixture

@ollieruss4: colonel sanders giving it biggun

@Hye55897059: Ffs this was the guy sat just behind me, starting on a dad with two young kids watching the game. Another embarrassment of today.

@rhyswilli3303: Swansea get battered everywhere they go

@redarmy254: Bloke looks like Eddie from Benidorm

@Eugene28974408: Grandpa off willy wonka lost his golden ticket 🎫.

@ccfcinsiderr: A ticket for Swansea away has become available, as of now.

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